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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Archive for the 'Content Marketing' Category

Improve Your Content with These Elements

Your content marketing performance depends on the quality of content you create. The elements such as authenticity, creativity and freshness make it more attractive.Search Engine Land contributor Ashley Segura has shared four elements that can take your content to next level.Segura says, “The four elements below make up those key pieces and will help your content go far, maybe even hit that virality you’ve been hoping for. When it’s time for you to create a new piece of content, make sure to define each of the following.1. A topic that addresses consumer pain pointsWhether it’s... [...]

Tools to Grow You Grow Your Content Marketing

Your content marketing efforts need a strong backup of tools that help in creating, optimizing and delivering content to your target audience.State of Digital‘s Maria Raybould has shared a list of 10 tools for creating a strong content marketing strategy in 2020.Raybould says, “If you’re looking to cut costs while still optimizing your marketing output, these tools can help. Not sure where to start in optimizing your content marketing strategy in 2020? Take a look at these top content marketing tools.1. SEMrush Content Marketing PlatformThe SEMrush Content Marketing Platform... [...]

How to Identify and Create Marketing Materials for Your True Audience [Video]

By communicating effectively with your audience and offering the content they need, you can retain them for longer. You can create relevant content by identifying their preferences.Entrepreneur contributor David Meltzer  has published a new video ‘How to Identify and Create Marketing Materials for Your True Audience’ to help you improve your audience engagement.Meltzer says, “On this episode of The Playbook, Russell Brunson, the co-founder and co-CEO of Clickfunnels, shares his insight on:Why marketers must learn to emotionally attach to their audience through a “hook,... [...]

Creating High-Performing SEO Content [Podcast]

Your content plays the most important role in improving your website traffic. Quality content helps you to get your website indexed in the SERP and increase visitors.Rank Ranger has published a new podcast episode ‘Creating High-Performing SEO Content’ featuring Yosef Silver to help you create high-performing content.Listen to this podcast and learn:Search-ability, shareability, and how to create content findable content that pops!Tips and tricks for a content structure that engagesHow to achieve content zen. Finding a good content balance.Creating High-Performing SEO ContentRank... [...]

How to Create New Content Using Existing One

Content creation is a challenging task that requires a blend of new ideas, creativity and authenticity. You can create content fro the existing one to meet your audience’s needs.Portent‘s Katie Spencer has shared three ways to generate new content by using already existing content.Spencer says, “Content ideation can seem complicated and time-consuming. It often feels as if everything that could be written about already is. And although this may be true, this should not deter you from creating. In this post, I’ll share ways your current content, user feedback, and competitors... [...]

How to Create Empathetic Content

Empathy is your ability to share and understand the feelings of other people. Empathetic content marketing can help you to successfully promote your business.Content Marketing Institute‘s Daisy Quaker has shared five steps to help you create empathetic content.Quaker says, “Empathy is a muscle, one that can be strengthened through exercises and by listening to your audience. These five tips can help you come up with ideas for empathetic blog, email, or social content. Then see how four brands are doing it well.1. Brainstorm topics in your content sweet spotWhile it might be tempting... [...]

Creating Content That Generates More Traffic

The core purpose of creating content is to generate more traffic for your website. By optimizing your content for SEO, you can enhance your overall business growth.Content Marketing Institute contributor Kim Moutsos has shared 17 ways to get more traffic to your web content.Moutsos says, “Maybe your content promotion budget’s been slashed. Maybe you never had one. Maybe you just want to give every content piece – blog, article, e-book, or video – the best chance to perform before deciding which ones to invest any of your paid promotion budget in.Whatever the reason, use this resource... [...]

Nine Ways to Create Useful Content

Your content needs to be authentic and useful. Your audience will share it only if they find it worth using. Visually appealing content can help you to catch your audience’s attention and reach your conversion goals. Content Marketing Institute’s Jodi Harris has shared nine ways to create visual content that your readers would love to share.Harris says, “Considering how rapidly visual trends come and go and how often new creative platforms and capabilities emerge, it’s always worth taking a fresh look at ways to let your brand’s photos, videos, and graphics do... [...]

Effective Strategies to Create Evergreen Content

The concept of ‘evergreen content’ refers to the content that is always popular among your readers and the one that does not get out of date. This kind of content can help you to continue getting search engine traffic to your website.Search Engine Journal‘s Julia McCoy has shared three useful strategies to create evergreen content.McCoy says, “No matter how the world changes, the human race will always want to gain an extra source of income, look fit and attractive, and avoid dangerous health issues.Evergreen ContentOn the other hand, evergreen content is content... [...]

Enterprise SEO Tools For Content Marketing, Search Intelligence, UX And More [Guide]

Digital Marketing Depot has published a new report called ‘ Enterprise SEO Tools For Content Marketing, Search Intelligence, UX And More: A Marketer’s Guide’.Download this report to discover useful tools and technologies to improve your content marketing, search intelligence and user experience.The DMD team says, “This FREE 76-page report reviews the growing market for SEO platforms (including 20 vendor profiles!), plus the latest trends, opportunities and challenges.Uncover valuable insights into the latest SEO trends. Did you know…There are 810... [...]