Jason Mangrum has been marketing online for about 10 years. He has been on the team with well-known big-ticket marketers, such as Mike Filsaime.

Through the years, he has honed his marketing skills in many a marketing campaign. He has been instrumental in selling products worth millions of dollars

Now, he is sharing some of what he has learned in one of the best fields for beginning marketers, affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is best because it’s the simplest marketing process to get started with:
• Someone else creates the product.
• Someone else sells the product.
• Someone else delivers the product.

What’s left for you, as an affiliate, to do? Your only job is to get people to review the sales presentation. The product owner takes it from there.

Mangrum has just released his complete guide to successful affiliate marketing, called Super Affiliate Ninja Secrets.

In this printable, 52 page guide, Mangrum explains in detail how to start and build a business marketing other people’s products as an affiliate.

In this new training, he shares what he calls his 7 Steps to Super Affiliate Ninja Commissions.

He has been an affiliate for years and has developed this 7-step formula that he uses in his own marketing. He shares things like:
■ The tools you will need
■ How to select the best offer to promote
■ How to quickly test your promotional materials
■ How to leverage other people’s work.

In Super Affiliate Ninja Secrets, he even gives you his personal list of sites where he finds the traffic to send to his promotions. This will save you loads of time and money you otherwise might have wasted. Most marketers jealously guard their traffic sources, just as most reporters jealously guard their news sources. But not Jason Mangrum; he shares his own “rolodex” with you.

Virtually every successful online marketer got his start as an affiliate marketer. Most, even those who have created their own products, still use affiliate marketing as a key part of their own business.

If you want to make it big online and you have no product of your own to sell, affiliate marketing is the way to get started quickly.

Check out Mangrum’s training here: Super Affiliate Ninja Secrets.

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