At 11:00 EDT, Mark Thompson and Matt Callen announce Rebrand Apps.

You probably are aware of Thompson and Callen. In the last few years, they have produced many software products, such as EasyVSL, Webinar Ignition, PressPlay, Heat Map Tracker and many others.

Now they are releasing a bundle of 4 new software producs, with white label rights, called Rebrand Apps.

Because they are including white label rights, you can sell these four apps as your own. Brand them with your brand and they are yours forever, to sell as many copies as you like and keep all the profits.

With each of these apps, you are getting:
• White Label / Rebrand Rights
• A Professionally designed Done-For-You Salespage
• Done-For-You Customer Training Videos for your products

And they do even more so you can build a long term relationship with your buyers. This includes:
1. Membership Management
2 Autoresponder Integration
3. Email Delivery System
4. Checkout Page Designs
5. Payment Integration

They don’t want the market for these products to get saturated, so they are only running this sale for 7 days.

You will receive 4 software apps that cost thousands of dollars to design and develop. You don’t have to make that investment. Thompson and Callen did it for you.

Check out the four products included (SEO Snapshot, Pinpoint, ProjectHub and TicketHub) here: Rebrand Apps.

To have a positive return on your investment, just upload your sales page, add your Paypal credentials, and make a couple of sales. That’s all it takes. After that, it’s all gravy.

Each app is designed for Mass Appeal + High Demand + Superior Product = Profits

By the way, the best part is, the Rebrand Apps team fully supports all of the apps included in this bundle, so all you need to do is worry about making sales. They take care of customer support.

Plus, the icing on the cake is that IM NewsWatch has arranged 5 more PLR software products as a bonus for our readers who invest in this new business. You can see our bonuses here: IM NewsWatch Bonuses for Rebrand Apps.

To get your bonuses, just sent a copy of your receipt to [email protected] by September 30, 2015.

With the original apps and the 5 IM NewsWatch bonuses, you have a whole software business, ready to go. No need to postpone. Get started in your business now, for the best price. Go here:: Rebrand Apps.

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