Blaise Lucey says, “Social ROI. What does it mean to you? Besides new followers and fans. Besides clicks and shares. Hard cash. A Facebook fan’s value. The cash money associated with a click on Twitter.

Maybe it means very little.

According to The CMO Survey, 40 percent of CMOs say that social media is underperforming relative to the rest of the organization’s marketing efforts. Just 11.5 percent have said they can prove the impact of social media quantitatively.

Last year, a survey fielded by small business directory Manta showed that 59 percent of small businesses hadn’t seen any ROI from their social media activities. Among those that had seen ROI, 47 percent saw $100 or less in profits.

A lot of people have started talking about this problem. In a podcast from the Content Marketing Institute, Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose talked about my recent article on the engagement crisis across social channels and content marketing initiatives. They laughed when discussing how people still didn’t understand that to get real results from social, brands have to pay money”.

Want real results from social? Start paying

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