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Friday, December 2, 2022

Archive for the 'SEO Tips' Category

Launching Successful SEO Campaigns

An SEO campaign is a coordinated attempt to improve a website’s position in search engines. contributor Brian Harnish has published an article on how to launch successful SEO campaigns. He says, “When it comes to managing your online marketing efforts, there are many different types of campaigns to consider. Some are short term, while others could span months or even years. There are paid campaigns, organic campaigns, and everything in between. You might have a few campaigns running simultaneously, or maybe you’re just starting out. Regardless of what type of campaign... [...]

What is anchor text and what’s its role in SEO? [Answere]

Anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink that provides users with additional information about what they can find on a linked website. Onely contributor Ziemek Bućko has published an article explaining anchor text and its role in SEO. He says, “There are multiple anchor text variations that you can use to link to a webpage. They are classified in terms of their relation to the target keyword, for which the destination website is optimized. You can adjust your anchor text profile through combining URL anchors, keywords and your brand name. Exact-match anchors Exact-match anchor... [...]

SEJ’s Guide to Improve SEO

There are several factors that play important role in planning and executing an SEO strategy. And to achieve online success, you need to care for all of them. Search Engine Journal contributor Claudia Higgins has published an article covering strategies to improve SEO. She says, “Here are a few tips and strategies to prioritize first. Structuring Your SEO Strategy Every project you include in your SEO strategy should have a clear outcome. There’s a useful framework that I like to call “PIE,” which stands for Protect, Improve, and Expand: Protect In pursuit of quick results,... [...]

SEO Without Link Building [Guide]

Link building is one of the most essential elements of your SEO strategy. It improves the probability of getting your websites indexed in Google. Internet marketing expert Erik Emanuelli has published a new guide ‘SEO Without Link Building: 10 Ways to Rank Without Backlinks’. The guide covers the following: Are Backlinks Important for SEO? Is SEO Without Link Building Possible? How to Rank on Google Without Backlinks Parasite SEO Topical Authority Keyword Research On-page SEO News Internal Links Organic CTR UX signals Schema Markup Core Web Vitals. SEO Without Link Building: 10... [...]

Expert SEO & Google Algorithm Predictions For 2023, December 14 [Webinar]

2022 has been a whirlwind of a year for the SEO industry, and there’s no sign of slowing down. This year alone, Google dropped eight confirmed and several unconfirmed updates – leaving many businesses scrambling to keep up. Search Engine Journal is hosting a webinar ‘Expert SEO & Google Algorithm Predictions For 2023’ on Wednesday, December 14, 2022, at 2.00 pm ET. The SEJ team says, “In our next webinar, Pat Reinhart, VP of Customer Success at Conductor, discusses how to handle frequent algorithm changes and market shifts. We’ll recap the biggest SEO insights... [...]

SEJ Shares 10 Website Optimization Strategies

Website optimization is the process of using controlled experimentation to improve a website’s ability to drive business goals. In his latest article, Search Engine Journal contributor Chuck Price has shared 10 essential website optimization strategies. He says, “This post will delve into which factors carry the most weight and how to optimize for each. 1. Search Intent As machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning continue to evolve, each will carry more weight in the Google Core Algorithm. The end goal for Google is to understand the context of a given... [...]

State of the SERPs: An E-commerce Industry Report [Report]

seoClarity has published ‘State of the SERPs: An E-commerce Industry Report’ explaining strategies to grow an e-commerce business using SEO. Mitul Gandhi says, “Google wants to lure back consumers to the search engine and away from using marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. The research is clear: Google is putting up a fight against marketplaces and dedicating significant SERP real estate to its product search features.  1) Substantial Growth in Rankings for Google Shopping We can see in the rankings of the product SERP features how the visibility of... [...]

The State of SEO [Podcast]

Search Engine Journal has published the latest episode of the Search Engine Show podcast ‘The State of SEO’ featuring Ben Steele. Loren Baker says, “Want to increase your ROI and improve your SEO strategy? How will SEO evolve in the year ahead? What are the biggest threats and challenges? SEJ’s Ben Steele joined me on the SEJ Show to discuss the findings of SEJ’s Second Annual State of SEO Study, which includes emerging trends in the world of SEO and can help companies plan for 2023 and beyond.” Search Engine Journal  [...]

MOZ Suggests A Different Way of Thinking About Core Updates

The search engines keep evolving to provide a better search experience to users. Updates like the Google Helpful Content Update create a need for acting dynamically to continue re”ceiving quality traffic. MOZ contributor To clipper has published an article suggesting a different way of thinking about core updates. He says, “This post is not about those updates, though, it is about the other flavor. The other flavor of updates is the opposite: they are announced when they are already happening or have happened, they come with incredibly vague and repetitive guidance, and can often have... [...]

SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

SEO is at the core of achieving higher rankings in search engine result pages. You should keep your SEO strategy intact to continue getting the usual traffic post Google helpful content update. MarketingProfs contributor James De Roche has published an article featuring five SEO mistakes you should avoid. He says, “Some may seem like common sense. However, many businesses and agencies still make those mistakes. That’s because it’s easy to fall into certain traps. Here’s what the traps are—and what to do instead. 1. Longer content isn’t always better content Since the... [...]