Apart from word of mouth, search engines are the more important source for getting traffic to your blogs. With right keyword targeting and care for quality content you can make your blog stand out in the search.

Kristopher Jones from Search Engine Land has shared five common mistakes that the bloggers make and due to which their blog’s SEO performance is hindered.

On ‘unoptimized keyword structures’, Jones says, “Bloggers often fail to optimize their headers, meta tags and content with targeted keyword phrases. Consider the fact that specific keyword phrases will often be bolded within the meta description of a SERP listing, potentially increasing your click-through rate.

Inadequate keyword research runs deeper than failing to optimize your header structure (e.g., title, meta description). Many bloggers fail to leverage semantic SEO, or similar keyword phrases with the same meaning. Semantic SEO allows bloggers to create more thorough and readable content that can drive impressions for multiple keyword phrases, answer more user questions and qualify your content to be a featured snippet — think of the rise of voice search.

On the other hand, over-optimized content could cross a dangerous line as well. Keyword stuffing, or possessing a high keyword density, will qualify your content as spam. Keyword stuffing also obstructs your content’s readability, which results in poor user signals”.

5 easy-to-miss SEO mistakes blogs make

Search Engine Land

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