Walmart and Google have recently announced a voice-assisted commerce partnership that will result into voice-assisted shopping and free expedited delivery.

Talking about the partnership, Forrester’s Principal Analyst Brendan Witcher says, “This partnership pits the two giants of offline and online commerce, Walmart and Amazon respectively, squarely against each other. According to my colleague, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst James McQuivey, Amazon should keep on doing exactly what it’s doing. As he puts it, “It gives Amazon validation that the strategy is the one that everyone wants to follow.” Other retailers must now quickly build strategies and dedicate resources for getting into this game.

We’re only in the infant stages of this transformation. Google Home and Amazon Echo – are strictly voice enabled. The lack of a visual element means these devices are best for ordering products consumers are already familiar with and don’t want to spend much effort on, such as paper towels and soap”.

Walmart and Google’s Voice-Assisted Commerce Partnership Highlight the Next Big Disrupter in Retail

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