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Friday, November 27, 2020

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Software' Category

ProfitEnigma: Create Product. Get Traffic. Make Sales. #ad

ProfitEnigma is launched today. Using it, you can start selling your own unique products online, such as: ► 100% unique eBooks and information products ► video courses and training ► SEO and backlinks services ► Deluxe graphics packs ► website design nbsp; nbsp; In addition, it finds hungry leads (non-stop) and funnels them to your offers. It does this using a brand-new optimized process no one else has implemented before. ProfitEnigma is a brand-new automated tool that lets you: 1. Create your own product, 2. Find leads to sell or give away these products to and 3. Upsell services to... [...]

Courserious: First-ever, all-in-one, e-Learning business app #ad

  E-learning has been around for a while, but it has been boosted by the pandemic because people don’t like the idea of getting in a classroom with 20-30 other people; just too dangerous, so people learn from their own space at home or in an office, using online lessons. There is an opportunity for you to participate in this growing trend by creating an e-learning platform where you offer courses to the general public or, possibly, courses targeted at a smaller niche population, such as courses on decorative crafts, automotive repair, cooking, Yoga, etc. You might develop authority... [...]

Commission Pages is live with Early Bird Discount #ad

The Glynn Kosky team has just released Commission Pages and is calling it “game-changing auto-profit funnel software”. In this system, you will be an affiliate selling products for a commission. Normally, there is an approval process to become an affiliate. But, when you invest in Commission Pages, you will be pre-approved for a collection of products that you can begin promoting right away. This new marketing tool is a 3-in-1 software system: First, it creates 10 ready-to-go affiliate pages that you can use to build your list while earning commissions at the same time. Second, it... [...]

Master Resale Rights Software Firesale #ad

At 11 AM EST, Diego Duarte is releasing his Master Resale Rights Software Firesale, with 5 applications, all developed by the Duarte team, that can improve your business in multiple ways: 1. Use them to build your marketing funnels, etc. Your business will run smoother. 2. Sell them to other businesses. They could use the improved productivity these apps can offer, too. 3. Sell resale rights to other online marketers. They need products to sell. You can supply these quality products. 4. Use them as bonuses for your customers. The five applications — all of which run on WindowsTM — are: ►... [...]

MaxFunnels: Fast, Easy Funnel, Landing Page Builder #ad

MaxFunnels has been off the market for a while, by Dr. Amit Pareek, the creator, is again making it available as MaxFunnels Reloaded. This time, he is even offering a free version, one that will always be free. A marketing funnel is a collection of related products, offered one after the other. Usually, the first product is inexpensive. People who invest in it are offered a second product that somehow enhances the value of the first. This “up-selling” may continue for three or four products, or even more, each typically more expensive than the earlier ones. That sequence of offers is... [...]

AcademyZPresso creates your own online fee-based academy #ad

The folks running Udemy have found an online business that has grown from year to year, based primarily on other peope’s work. They offer a platform where experienced (and aspiring) teachers can gather an audience for their training. The teachers do the hard work of building a course and place it on Udemy. Whenever someone buys a course, the teacher gets paid and Udemy earns a commission. Mosh Bari has just released a platform, called AcademyZPresso, that lets you do the same thing. Using this new platform, you can take advantage of the same perks that Udemy gets: ► Free content (Content/Courses... [...]

AcademyZPresso: software to build your own version of Udemy #ad

People are flocking to online education as never before. Many have lost their jobs and need to retrain themselves. Others “see the writing on the wall”; job loss is coming, and they want to be prepared. Into this red hot market comes a new course platform that is built to offer courses online. That’s good because the COVID-19 crisis keeps people indoors, afraid to go to physical classrooms with other people.) Introducing AcademyZPresso, just released by the Mosh Bari team. Now you can operate a genuine online training center. You can include courses of your own creation, but you... [...]

Infinitunes: Premium custom-made music tracks #ad

Whenever you create a video, whether for marketing or for entertainment, a background music soundtrack is an important feature. It adds interest and professionalism to your production. Even a dull and boring video can be improved with magnetic, energizing background music. That’s why Brad Stephens invented Infinitunes. Have you ever spent hours looking for the perfect background music track for your videos? If you are looking for love music tracks in all the wrong places, you may find that • YouTube removes your video • You get a cease and desist order from the copyright owner •... [...]

ProfitMeet: Some say it’s a “Zoom Killer” #ad

In the last 9 months, the fame, popularity, and business success of Zoom have soared. As a result, its stock has more than tripled in price. As you probably know, Zoom hosts online meetings, and many businesses, organizations, and individuals have adopted its technology to allow them to continue operation during the COVID-19 lock-downs. After seeing the success of Zoom, others have developed competing platforms for online meetings and webinars. Today, a new electronic meeting platform is being released: ProfitMeet. It is shaping up to be a worthy competitor to Zoom, perhaps even superior. This... [...]

GrooveFunnels offer and Groove-a-Thon only available 4 more days #ad

We have told you about the free marketing training Mike Filsaime is currently offering in his Groove-a-Thon. Here’s today’s training: 12:00-2:00 AM EST Simon Leung with Jerry Chen (2-Tier Affiliate Programs) 2:00-4:00 AM EST Simon Leung with Adeline Tan (Groove Chat) 4:00-6:00 AM EST Simon Leung with Vitini Lin (Converting Your Business Online) 6:00-8:00 AM EST David Lemon with Bertrand @ Youzign (How to Build an Entire Brand from Scratch) 8:00-9:00 AM EST David Lemon interview with Asher Aw 9:00 AM-12:00 PM EST David Lemon (Building a Full Hybrid Website for a Drop Servicing Business) 12:00-2:00... [...]