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Monday, March 1, 2021

Archive for the 'Website Traffic' Category

TrafficCrush: More traffic than you ever thought possible #ad

Mike McKay, Radu Hahaianu, and Karthick Np are releasing TrafficCrush today at 11 AM EST. What if you could start getting unlimited traffic from the world’s biggest platforms? How about: ➤ Video traffic from Youtube and TikTok ➤ Social media traffic from Instagram and Twitter ➤ Autoresponder traffic from many built-in leads ➤ SEO traffic from Google ➤ and you may even become the next viral influencer. The creators describe this new application as “a secret way to tap into all that traffic”. It aims to grow traffic to your website by leaps and bounds using the power of these... [...]

Seven Ways to Get New Visitors to Your Blog

Launching a blog or website is a really easy thing today. But creating the first great impression on your target audience and maintaining it is the challenge. Tanya Mimi has shared seven strategies to help you get new visitors to your blog or website. She says, “Writing great content alone won’t generate traffic to your blog. Don’t get me wrong, high-quality SEO-optimized content is super important and should be your #1 goal for long-term traffic. But this article is about how to generate traffic to your website fast. Many bloggers and online entrepreneurs overlook the importance... [...]

How to Get Consistent Traffic to Your Website

Getting quality website traffic is a concern for most businesses out there. By creating an appealing and user-friendly website and adopting the right SEO strategy, you can continue to thrive your business online. Tanya Mimi has shared some useful tips to help you get consistent traffic to your website. She says, “You should stop using short-term tricks to drive long term growth! Yes, you can get lucky spikes in traffic every now and then by following short-term advice (like promoting on social media, etc), but you won’t get any real traction with your blog. Why? Because once you stop... [...]

How to Generate Millions of Visitors Like Wikipedia [Video]

Getting more and more visitors to your website is a challenge. Mostly we have to depend on search engines for visitors. In his new video ‘How to Generate Millions of Visitors Like Wikipedia’, Neil Patel has shared some useful strategies to increase site visitors. He says, “Have you ever noticed that no matter what you’re googling, for some reason, Wikipedia is always at the top of page one? It’s like, how the heck do you beat them? How are they ranking for everything out there? “. Watch the video here. Neil Patel’s Blog  [...]

XML Sitemap: Everything You Need to Know

XML sitemaps enable webmasters to tell search engines like Google and Bing about the pages of their websites. By creating sitemaps, you can continue to improve you traffic from search engines. Bruce Clay has published a comprehensive article on XML sitemaps how to create your own. He says, “For SEO purposes, you must build an XML sitemap and keep it up to date to help ensure that search engines index and crawl all the important pages on your site. While some view an XML sitemap as a “nice to have,” it’s actually an SEO best practice for every site to have at least one — even though Google... [...]

Postley: Complete Facebook & Instagram Traffic Software #ad

Postley is a 20-in-1 App to get more traffic from your social posts and Ads. Together, Facebook and Instagram can be powerful marketing platforms all marketers should test. This new software, being released today by Jai Sharma can boost your success with both platforms. Postley offers these sophisticated capabilities: ✔️ Powerful Ads Spy: Find Best Performing Ads on Facebook and Instagram for Any Keyword. ✔️ Power to Find a Hyper-Targeted hidden FB Audience which is not visible in Ads Manager ✔️ 500+ D.F.Y. Templates that are Proven to Convert ✔️ Smart Ads Creator ✔️ Social... [...]

7 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

In simple terms, traffic is the number of visitors the website gets; the more people who visit a page, the more traffic it receives. In order to increase the “authority” (approximately, that means the “importance”) of your site, it needs to get as much high-quality traffic as possible, which means that people visiting your page should have an interest in your content and not be artificially lured to your site. Let’s look at the measures you should take now in order to increase your high-quality traffic. Analyzing Your site’s Traffic To understand what your site’s... [...]

6 Tips & Tricks for Increasing Your Organic Traffic [Podcast]

Exposure Ninja’s Tim Cameron has published a new podcast ‘6 Tips & Tricks for Increasing Your Organic Traffic’. Cameron says, “Today, the team and I are giving you six tips and tricks for increasing your organic traffic. And this is just the first six. We’ve more coming. In today’s podcast, I’m joined by three SEO experts from our team: Ritu Goel. SEO Ninja Dale Davies. Digital Marketing Manager. Andy Tuxford. Head of SEO. In the video, we discuss six tips anyone can do, including: Which types of content your website needs What to do with... [...]

Five Ways to Drive More Website Traffic

When more and more people turn to your website, your chances of improving conversions also grow. SEO is one of the most preferred tactics to grow your site traffic, but you need to focus on other strategies too. SEMrush contributor Natalia Zhukova has shared five useful ways to drive more traffic to your website. Zhukova says, “Traffic is the first concern businesses have to deal with to win a larger market share and more customers. This post will uncover tactics that help businesses analyze market trends and competitors’ strategies to drive more traffic and earn more visitors that can... [...]

Traffic Turbine: Quality website traffic without hassles #ad

Traffic Turbine has just been released and it is an advance in traffic generation strategy. You want to get useful traffic to your site without spending any money on paid traffic. After all, you have a budget to consider. And you need to get this traffic without investing long hours of your time creating backlinks, writing articles, and doing all traffic-generation activities that used to be required. Traffic Turbine was invented to help you do just that. It is proven Video Traffic software along with video marketing training so you can make the best use of the software. No matter what your marketing... [...]