Tamar Weinberg says, “In the startup world, an entrepreneur wears a lot of hats.

From business operations to sales to marketing to customer communications, it’s a busy task especially for smaller lean teams that may not have the budget or revenues to support additional manpower.

And that’s why automation is a great way to help minimize the workload, if just for a bit (or with some other tools, pretty substantially).

We’d like to walk through a list of marketing automation tools that are sure winners for startups, but as small businesses, they’d be great for you too.

1. Autosend

Autosend is an engagement platform that sends email, SMS, or push notifications based on user behavior within your app. This methodology, called “trigger-based messaging,” simply works to monitor behavior, and based on what a user does, a response is “triggered” by Autosend to act on the app owner’s behalf to convert or retain the user in some way”.

Technology’s Worker Bees: 7 Marketing Automation Tools for Startups


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