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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Archive for the 'Content Curation' Category

SEO and Content Curation

Winning the favor of search engines is always a good thing. When people search for content in your niche, being found high in the results is always a benefit for your site. As much as you like return traffic from people who already know and love your site, attracting new visitors is necessary to replace those who inevitably lose interest. The other factor, of course, is creating content on your site that people find helpful and that search engines find to be worth sharing with their users. Such content goes a long way in winning those coveted high rankings in search engine results. So far, so good.... [...]

Arti: Powerful software to build a unique online business #ad

ARTI is brand new software that builds unique content for your website. It uses your niche definition to locate useful content around the web, content that you can modify, combine, add, subtract, sort and otherwise edit to use in social media, blogs, special reports and even products to build your reputation for expertise in your niche. Not only can you modify the data any way you want once it has been found, ARTI can do some of the work for you. It has a spinner built in that you can use to create new wording for your content so that it is no longer the same content that was originally found. On... [...]

Sqribble: breakthrough eBook creator. 3 day sale #ad

Sqribble is a cloud-based tool that allows you to create eBooks, reports, whitepapers or other digital books on the fly, quickly and easily, based on templates inside the tool. The sales page puts its purpose this way, “Creates amazing eBooks & reports In 5 minutes without typing any words”. That’s because it can pull text from any website you have permission to copy and put it into an eBook. Sqribble comes with 50 templates in 15 popular niche categories that you can use to style your eBooks. Each template comes with table of contents and professional page layouts that convert... [...]

ViralNewsJacker: Viral news brings passive profits #ad

People all around the world like to know what’s new and interesting. Sites that curate news can become a good business for small marketers. That was the principle that IM NewsWatch was founded on. We limit our news to one niche, online business, but there are many other niches, particularly related to popular culture, that also have a lot of followers. Build a following and you can build a business. There’s normally a lot of work building and operating a news curation site. We spend up to 60 hours a week operating IM NewsWatch, for example. I can’t count the number of times I... [...]

Eight lessons to boost your content marketing efforts

Content curation plays an important role in your content marketing efforts as it is not always possible to create and publish original content. But content curation done mechanically would not get you the desired results. You need to be focused and choosy about the content you are curating. Content Marketing Institute columnist Heidi Cohen has shared eight lessons that can help you improve your content curation efforts resulting into better content marketing. Cohen says, “Based on my experience, marketers can use content curation at least once a month or as frequently as once a week. Here’s... [...]

Free Traffic to your Sites in Minutes with your Social Media Accounts #ad

Now you can connect, curate content and post on multiple social media accounts, and you can do it on autopilot with BleuPage Ultimate. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of work keeping multiple social media accounts and blogs updated with fresh content. BleuPage Ultimate finds engaging content for you (content that is specific for your niche) and then posts it in your accounts on all the major social media networks including: ► Facebook, ► Instagram, ► Twitter, ► LinkedIn, ► Pinterest, ► Google+, ► and even your WordPress blog. This complex process can be completely automated... [...]

70 sources where you can find content to curate

Content is crucial for any business that is using the Internet for its expansion and growth. Many online businesses find it difficult to create their own content but still want to promote their business using content marketing. For such businesses Buffer contributor, Alfred Lua has shared more than seventy sources from where they can access and share content. Lua says, “Curating top content from around the web is a great strategy to increase your social media reach. For example, we grew our Facebook reach tremendously with high-quality content from third-party sources. But where do you... [...]

Invest in Content Curation for Better Marketing Results

Content rules the web. The rise of social networks, blogging platforms and other micro blogging sites have fueled the growth of content curation and creation. writer Ross Simmonds has posted an article to guide marketers get themselves right in the content marketing domain. Ross says, “Content curation is very different from creation as it’s the process of filtering through all the articles, resources, newsletters, forums and blogs to uncover and identify value resources worth sharing. Content curation is a phrase that evolved from the idea of curation in a museum or art... [...]

Developing Quality Content to Drive Better Results

Content (rather than advertising) is recognized as the best way to use the Internet for marketing. But not just any content will do; providing quality content is the most important key to achieving marketing success. But there are other important factors in using content for marketing, too. Besides providing the right content, a business also needs to optimize all the channels that serve the content to consumers. In recent Marketing Land article, Jim Yu has shared some important tips on developing quality content to drive more effective results. Yu has focused on distribution of the content, content... [...]

‘How to Tackle the 4Ws of Marketing Content Creation With Data’ – MarketingProfs

Lux Narayan says, “As with most undertakings, before you begin writing or otherwise creating content, you should ask yourself some stock questions: why, what, when, and where—the 4Ws of content creation. And because creating marketing content is as much science as it is art, the most powerful weapon you have at your disposal is data. So, before you start working on your next piece of content, consider the 4Ws. Also keep in mind how you can use data to resolve the concerns you should be addressing with each question. 1. Why write/create content In marketing, visibility is key. After you... [...]