Your online business is dependent on a stream of paying customers, and for the best results, they need to be customers that buy again and again.

That may seem easy, but keeping a buyer interested isn’t as simple as it seems. No matter what you did and how well you did it, the buyer’s question always is, “What can you do for me today?”

You need to build a “funnel” of products and services that keeps the buyer engaged and investing more in what you are offering. And that’s where the problem arises. How do you lead the buyer from one level of involvement with your company to the next level?

You need to have a good selection of products, and you need to present them to the customer in a logical sequence.

When a sales person called on the buyer from time to time, that logical progression could be handled personally and could be customized to the individual customer’s need.

Online, this all has to be planned in advance, and it requires software to lead the customer through the progression of products.

Russell Brunson has created software to help you build your marketing funnels.

This new funnel building tool is called ClickFunnels. If helps you design and go online with funnels that meet your exact needs.

You can see a webinar introducing the product here: ClickFunnels.

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