Aleksander Olic says, “According to a global study conducted by Deloitte in 2015, at least 53 percent of workers, including digital marketers, dream of rising up the corporate ladder to leadership or senior executive positions. However, as experience has taught us, only a handful of digital marketers have the requisite knowledge and skill to effectively lead their teams.

The explosion of disruptive technologies and the rise of global consumerism are progressively revolutionizing the entire digital marketing world, consequently making team leadership rather challenging for most individuals. As a matter of fact, 41 percent of senior digital marketers don’t think their departments work well with other business functions, and only 65 percent are confident that they’re adequately proficient in their craft.

Additionally, the growing need for the right skills and technologies, plus effective marketing strategies can make the job very challenging. Unfortunately, these challenges spread across small, medium and large enterprises, although they can be more pronounced in the latter. Although big teams have better efficacy levels compared to smaller counterparts, leading one is considerably more demanding”.

Leading a Digital Marketing Team: Top 3 Challenges and How to Meet Them

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