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Thursday, October 21, 2021

‘This Simple Writing Trick Will Help You Overcome the Inertia of Perfectionism’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

Bryan Collins says, “When you have to create fresh topics for your blog each week, sometimes you just feel stuck. Or maybe you can’t nail down your unique selling proposition that sets your business apart from the competition. Perhaps you’re still wrestling with ideas for your email autoresponder series. All of these issues are completely normal for writers who continuously aim to serve their audiences. Since finding a way into your readers’ hearts and minds is your goal, you can exhaust your brain trying to find that perfect connection. As a result, instead of producing the perfect... [...]

‘Check out the Lineup for Authority Rainmaker: Denver, May 13-15, 2015’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

Brian Clark says, “The photo above is the Ellie Caulkins Opera House in Denver. It’s a world-class hall designed in the lyric style with acoustical excellence, state-of-the-art technology, and clean sight lines, and it’s the venue for our second annual live conference — Authority Rainmaker. We’re in the Super Early Bird phase of ticket sales, so I want to share with you the extraordinary group of speakers that will be fueling next year’s event experience. You’ll want to grab your tickets now and save $500. I previously announced our keynote speakers — Daniel Pink, Sally Hogshead,... [...]

‘The Crucial Starting Point For Building a Digital Commerce Business’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

Robert Bruce says, “In the latest episode of Rainmaker FM, Brian Clark and I talk about the big picture of digital commerce. Many of us are now familiar with platforms like Udemy and Skillshare, but in 2007 Copyblogger launched its first product, one that was aimed directly at the myth that people wouldn’t pay for digital content. A lot has happened in those seven years, and a lot of businesses have moved (and been born) online. What does this mean for you?”. The Crucial Starting Point For Building a Digital Commerce Business ‘Copyblogger’ Blog  [...]

‘How One Marketing Blog Tripled Its Email Subscribers With 3 Simple Strategies’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

Noah Kagan says, “You’ve probably heard how important email marketing is for your business, but do you know how it can specifically save you time and increase revenue? When I started, it took me three months to get a special deal with a company to promote one of our sales. Then on the day of the sale, I’d ask everyone I know to tweet about it. We’d have a successful launch, but then the following week when we did another promotion, we had to start all over again — and go make as much noise as possible to get our potential customers’ attention”. How One Marketing... [...]

‘Interview with Brian Clark: How Customer Experience Maps Help You Develop a Smarter Content Strategy’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

Jerod Morris says, “Well isn’t this a pleasant surprise. After we published the third installment of our three-part series on content strategy, Brian Clark informed me that he had the perfect follow-up topic for the next episode. Sure, Mr. Clark, I think we can make room for you in the schedule. Consider this a bonus fourth episode in the content strategy series — and it goes next-level. Empathy is essential because it allows you to feel what your audience members feel, but what if you could get inside their hearts and walk a few steps in their shoes as well?”. Interview with... [...]

‘Our Black Friday Sale Starts Today (Because Your Business Goals Can’t Wait)’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

Jerod Morris says, “Are you one of the many folks out there who are thinking about using holiday downtime to launch their website and get a head start on 2015 (like a lawyer I spoke with last week)? Or are you, like me, planning to use the holidays to give a long-standing site the fresh, modern, mobile-responsive look it needs? Or, are you planning to kick back and relax over the holidays and put your website launch or update on the 2015 to-do list?”. Our Black Friday Sale Starts Today (Because Your Business Goals Can’t Wait) ‘Copyblogger’ Blog  [...]

‘The Surprising Spooky Secret to Enduring Success Habits’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

Sonia Simone says, “Are you addicted to productivity advice? I was, for a long time. I bought every system, book, and blueprint out there. I had a very spiffy David Allen-inspired GTD process that was only 642 steps long and took a mere 3 hours a day to implement (during which time I wasn’t actually, you know, getting anything done). That wasn’t David Allen’s fault, by the way, it was mine. But I don’t think I was alone”. The Surprising Spooky Secret to Enduring Success Habits ‘Copyblogger’ Blog  [...]

‘The 5-Step Process for Writing an About Page that Connects (and Converts)’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

Leanne Regalla says, “Although it seems like a natural place on your website to talk about yourself, a strong About page is really about empathy for your visitors. When you write an effective About page, you dig into your readers’ minds and then communicate that you have what they need or want. And you can’t afford to follow the herd. Just think about how many times you’ve clicked away from a website that included just a little too much “Me! Me! Me!” You don’t want to be that person at the cocktail party who brags so incessantly that other party guests plan different routes to... [...]

‘The Amazingly Simple Anatomy of a Meaningful Marketing Story [Infographic]’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

Demian Farnworth says, “Think about it. Apple. Dos Equis. Old Spice. Procter & Gamble. Ram Trucks. Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. GEICO. GoDaddy. At some point, all these companies told compelling stories that grabbed our attention — and held it. Not just for thirty seconds, but longer. And as they repeated their stories over and over again, they got under our skin. Through simple stories, these companies won our allegiance and business. Tell the right story and you can capture attention, entertain, enlighten, and persuade all in the course of just a few minutes”. The Amazingly... [...]

‘Focus on These 4 Steps to Harness the Addictive Power of Email’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

Henneke of Copyblogger has published an article on four steps to harness the power of email marketing. Henneke says, “You’re building a social following, slaving over weekly blog posts, and managing a heavy client load. Perhaps you’d also love to develop digital products or write a book. But it’s difficult to find the time when you juggle so many demands, right? Building a thriving online business may often feel like an insurmountable task. But when you learn the right way to apply the addictive power of email, you’ll possess a dynamite business tool”. Focus on These 4 Steps... [...]