James Bradley and Paul Walker have been working on new software that they say requires no expertise, knowledge or experience to use, and has the potential to build your business without requiring you to spend anything on advertising.

Their new software, Project Fast Income is a WordPress plugin that can help you pull quality content from around the web into your site. Then, it drives traffic to your offer at no cost (and on autopilot). As a result, it helps you build your affiliate income .

It does all this by:
• Allowing you to create money making content web pages within seconds.
• Helping you share you site’s content to a network of thousands of people and and get them virally involved in spreading the news
• Empowering you to build your email lists with targeted leads. This targeting will enhance the long-term profit potential for you.

In their sales letter, Bradley says that they carefully built the software so that it only analyses and focuses on “buyers traffic”, not “junk traffic”.

It then automatically embeds your affiliate links and ads inside your WordPress site’s content. Project Fast Income has an integrated list builder that will let you quickly build a mailing list to make sales over and over.

It does all this based on its analysis of what topics are trending, so that you have a head start on high traffic.

It is an all-around marketing tool that automates your whole process for choosing an affiliate product to market, creating content to attract viewers and monetizing that traffic with a relevant product.

Get the whole story and watch the demo here: Project Fast Income.

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