Chuck Mullaney’s latest ‘PajamaNetwork Tip’ is titled “Get the Most Out of Your Article Marketing”.

Mullaney says, “Writing articles to promote your online business is a great marketing technique. It’s free and can be very effective. However, the majority of Internet Marketers don’t use their articles to the fullest extent. Here are 3 more marketing tactics you can use with every single article you write.

Obviously your #1 use for an article is to post it online and get people to view that article. This should always be your first
priority. And every article you write should include keywords so that the article will rank well with the search engines. However, there are a few other things you can accomplish with every article you write. You can get a lot more content on the Internet from every single article you write”.

Chuck Mullaney’s ‘PajamaNetwork Tip’: “Get the Most Out of Your Article Marketing”