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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Archive for the 'Social Media Marketing' Category

Six-Steps to Manage Instagram from Your Computer

When it comes to social media marketing, you can’s ignore Instagram as it offers you a wide online reach and a pool of opportunities to promote your products and services.Social Media Examiner contributor Jenn Herman has shared six useful tips to help you use Instagram from your computer.Herman says, “To learn how to manage Instagram from your computer, read the article below for an easy-to-follow walkthrough:#1: Access Instagram Profile Settings From Your DesktopTo access your Instagram profile from your desktop, go to the website and log in with your username and... [...]

Facebook to Place Limits on Ads: What Marketers Need to Know [Podcast]

Social Media Examiner has published a new podcast episode ‘Facebook to Place Limits on Ads: What Marketers Need to Know’.Listen to this podcast to learn about the upcoming changes in Facebook ads.The SME team says, “We explore Facebook’s plans to limit the number of ads a page can run with special guest, Tara Zirker. We will also cover more updates from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube”.Listen to the podcast on the following site.Facebook to Place Limits on Ads: What Marketers Need to KnowSocial Media Examiner  [...]

27 Content Types For Instagram [Video]

Neil Patel has published a new video ’27 Content Types For Instagram’ sharing a variety of content types to improve your Instagram marketing.He says, “Today I’m going to be teaching you about the different types of content that you can post on Instagram and how you can leverage them to go from zero to 100,000 followers”.Watch the video here.Neil Patel’s Blog [...]

Facebook Desktop Changes: What Marketers Need to Know [Podcast]

Social Media Examiner’s latest podcast episode ‘Facebook Desktop Changes: What Marketers Need to Know’ highlights some important changes that have been made into the Facebook Desktop.The SME team says, “We explore how marketers should change their tactics to better work with Facebook’s new desktop layout and Shops Tab on mobile with special guest Fallon Zoe”.Facebook Desktop Changes: What Marketers Need to KnowSocial Media Examiner [...]

’94 Ways To Repurpose Your Content on Social Media’ Webinar September 18 [Webinar]

To attract more and more people on your social media channels, you need to publish content that matters to them. You also need to maintain a regular schedule in publishing this content.Entrepreneur magazine is hosting a webinar ‘94 Ways To Repurpose Your Content on Social Media’ on Friday, September 18, 2020 to help you create content for social media.The Entrepreneur team says, “Live videos can help build your brand and grow your audience but once the broadcast ends, it doesn’t stop there. Get more mileage out of the high-quality content that you just delivered by repurposing the... [...]

Four Ways to Engage Your Audience with Hashtags

As we know, a hashtag is a keyword or phrase preceded by a hash (#) symbol. On social media platforms, hashtags help a piece of content become more discoverable by other users.Business 2 Community contributor Daniel Hopper has shared four ways to help you improve audience engagement on social media platforms.Hopper says, “The use of hashtags has grown from the initial purpose of indicating the topic of a post to support visibility and participation, to having the additional function of a social resource for forming relationships and communities. Social media users now commonly use hashtags... [...]

Quick Reply On Instagram (How to edit and delete) [Video]

Sue B. Zimmerman has published a new video ‘Quick Reply On Instagram (How to edit and delete)’ to manage Quick Reply feature of Instagram.She says, “Whether it’s welcoming a new follower or answering the same question…There is an easier way to #GSD (Get Shit Done!)And that is with Quick Reply. It’s probably one of the best kept secrets on Instagram.Quick Reply lets you share a response in just a few taps. Quick replies are easy to set up and save you a lot of time (hence the name!)It also allows you to think about your Direct Message strategy vs. replying in the moment... [...]

Sep-by-Step Guide to Selling on Pinterest

People use Pinterest as a shopping search engine. This platform influences the purchasing decisions of many of its users.Sprout Social contributor Chloe West has shared a step-by-step guide to help you start selling on Pinterest.West says, “We’ve already covered that 89% of US pinners on the platform are using it specifically to plan out purchases and research products, but that’s not all you need to know.Nearly half of all users are logging onto the site just to shop. Forty-seven percent to be exact. That’s about 150 million potential new customers buying your products.So find... [...]

Four Steps to Plan Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook advertising enables you to reach a wide social media audience online and promote your products and services. Facebook advertising campaigns can be a key driver to generate more revenue during the holiday season.Social Media Examiner’s Laura Moore has shared a four-step guide to help you plan and create Facebook ad campaigns for the holidays.Moore says, “Are you planning to use Facebook ads to promote your products or services this holiday season? Looking for a process to ensure your campaigns succeed?In this article, you’ll discover five key steps to get the best results... [...]

New LinkedIn Company Page Features Improve Visibility [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘New LinkedIn Company Page Features Improve Visibility’ featuring Jeff Sieh and Grace Duffy.The SME team says, “On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, join Jeff Sieh and Grace Duffy as we explore new LinkedIn Company Page features, updates to LinkedIn ad targeting, and more with special guest, Louise Brogan”.Watch the video here.Social Media Examiner [...]