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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Software' Category

MarketPal: Your all-inclusive software for better marketing #ad

MarketPal Pro software is an inclusive marketing management and promotion tool for individual marketers and small businesses.Our readers can use the superVIP coupon for a $7 discount.This new tool comes with everything you need to market and sell any product or service online.You are getting a commercial license during the launch period so that after you have used it in your own business, you can sell your marketing services to other businesses and use xxx to deliver your services.Here is the business-building value this new (and increasingly popular) tool provides. You can:► Create and... [...]

MarketPal Pro: All-in-One Platform to Start a Profitable Online Business #ad

MarketPal Pro is a powerful lightning-fast application that creates fast-loading Pages, Pop-Ups, Splash Pages, and Sticky Bars. It also sends unlimited emails in minutes without any hassles.oHere’s what it can do for you:► Create unlimited Converting Sales, Lead, Webinar, Affiliate Review Pages for Any Niche► Advanced Sales Boosters with A.I Based Personalized Notification to Engage Visitors► Send unlimited Beautiful Emails & Autoresponders to Subscribers Instantly or on a Schedule► Over 200 Landing Page, Emails, Popups, Splash Pages, and Sticky Bar Templates► Advanced... [...]

EdUpay: Build your own online for-profit training site #ad

EdUpay lets you build a site with educational online courses that you make available to end users for a fee.E-learning sites like Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare are big business. Now, more than ever, with all the business closures, people need to build their skills so they can find jobs.That’s why millions of people are looking to add new skills and equip themselves with the knowledge they need to succeed.Make no mistake: this is a major business opportunity. Forecasts put the online education market at a huge $350 billion value and Udemy alone has over 55 million users.EdUpay is brand... [...]

Raiid: Hands-off affiliate commissions 24/7 from Clickbank #ad

Raiid is an automated affiliate marketing tool that helps you with three important tasks of Clickbank affiliate marketing:1. Research – Selecting a product that is a likely winner2. Content Generation – Creating pre-sell content to interest your audience in the product3. Traffic Generation – Driving visitors to your pre-sell contentIn case you haven’t come across Clickbank yet, it is a ‘middle man’ between affiliates and vendors of digital products. They handle all of the techie stuff like tracking the visitors through your link (So they make your link completely unique, so... [...]

Ezy MultiStores – Take the guesswork out of e-commerce #ad

Ezy MultiStores was just released by Victory Akpos.This new store builder is a SaaS (cloud-based) platform you can use to quickly create “eCommerce Affiliate Stores”. Quickly? Yes, Akpos says, “in 60 seconds.”The process doesn’t require the usual API credential approval. Ezy MultiStores has it all covered.And there’s nothing to install. It is a completely Plug-and-Play system. You don’t even need a website.In your Ezy MultiStores, you can sell up to 1000 products of your choice, products from Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Bestbuy & Aliexpress, and you earn... [...]

Genie: 20-in-1 Multi-Channel Traffic App #ad

Billy Darr has released new SaaS software that sends your message around the Internet in seconds. He calles it Genie.This beginner-friendly software potentially can bring you free visitors to any offer you promote, gathering these visitors from 20 different traffic sources, all with 1-Click.You can simultaneously promote your offer to:■ Social media (they are all free to join),■ SMS,■ Facebook Messenger and■ Email.It’s a simple process to use Genie. Just:1. Connect your various email and social media accounts. Do it once to set up your account.2. Start a campaign, tell it... [...]

12 Low-code automation tools small business owners need to know about

Entrepreneurs like you never stop moving, never stop working. Every business has plenty of moving parts, and if you’re a solopreneur, you’re responsible for all of it. Fortunately, there are tools which make handling all of these aspects much easier for someone who’s going it alone.In this post, we’re going to take a look at tools that can help save you time or money in three huge areas of business. You’ll learn about tools that you can use for:●     Hiring Subcontractors●     Invoicing Clients●    ... [...]

Asigo: eService Dropshipping (How can you dropship a service?) #ad

Asigo lets you be ‘The First To Market’ in the growing eServices industry, even if you aren’t an expert.Experienced online marketers Chris Munch and& Jay Cruiz have written a new report called The Rise of eServices, available at no charge, which introduces you to eServices dropshipping.They explain how they created a “$100k eStore” that you can clone using their new system, Asigo.This is a new industry and a new business model for online marketing. It has been doing well and has been projected to grow in the next several years.But the current economic climate and... [...]

FunnelVio: Funnels in a flash, “point and click” easy #ad

Marketing funnels are key to the growth of any marketing business. You don’t want to sell a single product to a customer. You want to offer them a series of related products that build on their original purchase and make these additional offers at a time and in a sequence that makes sense for them.Less than 24 hours ago, FunnelVio was released to the public (i.e., the tribe of online marketers around the world), and it provides a significant boost to your funnel-building capabilities.This new funnel building tool creates individual landing pages if that’s all you need, but it also... [...]

Stuff My Inbox: Give away xBoxes to build your email list (and business) #ad

This has been very popular software during the last week. Over 2000 people invested in it.Stuff My Inbox was created by Bryan Winters as a way that even beginners can build a successful business online. We haven’t tested it, ourselved, but Winters says “it literally works every time.”This new software generate a distinctive, game-changing website for you, a site that Winters hosts for no charge.Your site leverages giving away a Free XBOX to do what you need done to have a valuable website:► Builds you an email list of your own, that you can market other products to►... [...]