Marketo has released an ebook titled “Email Marketing Metrics that Matter”.

The Marketo team says, “It’s no secret that top executives don’t really care about the open rate or click-through rate of your last email campaign. If you can’t convince your top executives to care about email, you won’t get the budget or resources you need to make email a core part of your strategic marketing plan, and won’t be able to take advantage of its potential.

This eBook helps you determine the best use of “traditional” metrics, plus shows you new email metrics that help you measure the worth of your marketing tactics in the terms that top executives care about, like driving customer engagement, measuring and proving ROI, beating the competition, growing revenue, and making the number.

Download this eBook and learn:

  • Email measurement basics
  • The 7 most common email metrics
  • How to use engagement metrics
  • True financial metrics
  • The Marketo engagement metrics”.

Marketo’s ‘Email Marketing Metrics that Matter’ eBook

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