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Friday, November 27, 2020

Archive for the 'Content Marketing' Category

Three Ways to Create Meaningful Content

Context is the core of your content. It helps you to connect with your audience and make them step up to take the desired action. Search Engine Watch contributor Jack Schuleman has shared three useful strategies to help you create meaningful content with your personal passion. He says, “Using a passion to inform content is straightforward, but instilling this idea throughout a team can take some time. There’s a comfort level that varies from one person to the next. But there are few steps to make the process easier, and it goes something like this: 1. Find opportunities to utilize your... [...]

Improving Content Performance using Free Images

SEMrush contributor Amanda Milligan has shared a list of eleven sites to find free images for your content. Milligan says, “Continue reading for a list of selected sites containing free-to-use images to boost your content. And before choosing images, we recommend you use the SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit to find trending topics and keywords that will help you choose images that will enhance and be releveant to your content. 1. Creative Commons Search Choose whether you want images to add to content for commercial reasons or select the box for free images that can also be adapted... [...]

Five Ways to Boost Lead Generation with Content Marketing

Lead generation is the process of collecting contact details and then developing relationships with potential customers. Your content can play a pivotal role in generating more leads for your business. Content Marketing Institute contributor Ann Smarty has shared five ways to help you generate more leads with content marketing. She says, “Can content marketing help (or even drive) your brand’s lead-generation and nurturing strategy? It sure can. Let’s see how: 1. Match content to search intent Just about any website out there is optimized to generate Google organic traffic. In most cases,... [...]

Eight Tips to Create Content for SEO

Your content can play a major role in driving more traffic to your websites and blogs. By keeping your content in sync with the search engine algorithm requirements, you can continue to grow your search engine ranking. Go Fish Digital contributor Stewart Fussell has shared an eight-step plan to help you create content for SEO. He says, “I’ve found that the best way to create new content is to use a clear, step-by-step plan that focuses on targeted strategies. Using topics, keywords, and competitors to develop a thoughtfully curated plan will make all the difference for your team. Below... [...]

Copyblogger’s 5-Point Blueprint for Content Editing

Your content plays a very important role in attracting new visitors to your websites. Well-crafted content is of the utmost importance when it comes to persuading people to take an action online. Copyblogger’s Stefanie Flaxman has shared a five-point blueprint to help you edit and create great content. She says, “To help you aim for “this week’s version of perfect,” here’s a five-point blueprint of items to double-check after you’ve finished your standard editing and proofreading process. Then you’ll know it’s time to let your writing go. Check #1: Paragraphs When you’re... [...]

Improve your website content quality #ad

Your site needs to get the basics right: enough content, clean navigation, and the important standard pages (About Us, Contact Us, legal pages, etc.), but those are the bare minimum. For your site to excel and to bring in the most engaged fans, you need to do more. You need supercharged content strategies that generate more engagement with your website, and new training just released can help you upgrade your site for better results. Check into this new training from Content Sparks, Next Level Website Content. In this just-released training you will discover: ➡️ How to structure your content... [...]

Two Tips to Produce Likeable Content

The content marketing success lies in the usefulness and popularity of your content. It needs to be helping people in the desired way. Copyblogger’s Stefanie Flaxman has shared two steps to make sure that you create content that your audience loves. She says, “When some people do, and some people don’t, you’re on the right track, but you still might freeze up a bit when you encounter negative feedback. To combat that criticism-confusion, here are two simple steps. Step #1: Ask yourself, “Is this person the right fit for my audience?” If you think they are, their criticism may... [...]

Five Ways to Get Quality Content from Freelance Writers

Content creation requires many hands. By involving freelancers in the content creation process, you can improve your frequency of publishing the content on blogs and websites. SEMrush contributor Maria Raybould has shared five ways to help you work with freelance writers to produce quality content. Raybould says, “In this post, we’re going to look at how to work with professional content writers to create great content that drives results. 1. Be Clear About the Work Agreement Before you even start working with a freelance writer, make sure that everyone is clear about the scope of the project... [...]

Ways to Improve Your Content Performance

Your content marketing performance depends on its quality in terms of information and knowledge it offers to your readers. With the right content creation tactics, you can make the most of your effort. Ann Smarty has shared three pre-publishing tactics to boost your content performance. She says, “Using these pre-publishing content marketing tactics, you will be able to generate more links, rank your article higher, and improve your on-page engagement. Here’s how: 1. Identify who may link to your asset and start engaging them earlier So you have a topic idea and you are about to start... [...]

’94 Ways To Repurpose Your Content on Social Media’ Webinar September 18 [Webinar]

To attract more and more people on your social media channels, you need to publish content that matters to them. You also need to maintain a regular schedule in publishing this content. Entrepreneur magazine is hosting a webinar ‘94 Ways To Repurpose Your Content on Social Media’ on Friday, September 18, 2020 to help you create content for social media. The Entrepreneur team says, “Live videos can help build your brand and grow your audience but once the broadcast ends, it doesn’t stop there. Get more mileage out of the high-quality content that you just delivered by repurposing the... [...]