That headline has a double entendre: (a) Sitting around in your teeshirt, you can make a living and (b) there’s good money to be made in the teeshirt niche; people are making a living selling teeshirts.

Sean Colman and Timothy Miranda just announced Teespring Warrior, training to get you started in the teeshirt niche.

Colman spent a lot of time learning this business. He recommends taking advantage of a wholesale teeshirt website: It is set up to support individual small merchants who want to create custom teeshirts and sell the to the public. Many people like you have taken advantage of the Teespring tools to start a custom teeshrt business. Some have done well; some haven’t. Colman did well and wants to show you how you can, too.

Teespring Warrior shows you how to build a going business based on the foundation Teespring provides. That foundation is important.

Teespring provides the plain teeshirts to decorate with your message and graphics. They provide the printing capabilities, and they will ship directly to your customer. That’s a major advantage. It saves you as lot of time and a lot of start-up expense.

Colman and Miranda say that this training will help you avoid a lot more start-up mistakes and start-up expense. In fact, they say that by following his process, you can build a profitable business in 3 months.

In Teespring Warrior, Colman shows you:
• How to choose the niche or niches you target with your teeshirts
• How to find and get your message in front of the target audience
• How to design your shirts to appeal to your target audience
• How to outsource your design work to professionals who create good designs, freeing your time to build the business.

Colman says this training is the complete step-by-step strategy that generated $105,836.32 from Teespring in 2 months and 3 weeks.

Summer is coming, prime teeshirt weather. Get your business started. Colman will show you how (and at this writing, it’s under $10.) Get it here: Teespring Warrior.

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