Tom Tate says, “The movement is REAL.

On July 6th, we set up shop at Podcast Movement in Chicago. At AWeber, we’re total fans of the medium; we recently started our own show, and we know that many of our customers are successful or emerging podcasters. We’re also confident that all podcasters could benefit from email marketing, so we proudly sponsored and attended the event for our second year.

I was tasked with writing a recap for our awesome blog readers, and when I sat down to pen (err… type) a draft, I couldn’t articulate the experience in words, other than, “The movement is REAL.”

The passion, creativity and drive from the 1,500+ podcasters who attended was overwhelming. If you have the desire to grow your reach and express your voice, today is the day to start podcasting. Not to mention, the community is incredibly supportive”.

Podcasting and Email Marketing: A Tale of Two Mediums


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