Today, Sean Donahoe is making available a free report called The Backlink QuickStrike Report to promote his new product  Backlink Commando, which he releases later today.

It’s a substantial 37-page report that will give you a lot of tips for beneficial backlinking. And it’s free here: The Backlink QuickStrike Report.

Once you have read that report, you will have a clearer picture of what’s at stake with backlinking, and how to do it. Do it wrong and you damage your site; do it right and your site’s importance grows.

The time may come when you will want to automate your work to speed it up and make it more systematic. That’s why Donahoe created Backlink Commando.

With this software, you can make sort work of the tasks required to get backlinks. For example:
■ Adaptive SEO techniques dramatically increase the authority of your backlinks.
■ Drives floods of high-authority link juice to your site and target pages automatically.
■ Simple and Effective Bookmarklet technology makes it easy to promote any link.
■ A “Backlink Engine” is included to allow you to locate the best places to get authority links.
■ A proprietary “Boost Now” technology provides instant indexing and attention to the links.
■ Automated link extraction allows you to add feeds from Social Sites and more to boost your authority.
■ A feature called “Drip Blaster” lets you slow down your backlinks to suit your needs.
■ It works with any WordPress website and any browser. Plus, it’s simple to use.
■ And much more

Donahoe’s free report gives you the inside track on what can be done to improve your site’s SEO. If you want help doing it, get Backlink Commando

And when you order Backlink through the IM NewsWatch link, we have arranged a complimentary set of 5 complementary bonuses (and we do love that word play). See them here: IM NewsWatch Bonuses

All in all, with the sophisticated software and the 5 fine bonuses, you are set up for more attention from the search engines with : Backlink Commando

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