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Friday, April 10, 2020
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Monthly Archives: March 2016

‘Is customer service a key to content marketing success?’ – Marketing Land

Rachel Lindteigen says, “If you have customers, then yes, customer service is a big key to your content marketing success. If you don’t have (or want) customers, then it probably doesn’t matter. However, I don’t know of many successful businesses without customers, do you? So how does customer service fit into the overall content marketing […]

A system that produces results faster than you can push a button #ad

Would you like to get a $17k per day affiliate marketing strategy that uses a secret hack that is innovative, and likely to be something you haven’t seen before? Today, at 2 PM EDT, Precious Ngwu is releasing free training that he promises will knock your socks off:New affiliate marketing strategy This is training that […]

‘How to Build a Targeted Email List of Subscribers Willing to Buy From You’ – MarketingProfs

Jawad Khan says, “No other marketing channel is as effective as email marketing is in engaging and converting customers. Nearly 74% of marketers consider email at the core of their marketing strategy, while 53% plan to increase their email marketing budgets over the next 12 months, according to a recently published study by Salesforce. In […]

‘Where the People Are: Modern Marketing Strategies for Multi-Channel Brands’ –

Samuel Edwards says, “As the popularity of online shopping grows, we’re seeing traditional brick-and-mortar businesses dip their feet into the waters of E-commerce. At the same time, it’s also becoming increasingly popular for E-commerce businesses to establish their own physical presences in key geographical markets. The result is a more complex marketplace where modern marketing […]

‘4 Key Findings from AdWords Audits’ – Entrepreneur

Jacob Baadsgaard says, “In the last two years, we audited over 2,000 AdWords accounts at Disruptive Advertising. After looking through that many accounts, we made a few important discoveries about why so many companies struggle to make money on AdWords.On the surface, AdWords seems like a great marketing opportunity. Your ads show up exactly when […]

‘Cross-device measurement: what to look for in a solution’ – Econsultancy

James Collins says, “Whilst multi-device consumption is quite typical, for a marketer these usage patterns can be difficult to navigate and gaining a clear view of the user journey can be challenging. So, how to improve cross-device measurement and deliver a seamless brand experience, with relevant, timely messages to audiences across all screens? We have […]

‘An Effective (but Embarrassing) Way to Develop Elite Copywriting Skills with Mini Habits’ – Copyblogger

Stephen Guise says, “After reading smart advice, how many of us immediately turn around and apply it? Not many, unfortunately. If smart advice only produces results once we begin applying it, why doesn’t it automatically become a part of our lives after we read it? This post will help you bridge the vast gap between learning […]

‘What You Should Know About Accessibility + SEO, Part I: An Intro’ – MOZ

Laura Lippay says, “Do you know anyone who is visually impaired? Maybe they have low vision or color blindness, or are fully blind. Think about how they use the Internet. Close your eyes, or at least squint really hard, and try to find today’s news or interact with your friends on Facebook. It’s a challenge many […]

‘Instagram welcomes minute-long videos for all accounts’ – Marketing Land

Greg Finn says, “Last month, Instagram rolled out 60-second video ad units to appeal to a wider audience. This was a large shift from the traditional short-form video model and was only available to advertisers. However, today, Instagram is rolling out the ability for users and brands to upload minute-long videos to their accounts. This […]

‘Snapchat Has Grown Up: What You Need to Know as a Marketer’ –

AJ Agrawal says, “Snapchat is a social media app you’ve likely dismissed as a marketing and SEO tool in the past. Messages are extremely temporary and it caters to an extremely niche audience. But the news that Snapchat had turned down a multi-billion dollar acquisition offer from Facebook turned some heads. If Facebook was so […]