Jack Simpson says, “Not too many years ago brands were deliberating on whether to embrace social media at all, and for those that did there were relatively few platforms to choose from.

Now, however, it seems there’s a new social media platform to get excited about every month.

The landscape has completely changed, and it can be daunting for brands to take the plunge and plough resources into something that isn’t guaranteed to return any value.

To make your decision easier, I’m going to cover five key questions every brand should answer before committing to a new social media channel.

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1. Who are the current users?

This is arguably the most important question of all, because the answer will help you determine whether the channel is worth exploring further or not.

If the platform’s users fit the profile of your target audience then it is certainly worth looking into further, but obviously if your customers aren’t using the platform then there really isn’t any need for further investigation”.

Do you need to be on that new social media platform?

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