Every now and then, a new technology is launched. The ones who take lead in utilizing that technology for revenue generation gain the maximum out of it.

Facebook Live is a platform that allows the social network users to go online – live. Entrepreneur’s VIP contributor Rachel Perlmutter has shared five ways for marketers to make money using Facebook Live.

Perlmutter says, “Now that you know how to go live, here are some ideas on the content that will help you generate leads and sales for your business:

1. Product launches

If you already have a community of customers who has purchased from you before, then this idea is relatively simple. Reach out to your audience via social, email or other marketing channels to let them know you’re unveiling your latest product via Facebook Live, and link them to your page (or profile or group, wherever you’re conducting the live broadcast.) For a fully integrated experience, make the product available for purchase via your Facebook Store.

To generate more interest and engagement, offer an exclusive discount to your live viewers for your product. If there’s anything better than being one of the first people to learn about a new product, it’s getting the chance to receive a discount as a reward for tuning in”.

5 Content Ideas for Making Money With Facebook Live

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