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Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Social Media Marketing ’ Category

ListGrow software builds strong lists 5 ways #ad

Many online marketers have seen the value of ListGrow. Although it was only released a few days ago, over 1000 copies have been sold. It contains 5 kinds of tools that aid you in building your mailing list ► An Automated Social Media tool ► Facebook Ad Creatives, ready-made for your campaign ► Email Swipes […]

The Growing Connection between Social Media and SEO

Even though we’re halfway through 2019, many businesses are still looking for the right strategy to get ahead of the competition and reach more customers. Over the past few months (even years), digital marketing has shown no signs of stopping or slowing down. In addition to businesses that are run completely online, offline businesses are […]

Social Media Examiner Releases ‘2019 Social Media Marketing Industry Report’

The Social Media Examiner team has released the ‘2019 Social Media Marketing Industry Report’. This report features findings from a survey that covered more than 4800 marketers. Download this report to learn the following: How marketers plan on changing their future organic activities, by platform. The video channels most popular with marketers, the length and orientation of their videos, and […]

Twitter Marketing in 2019 [Guide]

The HubSpot team has published a new guide called ‘Twitter Marketing in 2019’. This guide will teach you the following; What is a Twitter marketing strategy; and How to use Twitter for business. Talking about the guide, Kristen Baker says, “The thought of reaching hundreds of millions of leads through a free social media platform […]

Improve Your Facebook Advertising with 13 Facebook Ad Objectives

When it comes to social media marketing and advertising, Facebook still ranks high as one of the most preferred social media advertising platforms. The Search Engine Journal contributor Amy Bishop has shared an article highlighting 13 Facebook ad objectives which can help you to better prepare your ads. Bishop says, “A Guide to Each Facebook […]

ConnectAutomate: The secret to successful FB ads #ad

Wilco de Kreij has just released ConnectAutomate. This is a new tool designed to help you get better results with your Facebook Ads. It does this by automatically turning your best posts into optimized ads, automatically. This tool can be used in many powerful ways. For example, you can use it to give your Facebook […]

Three Steps to Get More Social Media Traffic

The social media sites have turned out to be one of the biggest sources of the web traffic. With proper planning you can generate quality traffic to your sites and enhance your business. The Search Engine Land team has shared three steps to get more traffic to your sites using social media channels. The SEL […]

Rapid Traffic to any Website with Rapid Traffic Suite #ad

Paul O’Keeffe has just released a new suite of software he calls Rapid Traffic Suite. This a case, as the old TV commercial used to say, where “The name and the claim are the same.” Simply put, this software offers to send you lots of traffic quickly. The process is based on using Pinterest to […]

How to Get (Real!) Followers on Social Media in 2019 [Podcast]

The Buffer contributor Heather-Mae Pusztai has published a new podcast episode titled ‘How to Get (Real!) Followers on Social Media in 2019’. Listen to this podcast to discover some useful strategies on getting more social media followers. Pusztai says, “One of the most popular topics in social media marketing is how to get more followers. And not just […]

EngagerMate: Build list of engaged Instagram followers #ad

Instagram users tend to be passionate about their interests. Whatever niche you work in, their are passionate people who want to get deeper into thei niche passion. Once you find them, you just need to feed them useful information about their passion. Finding the; that’s the key. That is why EngagerMate was invented. With EngagerMate, […]