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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Software' Category

Profit Singularity: Special Report available for limited time #ad

The Profit Singularity affiliate marketing system has been around for a good while now. Many of your fellow online marketers have found that it helps them grow their business. In a few days, the updated version will be released. Today, a free e-book is available to give you a good overview of how (and how well) it works so you can consider whether it might fit into your own marketing plans. In This Free Special Report, You’ll Discover: ► The 3-Step System That Made Our Initial Testers Up To $2.1 Million Each Starting From Zero In The Last 12 Months (Many doing over 1k per day, some... [...]

Last day for UpViral $1 trial #ad

UpViral is a major platform for running giveaways and contests, events that generally bring in many new subscribers. It is so prominent in the industry that competitors mention it in their ads. Until Midnight EDT tonight, you can sign up for a $1 2-week trial of UpViral. In that two weeks, you can run at least 1 (maybe even 2) viral events to see how your audience responds. It was created by Wilco De Kreij, and he reasonably says that it will change the way you do marketing forever. De Kreij created it about 7 years ago, and he has been improving it ever since. The 2022 edition makes it easier... [...]

VidZura-Complete Edition: Templates for professional videos for you and clients #ad

VidZura, just released, makes it easy to make eye-catching videos like a pro. It is a collection of marketing video templates that you load into PowerPoint to create Hollywood-style Videos. The difference between ordinary videos and cinematic videos is only a few clicks. It includes 150+ new video templates and added specialized video templates. The main video module includes templates such as: • Fresh 2022 Promotions Video Templates • Fresh 2022 Product Preview Video Templates • Fresh 2022 Story Telling Character Video Templates To make your video even more professional, VidZura-Complete... [...]

UpViral: Free Viral Traffic to your sites, funnels, landing pages #ad

If there is one thing your business can’t survive without, it’s qualified leads. UpViral has you covered. Normally, collecting leads through ads is expensive, and may not give you the results you want. Even worse, after you pay, you end up with fake (and thus, worthless) email addresses, And that means you may on lead gen with little to show for it. UpViral is a better, faster, easier, and much cheaper way to receive almost unlimited leads for your business. The secret to effective and economical lead generation is referral marketing. Here’s how it works: To receive your lead... [...]

Koincart: Small businesses can now accept Crypto in payment #ad

With Koincart, you can help small businesses accept cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). Accepting cryptocurrency in payment provides a lot of advantages to a business, primarily reducing transaction costs and widening the range of people you can sell to. International commerce is an expensive business. There are high fees for collecting money from other countries and exchanging it into you home country’s currency. Those fees are avoided or drastically reduced when you accept cryptocurrency. In today’s tight financial conditions, businesses everywhere are looking to expand their... [...]

EZLocal: Small business appointment booking page builder #ad

Neil Napier just released EZLocal, a new product of interest to anyone whose clients are local businesses. Use it to create Personalized Booking Pages for your own business and to sell booking services to your clients. Grab your copy here before the price increases: EZLocal Here is the rundown of what this new tool can do for yourself and your clients. Q. How much time does one really need to create a personalized booking page? EZLocal does all the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is simply drag-n-drop. That’s why it would only take you less than 2 minutes to create a personalized... [...]

BotMatic: Facebook, Instagram Chatbot, Automation Tool #ad

Can you really put your marketing on autopilot? BotMatic makes it possible. Thanks to this brand new automation and chatbot technology, it’s now easier than ever to automate your online marketing. Firelaunchers and their partners, Ankur Shukla and Ashwath Shivaram have spent months building, testing and perfecting a new marketing automation tool called BotMatic. This new tool is Instagram-Approved and Facebook-Approved. BotMatic puts every key marketing solution you need in one integrated platform. Imagine running your entire online business, even with: ✓ Multiple niches ✓... [...]

YoDrive: lightning-fast hosting for videos, images, media #ad

YoDrive media hosting service responds to the fact that people are busy. They don’t want to wait for your website media to be displayed; they want to see (and hear) them now, not in 15 seconds. That’s a problem for website owners like us because media files (especially video files) are large, and it takes time to download them for viewing. Some people won’t wait. So, these days, you can’t rely on slow shared, VPS or dedicated servers to deliver your Videos, Websites, Pages, Images, etc. You need the fastest cloud-storage services available to deliver these media files. The... [...]

IdeaPlan: crowdsource, prioritize & launch products #ad

To introduce the new IdeaPlan, Mark Thompson, a 15-year Entrepreneur, who has built several 7-figure online businesses and been featured on Forbes, TheNextWeb and Foundr is holding live training at 10:00 EDT. The training is titled: “4-Step System to Nail Your Product-Led Growth Strategy and Build Better Customer-Centric Products.” Registration is now open: IdeaPlan Training. What you’ll learn in this masterclass: • Why 80% of startups fail (and the critical mistake that 97% of founders overlook) • A bulletproof system for collecting, prioritizing, and implementing ideas/feedback... [...]

7Fig builds buyer lists automatically #ad

7Fig was just released and it may be the perfect way to build a buyers list quickly and easily. (A buyers list is an email list of people who have already shown a strong interest in a product niche by actually buying a product in that niche.) On the hierarchy of list quality, a buyers list is the best. It’s better than a list of people who have shown an interest by requesting a free item in the niche. (But even that list would be better than a list of random people.) Using 7Fig doesn’t require traditional assets, such as an optin page, a lead magnet, product launches, paid traffic,... [...]