Email automation helps you constantly stay in touch with your prospects and customers with latest offers and updates.

Martech columnist Ryan Phelan has published a short guide to help marketers build their email automation campaign.

Phelan says, “I’m a big believer in automation, and I have two reasons why automation belongs in an effective marketing program:

  1. It’s a money tree.
  2. It makes your life as a marketer easier and gets you out of the office earlier (when it works the way it’s supposed to).

If those are important to you, too, keep reading. If not, see my alternate message.

Simply put, marketing automation takes the actions in your email program that are repeatable and predictable and puts them into a program you can automate. How you build your automation will depend on many factors: your data, your objectives, the resources you can call on, management priorities and other things”.

Get into the email automation game

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