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Monday, June 1, 2020

Archive for the 'Traffic Generation Tips' Category

Your Guide to Finding Competitors’ High-traffic Content Ideas

Internet traffic generation is the key to getting more people to know about your business. Quality content plays a pivotal role in enabling you to expand your online reach. Content creation can be boosted by learning how successful webmasters drive more traffic. Practical Ecommerce contributor Armando Roggio has shared some useful ideas on analyzing and understanding your competitors’ high traffic content ideas. Roggio says, “Ecommerce competitors can be a good source of inspiration and ideas. Analyzing a competitor’s content — good or bad — could generate ideas... [...]

The Best Free Traffic Sources for New Websites [Video]

Getting more and more traffic is the core consideration of anyone who starts a new website. Though SEO is the most influential element when it comes to getting traffic, there are other elements as well that require your attention. Neil Patel has published a new video ‘The Best Free Traffic Sources for New Websites’ to help you find traffic sources for your websites. Patel says, “New websites struggle to get traffic. If you have money it’s easy. All you have to do is find the best ad platform where your target audience is and just pay for ads. But if you don’t... [...]

Copy the 5 Winning Strategies Behind My 238% Traffic Growth in 2019 [Video]

Traffic generation is the key to achieving business growth. Effective SEO tactics combined with quality content can help you to generate more traffic for your website resulting into sales growth. Neil Patel has published a new video titled ‘Copy the 5 Winning Strategies Behind My 238% Traffic Growth in 2019’ to help you increase your website traffic.Patel says, “Copy the Winning Strategies Behind My 238% Traffic Growth in 2019 | In 2019, I’ve more than doubled my traffic to compared to 2018. It wasn’t a complicated strategy that got me here,... [...]

How to Optimize Your Blog to Get Explosive Traffic Growth in 2020 [Video]

Blogging is a marketing activity that helps you to enhance your reach to the specific audience and improve our sales. With right optimization strategies you can acquire more traffic and have bright chances for growth.Neil Patel has published a new video titled ‘How to Optimize Your Blog to Get Explosive Traffic Growth in 2020’ to help you improve your blog traffic in the coming year.Patel says, “How to Optimize Your Blog to Get Explosive Traffic Growth in 2020 | With social sites not giving as much love as they used to before, and as you’re becoming so competitive... [...]

SEO Tips to Improve Organic Traffic in Under 15 Minutes [Video]

The term organic traffic refers to the visitors that visit your website as a result of unpaid search results. You can increase your organic web traffic by publishing quality and relevant content on your blog or website on regular basis.Ahrefs’ Joshua Hardwick has published a new YouTube video to share some useful SEO tips to improve your organic traffic.Hardwick says, “Want to improve SEO for your site? In this video, you will learn some low-hanging SEO tips that will give you a boost in the search engines”.SEO Tips to Improve Organic Traffic in Under 15 MinutesAhrefs [...]

How to Get More Traffic from Google

According to Internet Live Stats , 3.5 billion Google searches are made everyday. The Google search volume grows by 10% every year. You need to develop a strong SEO strategy to get more traffic from Google. Unbounce contributor Amy Middleton Hebdon has shared four ways to drive more traffic from Google.Hebdon says, “The opportunity to drive targeted, affordable traffic with Google Ads is massive—even if no one is entering your product or service into a search box. Here are four types of Google Ads that will deliver a real bang for your buck. 1. Drive Desire with YouTube AdsMore than a... [...]

How to Generate Traffic and Turn It Into Sales for The Holiday Season [Webinar Replay]

To get more sales done this holiday season you should focus on getting huge flow of traffic. Outbrain’s Kelly Hayes has made available a replay of the webinar ‘How to Generate Traffic and Turn It Into Sales for The Holiday Season’ to help you increase your sales. Watch this webinar to learn: The power of Native and an introduction to Outbrain Why you need a seasonal and holiday sales strategyHow to optimise your landing pageKey takeaways from case studies with real results Best practices to implement today.How to generate traffic and turn it into sales for the holiday... [...]

Increase Your Website Traffic with These Proven Strategies

It is important to get more and more people visit your websites. With the rise in your website traffic, you can have an opportunity to get quality leads. To help you increase your website’s traffic, Blogging Wizard contributor Adam Connell has shared eight proven strategies from top social media accounts. Connell says, “Hundreds of comments, thousands of likes, millions of followers – the world’s top social media accounts seem to do it all so effortlessly.Is there a secret to their success, or is it just a case of being in the right place at the right time?The truth is that... [...]

Boostrr boosts traffic, engagement and sales #ad

New software, entitled Boostrr has just been released by Shane Nathan and James Renouf.This process is new, it works, and the creators say it is even fun. And, it only takes a few minutes to set up; in fact, they say it only takes a couple of clicks to get going.It works in any niche, and you don’t need a website to use this process, and it has nothing to do with making a video of yourself and posting it. These are old ways to build traffic; this is a new way.Using Boostrr, you can get views, get engagement, and get results in an unorthodox, novel way. Whether you are a novice or an old... [...]

Underground secrets to a flood of free targeted traffic #ad

Generating traffic for your website isn’t as hard as you might think, once you have the keys to the process.New Traffic Treasury was just released. It provides a solid, systematic action plan to consistently generate highly targeted traffic. Follow the plan in New Traffic Treasury, and you may never again have to have to piece the traffic puzzle together. No more traffic silver bullets for you.Follow these tips and traffic generation doesn’t have to be expensive; you can actually do it at no cost. Forget costly Pay per Click campaigns, and cancel all of those expensive advertisements... [...]