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Friday, November 27, 2020

Archive for the 'Video Marketing' Category

Live Video Engagement: How to Build Relationships Live [Podcast]

With the help of quality video content, you can enhance your online reach and persuade people to take an action. Social Media Examiner has published a new podcast episode ‘Live Video Engagement: How to Build Relationships Live’ featuring Janine Cummings to help you make the most from the live video. The SME team says, “Want to create a loyal tribe? Wondering how to build relationships with live video? To explore how to create engaging relationships while you’re live on social media, I interview Janine Cummings on the Social Media Marketing Podcast. Janine is a live video expert... [...]

Veedyou’s 85+ Video Marketing Statistics for 2020

Video is the an essential part of your marketing strategy. By analyzing and understanding video marketing statistics you can improve your your marketing strategy. Veedyou Media SRL has shared 85+ video marketing statistics you should need to keep in mind for 2020. The Veedyou team says, “Compared to other marketing channels, video content is more popular, engaging, and memorable, which is why it’s the right tool to promote brand awareness. Here are the numbers to back that up. People will spend 88% more time on a website with video content. 72% of consumers prefer video to text content... [...]

Successful Online Video Marketing: Making effective videos #ad

Video can be a marketing tool that beats all other media, if it have good content and an attractive design. Your problem is that video may have been the victim of its own success. Why is that? For the last 5 years or so, every online marketer has heard this over and over. As a result, there are so many videos out there that most of them simply ignored. You don’t want your videos to fall into the dustbin of uselss, ignored videos. Marketing trainer, Alex Smith has created a training guide that will give you all the details of successful video marketing, Successful Online Video Marketing. Smith... [...]

[NEW] Get page 1 video rankings in with Tube Charge #ad

The Zamurai Warrior team, headed by Joshua Zamora, is releasing a new marketing tool, Tube Charge allows you to dominate page 1 a novel way by : ► automatically creating dozens of videos for you at a time ► automatically optimizing those videos for you ► automatically uploading those videos for you on a daily basis ► even automatically creating video playlists from those videos – 100% hands free Zamora says that the result of all this automatic work is video rankings in 48 hours or less!. You can see a demo of the process here: Tube Charge. With Zamora’s help, we have arranged a... [...]

Premium Collection of 25,000 Stock Videos (includes video editor) #ad

If your your competition is winning the most sales, you may want to catch up by adding the high quality unique videos of StockNation 2.0 to your marketing. In this new version, you will find 25,000+ HD videos spread across most popular online niches. This new version of this video collection has many advantages over the popular original. In this new version, you will find: ► A Searchable SaaS app to help you locate the right video for your project, using simple keywords ► HD videos, providing a boost to your ranking compared to lower resolution videos. ► The user interface is simple to use:... [...]

Six-step guide to effective YouTube advertising

Advertising on YouTube is one of the best ways to reach out the video surfers. As video is one of the most effective marketing tools, most brands prefer to advertise over it. Marketing Land contributor Bruce Budkofsky has shared six steps to help marketers maximize their YouTube advertising. Budkofsky says, “Leading the pack when it comes to where brands are spending is YouTube. Twenty percent of online video advertising is spent on YouTube. It’s easy to plug-and-play YouTube into your online video plan, but how do you truly maximize your advertising on the platform? Understand YouTube... [...]

The Advantages YouTube Ads Have Over Facebook Ads [Video]

Online advertising has been evolving with a variety of modes you can reach a wider audience. With the rise of social media sites it has become easier to promote our products and services. Entrepreneur magazine contributor Eric Siu has shared a video featuring John Crestani who provides a comparative analysis of the YouTube and Facebook ads. Entrepreneur team says, “When considering the difference between using ads on Facebook versus on YouTube, it can be helpful to know what the benefits are of each right now. Entrepreneur Network partner Eric Siu sits down with John Crestani of Welearn... [...]

Things to know about video advertising

Video has become an irresistible tool when it comes to marketing and promotion. With evolving technologies the advertisers have got the liberty to reach out their target markets with video ads. Marketing Land columnist Laura Collins has shared an useful article on video advertising. She has highlighted some of the important aspects of this ad form. Collins says, “Video is a hotter topic than ever in marketing, with users consuming more and options for advertisers multiplying rapidly. With so much development in the industry it can be hard to look at the bigger picture or anticipate what the... [...]

Remarkable New YouTube Marketing Breakthrough Software #ad

Online marketing expert Cyril Gupta is releasing new YouTube marketing software today. This software is novel; you haven’t seen anything like it before. It has been well thought out; the automation it provides is seamless. It could possibly be a game changer for you if you use YouTube in your marketing. Creating niche-related playlists that you publish to YouTube can raise the visibility of your own videos if you do it right. Gupta’s new YouTube Playlist Manager is a brand new application that helps you do playlist marketing on YouTube and do it easily. It gets you fresh traffic from... [...]

If you haven’t used video marketing, this will get you started

There are many video websites (YouTube is the most prominent) that will let you make and share your own videos with their visitors. This fact has significant marketing potential. Even beginning marketers can take advantage of this opportunity because several download sites are free, not just for viewers, but also for creators. Before creating your next online video, think through the process from start to finish so you will know what type of equipment you will need, what scripts you may need to write, and how to get the most viewers so you can get the best payback for your time, money and effort. Step... [...]