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Friday, July 10, 2020

Archive for the 'Facebook marketing' Category

Three-Step Guide to Creating Facebook Lead Ads

With Facebook Lead Ads, you can allow users to stay on the platform to submit your lead form. With this form of ads, you can avoid sending your prospects to external lead pages.Social Media Examiner’s Paul Ramondo has shared a three-step process to help you create Facebook Lead Ads.Ramondo says, “To learn how to create Facebook lead ads, read the article below for an easy-to-follow walkthrough.#1: Set Up Your Facebook Lead FormOne of the great things about Facebook lead ads is that they minimize the amount of friction with your audience. If you send people offsite (off of Facebook)... [...]

Group Bomb: How to use Facebook groups to grow your online business #ad

James Renouf has been experimenting with using the power of Facebook groups for marketing.They are powerful because the members of the group tend to honor the group leader an, as a result, tend to follow his/her suggestions. For an ethical group leader who only suggests useful products, this relationship can be the gateway to a long-term income.Today, Renouf is sharing the results of his experiments with other online marketers. The training is called Group Bomb.It shows you how to get sign-ups for your group for only two or three cents each. That is a very attractive proposition for a marketer.... [...]

SociBot: new vigor for your Facebook and Instagram promotions #ad

SociBot is an automated social traffic and sales system for promoting your product or an affiliate product on Facebook and Instagram.It allows you to create highly profitable promotional contests on both platforms, and it automates a lot of the work. It helps you to engage, automate, convert, retarget and monetize your social media traffic, turning social media users into paying customers.SociBot is an advanced social media automation tool. If you’ve ever wanted to generate leads and sales passively, then this software is for you.It works by combining the power of engagement and automation,... [...]

Free traffic sources with 3.5+ billion audience #ad

It warms a marketer’s heart to find good free traffic that has a sizeable portion of buyers.Neil Napier knows that feeling and has worked on a solution that pulls in traffic from the two top free traffic sources available.Here are the details: SociBot.With a pool of 3.5+ Billion users, Facebook™ and Instagram™ still remain the most productive free traffic source for marketers.Napier plans a webinar on Tuesday to share with you what he has found to work well in pulling in free traffic from these two behemoths.✓ How to attract more customers to grow your business without costly... [...]

Sprout Social’s Guide to Using Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager tool allows you to manage multiple Facebook Pages, business assets and ad accounts. With FBM, you can also manage your Instagram accounts and product catalogs.Sprout Social contributor Jacqueline Zote has published a step-by-step guide on how to use Facebook Business Manager.Zote says, “If you’re running a small home business and managing your own social accounts, you don’t necessarily need a Facebook Business Manager account. But it’s a must if:Your business has a team of people managing your marketing efforts and/or your social media presence.You work... [...]

How to Use Facebook’s Asset Customization to Tailor Your Ad Placements [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘How to Use Facebook’s Asset Customization to Tailor Your Ad Placements’ featuring Paul Ramondo.Watch this video to learn new ways to improve your Facebook ads.The SME team says, “Want to use one piece of creative for more than one ad placement? Wondering how to easily fine-tune a single creative asset to Instagram and Facebook ads?Facebook ads expert, Paul Ramondo, shows you how to customize one creative asset for multiple placements without leaving Facebook Ads Manager.You’ll discover how to use the asset customization... [...]

Facebook Remarketing Made Easy: Get the most from your Facebook ads #ad

Chances are that anyone who visits your website also visits Facebook on a regular basis. They may come to your site, choose to not accept the offer you make for your product or service and then leave. It looks like you have lost a sale.But wait, the next day, they visit Facebook. Suppose you have an ad on Facebook for your product, and they see it again. “Hmm,” they think. “This is advertised on Facebook. Maybe I too quickly turned it down.” Then they click on your ad. Now you have a second chance to market to them; you are “remarketing” to them. And this second... [...]

How to Evaluate Your Current Facebook Marketing Strategy [Video]

Facebook is still one of the most populated social network. It provides the businesses maximum visibility with an effective marketing strategy.HubSpot team has published a new video ‘How to Evaluate Your Current Facebook Marketing Strategy’ to help you improve your Facebook marketing performance. The HubSpot team says, “Most of you have been using a personal profile on Facebook for years at this point. And it’s possible that some of you have even had your Business Page for years, too. But, let me ask you this, how often do you review your Page’s performance? More... [...]

Five Tips for Using A Pop-Up Facebook Group

Pop-up Facebook groups are created for a limited time. These group provide your audience an opportunity to learn more about you, your company, and the products and services you are offering. Social Media Examiner’s Jill Stanton has shared a five tips for creating and using pop-up Facebook groups.Stanton says, “You can’t just launch a pop-up Facebook group without putting some careful thought into it, however. You need a plan to attract members to join your group, a compelling agenda, and strategies in place for closing a sale.#1: Choose the Time Frame for Your Pop-Up... [...]

How to Create Facebook Custom Audiences That Convert [Video]

Your social media marketing success depends on how effectively you reach more audience. By reaching more people and creating the content that appeals them, you can grow your sales.Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘How to Create Facebook Custom Audiences That Convert’ to help you create Facebook custom audiences.The SME team says, “Want better Facebook ad results? Are you reaching the right people with your Facebook ads at the right time?Facebook ads expert Paul Ramondo shares how to build four Facebook ad audiences that can increase conversions.You’ll learn... [...]