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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Video Jeet 2 just got better #ad

Video Jeet 2 is Cyril Gupta‘s new desktop software for curating videos from YouTube and promoting your video site virally. This is the new, improved version of the original Video Jeet, released some time ago. It does a lot to help you automatically find videos in your niche, add them to your website and then promote them to your visitors. You can see how powerful it is here: Video Jeet 2. It curates and auto-posts high converting video content on Facebook, Twitter and adds popular hashtags and then publishes them on all social media sites. As a result, it gives you organic traffic for life... [...]

Video Jeet 2 for automated website trffic #ad

Every website needs traffic. There’s no point in having a site that no one visits. If you want to increase your traffic, videos are a good tool. In fact, some people have been able to get a nearly endless stream of visits using video, and to do so automatically. The new tool that helps achieve this is Video Jeet 2. Cyril Gupta the inventor of this new tool, says Video Jeet 2 is all you will ever need for curating and promoting your videos to build traffic. And, Gupta says, this isn’t junk traffic, but real, honest traffic from top locations around the world. Now, with Video Jeet... [...]

Automated video blogs make you money 24×7 #ad

Some blogs earn thousands of dollars a month by posting funny videos or educational videos. How do they discover all those videos? Can you find videos like this, too? Yes, you can find videos that enhance your marketing in just about every niche imaginable using Video Jeet. This new software from Cyril Gupta is the video marketer’s friend. Video Jeet is the only 100% automated video-curation tool and auto-blogging tool (use it either way, automatic or semi-automatic) that will find the latest, best-rated videos for any niche, and automatically post them to your WordPress blogs or [...]

Your Own Unlimited Video Blogs on Blogger or WordPress #ad

Cyril Gupta and his partner, Todd Gross, have another big hit on their hands. In the first day on the market, it sold over 1500 copies. “Why should I care?” you ask? If you have ever wanted to take advantage of the power of video blogs, with Video Jeet it becomes not just possible but practical. And in their introductory sale, you can get it at a sizeable discount, too good to pass up if you need software like this. Video Jeet is Windows desktop software that “curates” video content for any niche or keyword you choose. It is surprisingly easy to use, but it is also clever... [...]

Video Jeet can raise the quality of your video marketing #ad

The long wait is over. Video Jeet launches today at 11 AM EDT. (Go a few minutes early, if you can, to get a special early-bird discount.) Software developer, Gyril Gupta, has created this new Windows software for any online marketer who wants to improve their video results. Video Jeet is a clever software tool that combines Video with Blogging and SEO plus social media is a way that has never been done before. It supports blogs on both Blogger (the free blogging platform sponsored by Google) and WordPress. Gupta included Blogger in his design since you can create as many blogs on Blogger as you... [...]

Keywords Goldmine Jeet software available free for 2 more days #ad

Cyril Gupta is giving away copies of his keyword research software ,  Keywords Goldmine Jeet, for two days, as a part of his promotion for his new software,  Video Jeet. He wants people to watch the demonstration of the new software, so he incents you (a.k.a., ethically bribes you) to watch it by giving you the license to the research software when you do. You can see this demo video for Video Goldmine Jeet first.  [...]

Video Jeet coming soon; a free Jeet available during pre-release #ad

Todd Gross contacted IM NewsWatch yesterday to let us know that Cyril Gupta, famous for many “Jeet” products for online marketers has just finished a new one, Video Jeet. This upcoming Windows software is unusual; it works both for both Blogger blogs and for WordPress blogs. They are making it available on Thursday, at 11 AM EDT. In order to build the excitement, and show you the quality of Mr. Gupta’s programming, they are giving away access to Keyword Goldmine Jeet until Video Jeet is released. You can see the intro video about this new Jeet and get a copy of their free Keyword... [...]

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