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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Archive for the 'Website Design' Category

The 7 Phases of a Website Redesign [Guide]

It is important to keep your website up to date and a look that catches people’s attention. Remember, your website is an entry-point for most of your customers. Marketing Week has published a new guide called ‘The 7 Phases of a Website Redesign’. The MW team says, “Save time and effort by identifying problems throughout the website redesign process, ensuring the new site has a quality foundation. With this guide, you can learn more about the key phases of a website redesign and how to make sure the process runs smoothly”. The 7 Phases of a Website Redesign Marketing... [...]

53 Must-Have Features for Local Business Websites [Infographic]

A well-designed website is important to achieve business success. It helps you reach your target audience and convert them into customers. WebAlive has published a new infographic titled ’53 Must-Have Features for Local Business Websites’ to help you develop a great website. The WebAlive team says, “While having an effectively designed website can boost your sales, an average or poorly designed one will cause you to lose potential customers. As an owner of a local business, you should have some basic idea of what you need to have on your site and what to avoid. To make things... [...]

Bruce Clay Shares Four Stages of a Website Launch with SEO

Building an SEO-ready website is the need of the hour. You can achieve business success by building a website that attracts more visitors and helps you grow your sales. Bruce Clay has published a new blog post highlighting four stages of an SEO-driven website launch. He says, “When launching a website, there are four stages to consider, each with its own tasks and milestones. In each of the following phases, the person in charge of SEO should cooperate with other teams (design, development, UX, strategy and others): Strategy and planning Build the website Launch the website Promote the website Stage... [...]

Embedding Web Stories across your site [Guide]

Web Stories are a great way for content creators to bring enhanced experiences to their users and thousands of creators and publishers are using them. Google Web Creators’ Alberto Medina has published a guide for webmasters on how to embed web stories on websites. Medina says, “Tools for creating stories are available to a global audience, and Google products such as Search and Discover are incorporating Web Stories as a first-class content format. And if you are using WordPress we have good news for you! With the release of v1.5 of the Stories Editor for WordPress, you can easily... [...]

Guide To Writing An About Page For Your Blog

Your website or blog’s about page helps your visitors learn about your business. A well-crafted about page can play an important role in persuading your prospects to become customers. Blogging Wizard’s Lyn Wildwood has published a guide to writing an about page for your website or blog. She says, “A good portion of your visitors will come across this page, so it provides a unique opportunity for you to connect with your audience and get them to take a specific action. The remainder of this article will be dedicated to both of these matters. Tip #1: Identify your audience We’ve... [...]

E-commerce Website Pre-Launch Checklist

WooCommerce contributor Kathryn Marr has published an e-commerce website pre-launch checklist to help you prepare your site for success. She says, “Your website’s designed, you have all of your products created, and you’re ready to launch your eCommerce site.  But with how much work goes into launching a new online store, it can be easy to miss something.  Who knows, you may even be missing something you didn’t know you were supposed to do! Forgetting a small detail can be as easy as missing that crucial item at the grocery store – but the consequences are much more severe. So,... [...]

Examples of Accessible Websites

A well-designed website enables you to create winder business opportunities by connecting with more customers and boosting sales. Convince & Convert’s Jay Baer has shared 20 examples of accessible websites that can give a boost to your business. He says, “I’m a big an of the solution. To give you an idea of what websites with accessiBe look like and how they help users with disabilities, I put together this list of examples of websites that are made accessible with accessiBe. Here are 20 awesome examples of accessible websites. Section 1: Hospitality & Travel 1. Hilton Seizure... [...]

Steps to Enable Conversion-Centered Design

Conversion is one of the most sought-after goals of having a website. With a responsive website, you can convert more visitors into customers and grow your profits. Key Medium contributor Elaine Frieman has shared some useful steps to help you enable a conversion-centered website design. She says, “When you build a website for your business, most business owners, marketing departments, and CEOs have two distinct goals in mind: one, provide necessary information about the business and, two, convert leads. With the first point, people need to know what you do, how to find your business, what... [...]

How to Create The Ideal Blog Homepage [Video]

An effective and welcoming home page can attract and retain more visitors for your blog or website. Neil Patel has published a new video ‘How to Create The Ideal Blog Homepage’ to help you create a home page for your blog that converts more. He says, “You get all this traffic to your blog, but very little to no conversions. And as your traffic goes up, your sales, your revenue ends up staying the same. Today I’m going to break down the ideal blog homepage”. Neil Patel’s Blog  [...]

Eight Elements to Maximize Linkable Assets on Your Website

To get more traffic to your website, you need to give reasons to other webmasters to link to your website. By identifying and developing certain elements on your website, you can grow its popularity. Entrepreneur magazine contributors Eric Ward and Garrett French have published an article highlight important assets of your website and how to develop them fore getting more links. They say, “The following linkable asset categories will help get you thinking about what your organization’s linkable assets could be. Thinking broadly and creatively at the beginning of a link-building campaign... [...]