If you are looking for free traffic strategies that build your traffic better than SEO, you may want to check out this new product called TrafficFresh.

Many online marketers long for the “good old days” when eager people, just getting to know the internet, clicked on every link they came across. Back then, traffic was easy.

Now, unless you pay for it, traffic is getting hard to find. But TrafficFresh changes all that.

It’s a desktop application that helps you get plenty of free traffic by leveraging the major players in your niches, using its ‘Sky Scraper’ strategy, that helps you create content that is strategically made so that top influencers are likely to share it.

Small business marketers are running out of option for getting traffic to their websites:
1. The SEO tools that worked in by-gone days, have lost their punch. The search engines didn’t like them and changed their algorithms to cancel out their effects.
2. AdSense and other PPC ads are rising in price, but aren’t delivering any more value.

That’s why Ben Murray and his partner, Abhi Dwivedi, invented TrafficFresh.

It automates traffic strategies that are completely white hat, so you don’t need to worry about search engine penalties.

You aren’t trying to trick search engines into respecting you; you are working with content that is fresh and inviting; people like it and so do search engines.

With TrafficFresh, you can:

■ Find clusters of niche-specific traffic you can tap into
■ Crowdsource content (even videos) for guaranteed, instant engagement
■ Create content top influencers will share, guaranteed
■ Find influencers you can reach out to in any niche and know which are the most influential
■ Find trending topics about to go viral so you can use them for easy traffic
■ Find the best opportunities to submit your videos and posts to bring in instant, relevant traffic
■ And that’s just the beginning.

And to make it an even better deal, IM NewsWatch has arranged a package of helpful bonuses that amplify the effects of this new software.

There’s a launch discount that is reduced later today, so don’t delay.

If you need more traffic, then (1) discover how to get it fast without any tricks, (2)see our bonuses, and (3) see a demo here: TrafficFresh with Bonuses

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