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Friday, November 27, 2020

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing' Category

Strategies to Improve Your SEO Performance

An effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy helps you to grow your online reach and make more sales online. Well-researched SEO techniques can enable you to get more interested customers to your website. Search Engine Guide’s Robert Clough has shared seven effective SEO strategies to help you achieve your business growth. Clough says, “Check out these helpful SEO strategies to improve your rankings in search engines and help your business thrive. 1. Target Relevant Keywords Finding the right keywords can help your website appear in relevant search queries. Doing keyword research... [...]

Should We Use PDFs for SEO?

Seer Interactive contributor Katelyn Sidley has published an article on the use of PDFs for SEO. She says, “PDFs have widely been debated in the SEO community as to whether or not they are “bad for SEO”. It’s largely dependent on a few different items which we will cover: Why PDFs may be bad for SEO How to tell if your PDFs are harming or contributing to your website’s success How to make your PDFs “SEO Friendly” Why PDFs may be “bad for SEO”? Here are some common reasons why PDFs may be bad for SEO: HTML pages are easier for machines (search engines) to understand than... [...]

Facebook Ads for Local Businesses: A Framework for More Revenue [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘Facebook Ads for Local Businesses: A Framework for More Revenue’ to help local businesses utilize Facebook ads. The SME team says, “Does your local business need more business? Need a proven Facebook ads strategy? Facebook advertising expert Allie Bloyd shares a framework to create a profitable Facebook ads strategy for your local business. You’ll discover three different levels of ads your local business should be using, and learn which content and campaign types work best at each level. Allie shares specific advice you can apply... [...]

Four Steps to Get Your YouTube Video Featured in Google

YouTube video publishing allows you to grow your online reach to your target audience and promote your products. Search Engine Watch contributor Ann Smarty has shared four steps to help you get your YouTube video featured in Google’s featured snippet. She says, “YouTube provides brands with all kinds of unique marketing opportunities, one of which is an ability to build extra organic visibility through both video carousels and featured snippets. Why YouTube? According to Ahrefs, ranks in the top five organic searches for 139,830,455 queries. Of those, it is being featured... [...]

How to Get More Traffic to Your Website?

Quality website traffic helps you to achieve your online marketing goals. By attracting more and more people to your website, you can grow your sales. Copyblogger contributor Sonia Simone has shared some useful tips to help you attract more visitors to your website. She says, “Unlike search engine optimization, most techniques for social-sharing optimization are evergreen. Because they rely on human engagement, not some other company’s algorithm. One warning before you start There’s one important thing to know before you start optimizing for shares — what do you want your content... [...]

10 Ways to Achieve Success in Podcasting

Podcast publishing is a great way to reach your target audience and capture their interest to promote your products and services. Entrepreneur magazine contributor Baruch Labunski has published an article highlighting the 10 commandments of podcasting success. He says, “As you’re searching for just the right microphone, though, there are 10 “commandments” that will help you set up your podcast for success. 1. Thou shall not do it for the money At least not directly. According to Castos, not only do most podcasts not make any money, but most of them also actually end up costing money... [...]

How to Boost Your Facebook Group Engagement [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘How to Boost Your Facebook Group Engagement’ to help you improve your Facebook marketing efforts with better engagement. The SME team says, “Need more engagement in your Facebook group? Struggling to come up with post ideas? Facebook marketing expert Dana Malstaff, shares four types of Facebook Group posts you can model to improve Facebook Group engagement. You’ll discover multiple ways to engage your Facebook group audience via posts that ask your audience to weigh in on decisions, voice their opinions, participate in topical... [...]

Automate Your Social Media Marketing Now

Automation is a key strategy to take your marketing to the next level. It saves you time and continues to help you enhance your business reach. The Next Web contributor Alexis Ong has shared four reasons why you should automate your social media marketing.   He says, “Here are four reasons why social advertising automation is a smart move. 1. Automation is faster, making your brand more agile The most obvious benefit of automation is speed. Social advertising management can be tedious and repetitive, especially when you’re doing it in bulk across different platforms that each have... [...]

Setting Your SEO Strategy [Podcast]

Searchmetrics has published a new episode of the Voices of Search podcast episode titled ‘Setting Your SEO Strategy’ featuring Cassie Dell. Episode Overview Join host Ben as he continues SEO Workflow Week with Searchmetrics’ Client Success Manager Cassie Dell to talk about how to correctly establish your SEO strategy. Together they review the strategy setting process and how to communicate its value in the organization. Determining and focusing on specific issue areas with your strategy is key to its effectiveness. If you have a strong technical foundation, you can focus on content and optimizing... [...]

Three Ways to Create Meaningful Content

Context is the core of your content. It helps you to connect with your audience and make them step up to take the desired action. Search Engine Watch contributor Jack Schuleman has shared three useful strategies to help you create meaningful content with your personal passion. He says, “Using a passion to inform content is straightforward, but instilling this idea throughout a team can take some time. There’s a comfort level that varies from one person to the next. But there are few steps to make the process easier, and it goes something like this: 1. Find opportunities to utilize your... [...]