John Steinert says, “Whether you’re a CMO who’s trying to figure out how to make substantive progress in the marketplace (the kind you can point to and say, “We’re really making a difference!”), or an experienced demand-gen pro who’s finding it harder and harder to achieve significant lift for your programs, I want to share something with you:

No matter how well you do content marketing, no matter how fantastic your inbound funnel seems to be working, you may be winning those battles, but you’re losing the war.

There are several obvious reasons why this could be the case. And there’s one that’s really worth solving.

First is that the world’s a big place, and most people who could use your product/solution/service simply haven’t heard of you yet. Yes, over time, with luck and some good content marketing, word will get out — to some of them, anyway.

Second, you could be in a very competitive market. Maybe there are a lot of other companies offering the same product. Best case, you have only, maybe, a one-in-10 chance of being found and then picked”.

Marketers, get your head out of your funnel — because time is definitely not on your side

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