Bing has opened its Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) pilot for all US advertisers. According to Bing team, the DSA will help advertisers increase their impression volume, increase search term coverage and drive incremental clicks and conversions.

Eugene Goldenshteyn & Grant Oliveira say, “Dynamic Search Ads re-envision the way that text ad campaigns are managed on Bing Ads.  All an advertiser needs to do is provide their website domain and a generic ad copy, then Bing Ads will take care of the rest. We will crawl your webpages of interest, then utilize machine learning algorithms to match suitable landing pages to relevant search queries, and dynamically generate quality ad titles for your ads. To better understand Bing crawling process, please reference Bing Webmaster Help center“.

Goldenshteyn & Oliveira have shared the guideline for advertisers to participate in the pilot.

Target searches automatically with Dynamic Search Ads pilot in the US

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