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Monday, January 24, 2022

Archive for the 'Traffic Generation Tips' Category

Free Traffic Shotgun: Free Traffic and Free Leads Daily #ad

There’s a lot of argument about the merits of paid traffic vs free traffic. Free Traffic Shotgun offers a better way. Its traffic is free to you, but you don’t get your traffic by loads of hard work usually needed. Free Traffic Shotgun reveals a system that brings in free leads and sales daily, and your set-up (an hour or two) is all you need to do. You set up the system, which is more or less clicking a few buttons, writing a few paragraphs, and using Canva to create a simple banner. Just follow everything Kevin Fahey teaches you in Free Traffic Shotgun, which takes no more than 2... [...]

Free Traffic Shotgun: Free traffic strategies to capture leads & sales #ad

Launching today at 9:00 EST, Free Traffic Shotgun shows you a new, effective, free, and automated method for getting traffic to your website. We gave you an advanced notice yesterday, with a lot of details. If you want a reminder, check it out here: Today, we only want to encourage you to check out this new training. If you have ever failed to consistently and reliably generate traffic and convert it to sales (we have), then Free Traffic Shotgun is for you. If you have ever launched a paid traffic campaign only to have it be a waste... [...]

Free Traffic Shotgun: possibly the easiest way to get web traffic #ad

Free Traffic Shotgun, by Kevin Fahey, is a video training series and case studies revealing a system Fahey uses to get free subscribers and sales daily. This has nothing to do with recruiting affiliates or creating endless videos or blog posts. Free Traffic Shotgun covers set and forget methods that take only a few hours to set up from start to finish. From there, Fahey reports you can look forward to a steady flow of leads and sales for months and even years to come. Over the past 8 weeks, Fahey has been working on a new free traffic strategy that has delivered outstanding results. He reports... [...]

Prime: 7-In-1 Multi-Channel Traffic App #ad

Prime is a multichannel marketing application for bringing traffic to your site to grow your business. It contains the best collection of cross-channel marketing tools giving you 7 ways of generating traffic: 1. Messenger Chat BOT Marketing Tools 2. Email Marketing Tools 3. SMS marketing Tools 4. Social Media Marketing Tools 5. Push Notification Marketing Tools 6. Video Marketing Tools 7. Live Streaming Marketing Tools Prime is a comprehensive solution for bringing useful traffic for your business. It can accomplish everything from encouraging people to your business to turning them into your... [...]

Traffic Five: Methods you can use to build your list #ad

Kevin Fahey just released another info product and case study: Traffic Five. Fahey has been online 14 years and has done quite well; millions of dollars, he says, using these same traffic generation methods. These are five traffic methods you need to know about. His products have helped tens of thousands of marketers and business owners. We, too, have found his earlier products helpful, so we are always on the lookout for his new products. To quote Fahey: In a nutshell, five traffic methods which are proven to work and are the backbone of my 6 figure online business. Over $5,000,000 has been... [...]

PermaLink taps into $181 Billion “Permanent Traffic” Network #ad

Branson Tayhas just released a new traffic generation tool, PermaLink. In a nutshell, it lets you legally “siphon” evergreen traffic and sales found within an underused network… It brings traffic to your offer without: ❌ Prior Experience ❌ Tech Skills ❌ Being On Camera ❌ Manual Hard Work ❌ Talking To Anyone ❌ Paying For Traffic It’s the “Set and Forget” Traffic System that is suitable for both beginners and veteran marketers It’s easy. And it works. The one bad thing about it is that the price is increasing every 30 minutes, after the early bird price ends. Grab your... [...]

Ways to Get More Traffic from Social Media

It is important to receive more and more traffic to your website, as it helps you get the leads that can be converted into customers. Content Marketing Institute contributor Madison Tierney has shared nine useful tips to help you drive more web traffic from social media. She says, “How can you reap the web traffic benefit and more? Here are nine ways to help. 1. Optimize your social profiles When people look to understand more about your brand, they turn to your profile or bio section. It should quickly communicate your brand value proposition while establishing your tone and style. The... [...]

9 Online Quiz Makers To Grow Your Audience

To get more and more audience, you need to find and apply different tactics. Online quiz makers provide unique ways for you to encourage visitors to engage with your content. Blogging Wizard’s Lyn Wildwood has published an article highlighting the best online quiz makers to grow your audience. She says, “In this post, we have nine advanced online quiz makers to share with you. What is the best online quiz builder? Interact – Best dedicated online quiz maker. It’s affordable and has marketing features that enable you to grow your email list and social media following. Outgrow –... [...]

DeepLink: Last Chance; closing tonight #ad

DeepLink has had only a short launch; it started this weekend and closes tonight. During its short launch (4 days so far), it has sold over 3000 copies. DeepLink is the world’s first breakthrough app that puts any link of your choice in front of up to 300 million buyers and does it overnight. And you can achieve this breakthrough visibility with just 1 click. That sounds impressive. It’s all the more impressive since nothing else on the market comes anywhere close to this. Furthermore, you can do this while avoiding the typical hassles of online marketing. ❌ No Domain Needed ❌ No Content... [...]

Seven Ways to Get New Visitors to Your Blog

Launching a blog or website is a really easy thing today. But creating the first great impression on your target audience and maintaining it is the challenge. Tanya Mimi has shared seven strategies to help you get new visitors to your blog or website. She says, “Writing great content alone won’t generate traffic to your blog. Don’t get me wrong, high-quality SEO-optimized content is super important and should be your #1 goal for long-term traffic. But this article is about how to generate traffic to your website fast. Many bloggers and online entrepreneurs overlook the importance... [...]