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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Archive for the 'Facebook marketing' Category

Five Facebook Page Optimization Tips

Facebook Pages are a great way to grow your social media following. By keeping your Pages updated with the latest information and happenings about your business, you can get better results. Social Media Examiner contributor Ann Sonneberg has shared five useful Facebook Page optimization tips for 2022. She says, “In this article, you’ll learn how to use the newest features and integrations for your Facebook business page so you can promote your business more effectively in the new year. #1: Optimize Your Facebook Page Layout, Tabs, and Apps Your business’ Facebook page doesn’t have to... [...]

Facebook Ads Learning Limited [Video]

If your Facebook ad set isn’t getting enough optimization events to exit the learning phase, the Delivery column reads Learning Limited. Learning Limited is an indication that your budget isn’t being spent effectively because the ad delivery system can’t optimize performance with your current setup. Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘Learning Limited for Facebook Ads Guide: Speed Up Your Campaigns!’. The SEM team says, “In this video, learn what Facebook ads Learning Limited is and how to manage it with advice from Facebook ads expert Tara Zirker. Discover... [...]

Four Steps for Facebook Post Testing

Facebook post testing lets you test up to four variants of a post against each other to see which one your audience likes most. Social Media Examiner’s Lisa D. Jenkins has shared four steps to help you test Facebook posts. She says, “Here’s how to test organic Facebook video, image, text, and link posts and use what you’ve learned for future content. #1: Test Organic Facebook Video Posts The Facebook Post Testing tool is located in Facebook Creator Studio. It’s from here that all testing takes place, regardless of what kind of post you want to try. To test organic Facebook posts,... [...]

Learning Limited for Facebook Ads Guide: Speed Up Your Campaigns! [Video]

Facebook ads are paid messages from businesses that are written in their voice and help reach the people on the Faceboook who matter most to them. Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘Learning Limited for Facebook Ads Guide: Speed Up Your Campaigns!’ featuring Facebook ads expert Tara Zirker. The SME team says, “Do your Facebook ad campaigns get stuck in Facebook’s learning phase? Wondering how to move your campaigns beyond “learning limited”? In this video, learn what Facebook ads Learning Limited is and how to manage it with advice from Facebook ads expert... [...]

Four Steps to Promote Your Flash Sale on Facebook and Instagram

Everyone loves a flash sale. Limited-time offers and short-term sales can be effective ways to help you boost your business revenue. Social Media Examiner’s Stephanie Fisher has published an article highlighting four steps to promote your flash sale on Facebook and Instagram. She says, “Here’s how you can maximize your efforts to drive your campaigns further and make your ad spend work harder. #1: Create a Facebook Event for Your Flash Sale Creating a Facebook event for your flash sale allows you not only to add all of the important details about the event but also create organic... [...]

Facebook Ad Analysis and Automation: Save Time and Money [Video]

If you are spending too much time analyzing your Facebook ads and want to learn how often you should check in on your Facebook ads performance – here is a video published by Social Media Examiner. In this video, Facebook ads expert Tara Zirker shares a time-saving process for successfully managing your campaigns in just one day a month. You’ll discover a simple monthly maintenance protocol to help you review four valuable Facebook ads KPIs in less time. Learn how to quickly analyze your ads to see if performance is trending up or down and get tips for improving those metrics if you aren’t... [...]

Four Tips to Improve Facebook Ads Performance

Facebook advertising enables you to grow your online reach to a wider audience and increase online sales. Well-crafted ads can boost your ROI. Social Media Examiner contributor Charlie Lawrance has shared four useful tips to help you improve your Facebook ads performance. He says, “Facebook actively rewards advertisers by lowering CPC for ads with a higher CTR. The reason is that your target audience is engaging more with your ad, creating a positive ad experience. Here are some ways to create more engaging Facebook ads to improve your CTR. #1: Tips to Improve Your Facebook Ad Copy You can... [...]

Strategies for Better Facebook Ad Data Tracking

Facebook advertising enables you to reach a wide array of social media users to promote your products and services. With proper ad data tracking, you can create rewarding ad campaigns. Social Media Examiner contributor James Bender has shared four ways to help you improve your Facebook ad data tracking. He says, “Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to track some of that user behavior moving forward. #1: Verify Your Website’s Domain With Facebook The first step is to verify your domains with Facebook to help avoid any future disruption of your website campaigns. This step will... [...]

Strategies to Drive More Conversions with Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook’s dynamic ads are designed to serve ads to users that may be interested in similar products, and to users that have already expressed interest in a product you are selling by visiting your website or app. WordStream contributor Akvile DeFazio has shared some useful strategies to help you drive more conversions with the Facebook dynamic ads. She says, “While Facebook dynamic ads are most often used with the Catalog Sales campaign objective, they can also be used with App Installs and Lead Generation campaign objectives. With them, you can use two targeting options in the ad... [...]

Facebook Creative Guidance Navigator, Automated Ad Creation Tools, and More [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘Facebook Creative Guidance Navigator, Automated Ad Creation Tools, and More’ featuring Allie Bloyd. This video covers: Facebook Creative Guidance Navigator New ‘Optimize Text Per Person’ Option for Facebook Ads Facebook’s Ad Review Process Updates to Facebook Website Conversion Campaigns, Conversion Modeling, and Events. Social Media Examiner  [...]