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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Tips' Category

A Small Business Guide to Accessing Resources, March 11 [Webinar]

T-Mobile for Business is hosting a webinar ‘A Small Business Guide to Accessing Resources’ on Thursday, March 11, 2021 at 1.00 pm ET. The T-Mobile team says, “Being an entrepreneur requires hustle. All entrepreneurs know there are a variety of ways to get things done – and when they can figure out how to gain access to leverageable resources, they can create extraordinarily successful businesses. Join nationally recognized restaurateur Karl Franz Williams, as he discusses ways for small businesses to finance their company – and provides insight into helping small business... [...]

How Geofencing Marketing is Driving Hyper Personalization in 2021, March 24 [Webinar]

Search Engine Journal is hosting a webinar ‘How Geofencing Marketing is Driving Hyper Personalization in 2021’ on Wednesday, March 24, 2021 at 2.00 pm ET. The SEJ team says, “Today’s consumer is looking for more personalized, meaningful brand interactions. How can you better connect to maximize your marketing ROI? Register now for the next sponsored Search Engine Journal webinar. Dan Dillon, VP for Marketing at Reveal Mobile, shares five proven hyperpersonalized marketing campaigns you can use right now to reach high-intent audiences. In this presentation, you will learn: Strategies... [...]

Entrepreneur Mag Highlights Top 5 Skills To Acquire In 2021

Entrepreneur magazine contributor Shivang Saxena has published an article highlighting top 5 skills one should acquire in 2021. He says, “While industries are now re-establishing, the skills in employees they are looking for has undergone change. The epidemic has made many companies realize the need for professionals with well-defined skills. Organizations are selecting and will continue to select, versatile candidates. The COVID-19 epidemic has ushered in a new era that has accelerated the adoption of digital integration as organizations around the world have considered business models and... [...]

Fostering Loyalty & Captivating Your Customers in a Digital-First World, March 17 [Webinar]

Content Marketing Institute is hosting a webinar ‘Fostering Loyalty & Captivating Your Customers in a Digital-First World’ on Wednesday, March 17, 2021 at 2.00 pm ET. The CMI team says, “Since the start of the pandemic, over 75% of U.S. consumers have changed shopping behaviors and switched to new brands, per McKinsey. Keeping customers loyal in this environment requires a hyper-customized approach to their shopping needs. But to deliver personalized, shoppable, content-driven ecommerce experiences, you need intelligent, agile solutions that can provide a deep, holistic understanding... [...]

Making Business Taxes Work for You, March 4 [Webinar]

T-Mobile for Business is hosting a webinar ‘Making Business Taxes Work for You’ on Thursday, March 4, 2021 at 1.00 pm EST. The T-Mobile team says, “Not understanding the compliance requirements for your entity is detrimental to your success as a business owner. Business taxation is one of the required areas of compliance that can sometimes be a bit frightening to both new and established entrepreneurs. In this session, Sheneya Wilson, Founder and CEO of Fola Financial, will address these fears, break down the fundamentals of business taxation, and provide tips and insights to... [...]

How to Improve Marketing with Emotional Engagement

Moving closer to people is a way to influence them. By engaging with your audience emotionally, you can achieve your marketing goals. Content Marketing Institute’s Ashley Taylor Anderson has shared an in-depth article on the art and science of emotional engagement. She says, “For content creators, using emotion can be an incredibly powerful engagement tactic, but we must use it artfully. Let’s explore the science of emotion and how we can use it in an empathetic way to create more meaningful content. Science of emotion Emotional engagement is affected by scientific principles that... [...]

How to Move WordPress to a New Host or Server [Guide]

Quick Sprout has published a guide on moving your WordPress to a new host or server. Lars Lofgren says, “In this guide, I’ll give you a run through the steps required to move your WordPress website to a new host or server. But before we proceed, you should know that many WordPress hosting companies offer free migration. So make sure you ask the hosting provider as it may not be listed on the website. What to Expect When Moving WordPress to a New Host or Server Migrating to another web host isn’t that difficult. All you need is the right guidance, which is exactly why I created this guide.... [...]

Is Your Business Ready for the Remote Work Revolution?

Jeff Bullas has published an article titled ‘Is Your Business Ready for the Remote Work Revolution?’. He says, “Things just feel weird. Sometimes I think it is the minuscule and hidden threat that still challenges our health and lives that emerged just over 12 months ago. Often the paranoia is palpable as what was safe is now seen as dangerous. A cough in public is viewed with suspicion and averted glances and feeling a bit warm or having a niggling sore throat is a sure sign that our mortality is under threat and death is imminent. Shaking hands is now socially unacceptable and... [...]

Investigating Traffic Upticks [Video]

MOZ has published a new Whiteboard Friday video ‘Investigating Traffic Upticks’ featuring Jo Cameron. The MOZ team says, “In this week’s episode of Whiteboard Friday, Jo Cameron — Moz’s Learning Team Manager — dives into the process of addressing and capitalizing on traffic spikes, including how to determine where traffic is coming from and what to do with the increased attention. Enjoy”. Investigating Traffic Upticks MOZ  [...]

The Science of Driving Profit, Scalability & Growth, February 25 [Webinar]

T-Mobile for Business is hosting a webinar ‘The Science of Driving Profit, Scalability & Growth’ on Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 1.00 pm EST. The T-Mobile team says, “Steering a business toward expansion and growth requires a series of intentional practices. There’s a science to scaling a business from its inception to regional and even international success. It takes profit margin research, cost assessment, key personnel decisions, and strategies to maximize a business’s customer base. Join Melissa Butler, Founder and CEO of The Lip Bar, as she leads a workshop... [...]