“Pillar Traffic” comes a long-forgotten term in the internet marketing world, “pillar content.” The idea was popular with bloggers several years ago and referred to traffic campaigns where bloggers would create specific types of very engaging content that their audience would share with their friends.

Eventually, this dropped from most people’s radar. However, in part because it is no longer overused, it’s even more useful in bringing in new traffic now than ever.

Chris Munch and his team are reviving this once popular traffic method. They have developed software to get campaigns set up and running in as little as 30 minutes.

Through experimentation and development, they have software that is completely white hat and will work long term to create this pillar traffic.

Their software is a WordPress plugin they call Hook Pages. It creates pillar content, and through viral techniques, generates pillar traffic.

The net result is free Organic Traffic on demand. And, you can create this pillar content through the automatic curation Hook Pages does for you.

There are many examples of Pillar Content in your niche that the creators want to you to share. This content is free for the taking (with proper attribution) and is waiting for you to use in your own traffic campaigns.

You can use it without concern. Munch’s instructions that come with the plugin show you the process. Or you can create the pillar content yourself. Again, just follow the directions.

Munch says that once you’ve got the hang of it, you can expect 5,000-10,000 visitors per campaign, and that’s just the beginning of the value. Because the traffic is free, and is narrowly targeted on the niche, it’s the most useful traffic you could ask for.

On his sales page, Munch has a video showing how to use his plugin to get the kind of traffic you have always dreamed of.

Hook Pages currently at a nice discount, but the price is rising, so get it fast.

Get the whole story and then get your own copy here: Hook Pages

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