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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Archive for the 'Website Design' Category

Easy Page Buildr: Web Page Builder For Under $10 #ad

          New, “simply powerful” software,  [...]

10 Web Trends for 2022

Businesses faced several challenges due to the COVID 19 pandemic in the past two years. But when it comes to the growth and performance of online businesses, there has been almost no impact. WIX has highlighted 10 web trends for the year 2022. The WIX team says, “While many businesses spent a large part of 2021 in recovery mode, picking up the pieces from a tough year before it, the online world showed no signs of slowing down. That was good news for agencies. However, as companies and professionals offering digital services look to take on new projects in 2022, they need to ensure they are... [...]

Free Web Design Tools You Should Use

With a well-designed website, you can continue to attract more and more visitors and convert them into customers. Practical Ecommerce contributor Sig Ueland has published an article highlighting 22 free web design tools. He says, “Here is a list of new web tools and design elements from fall 2021. There are color and gradient generators, image editors, coding tools, design collaboration tools, fonts, and more. All of these tools are free, though some also offer premium versions. Free Design Tools Fable is a web-based motion design platform for teams. It features workspaces to share projects,... [...]

19 Examples of Best Personal Websites

Personal websites help you project various elements. You can create a resume site, portfolio site, personal blog, and much more. HubSpot contributor Sophia Bernazzani has published an article highlighting 19 examples of great personal websites. She says, “Did you know 80% of businesses say a personal website is important when evaluating job candidates? Recruiters are looking you up online, and a personal website that tells the story you want to tell can make all the difference between you and a competing candidate. If you’re thinking about creating a personal website of your very... [...]

The Most Realistic Advice On How to Start a New Website [Video]

Starting a new website is as easy as creating an email today. But when it comes to creating a responsive website that gets you traffic and boosts your business is a challenge. Watch Neil Patel’s new video ‘The Most Realistic Advice On How to Start a New Website’ to discover useful insights for your next website. He says, “People say it’s too hard and competitive to start a new website and do well. Well, they’re wrong. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to break down the most realistic advice on how to start a new website and how to... [...]

Homepage Design & Linking Strategy For Publishers [SEO Case Study]

Your website homepage plays a key role in creating that important first impression. With proper homepage design and planning, you can retain visitors for more time on your website. Search Engine Journal has published a new case study ‘Homepage Design & Linking Strategy For Publishers’. Daniel Smullen says, “Implementing a paywall was a major strategic initiative for Their business and editorial leaders wanted to promote as much premium, paywalled content on the homepage as possible. The idea was to showcase Independent’s best journalism to its most loyal... [...]

AIWA22: Build beautiful websites and apps in record time #ad

AIWA22 Site Builder was just released, the 2022 upgraded version of the original AIWA. It’s software that builds your websites for your own use or to sell – commercial license is included – without any technical skills needed. Face it; you need a good website. In our modern, COVID-driven age, every solopreneur and every business needs a website and mobile app. Having a website with a related iOS app and Android app is essential for online business success. That’s true for you. It’s also true for millions of businesses you can offer online services to. For Website... [...]

The Third-Party Cookie Ban: Unlocking The Secrets Of First-Party Data, January 21 [Podcast]

Search Engine Journal’s ‘The Third-Party Cookie Ban: Unlocking The Secrets Of First-Party Data’ podcast will be live on Friday, January 21, 2022, at 3 PM ET. The SEJ team says, “Third-party cookies are on their way out, but the deep-data connection to your future audience isn’t gone for good. Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs and Wall Street Journal’s bestselling author of “Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content,” will share her insights when she joins me on the SEJ Show on January 21, 2022, at 3 PM ET. She’ll... [...]

Video Profit Engine: Video Money Sites in 58 Seconds #ad

George Katsoudas has just released a new WordPress plugin that creates “video money sites” from other people’s YouTube videos: Video Profit Engine. It has been shown that one of the best ways to generate online income is using a video site. Why? People love watching videos. That means that video sites get a lot more traffic and sales than sites without video. IM NewsWatch has started using video in many of our articles, for example, with more video to come. But some sites use video far more than we do. Video is the basis of the site and the vast majority of its content. But many... [...]

Five Steps to Create a Website Sitemap

A sitemap is a list of the different pages on a website. By creating a proper sitemap, you can improve your SEO performance. Quick Sprout contributor Lars Lofgren has shared a five-step process to help you create the sitemap for your website. He says, “Your sitemap will tell search engines the location of a page on your website, when it was updated, the updating frequency, and the importance of the page as it’s related to other pages on your site. Without a proper sitemap, Google bots might think that your site has duplicate content, which will actually hurt your SEO ranking. If you’re... [...]