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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

WP Theme Machine Software lets you make custom premium themes quickly and easily #ad

Don’t be limited by the free default theme that comes with WordPress. You can exchange it for an attractive theme with a header graphic of your choice. With the WP Theme Machine software, you can customize: The header graphic The width of the theme to match your header graphic The primary color of your site The fonts used on your site The background colors of the site More… You should check out this new software by Mark Sandquist here.  [...]

The new “SE Analyzer” WordPress plugin tracks the Google rankings of all your sites #ad

See current rankings and trends over time. Refresh information instantly. Set it to automatically check periodically. Monitor your own sites and client sites. Send graphs and reports to your clients. <Get the whole story on SE Amalyzer here.  [...]

Amazon video reviews on universal remotes- use on your websites or edit and upload to video sites #ad

Continuing his series of video reviews of Amazon products, this time Jeffster tackles Universal remotes. There are a total of 12 review videos and each video is around 1:10 in length. They already include a call to action so you don’t have to waste time adding your own text. This is a hot product area, with over a million searches per month, so these reviews of 12 of Amazon’s hot remote products should get you some nice sales. Pick up your customizable videos  here.  [...]

One day left to get “ShopSavvy Arbitrage”. Use the new ShopSavvy system to build your own business #ad

ShopSavvy is a releatively new app that allows people to scan items with bar codes or QR Codes and then compare prices. This is good for them, good for merchants and it could be good for you. The price is under $10, but on February 3, it will rise to $27. Learn more here.  [...]

New Flippa case study shows you how the experts use Flippa to consistently sell websites for a profit

If you are smart, you can build a good income flipping websites on Flippa. This new case study, with backup material, helps you discover what it takes. In this new training, you are going to learn: * What is selling right now on Flippa * What type of web sites you can flip for fast profits * while building a sustainable business * How and where to outsource the web site creation * How to structure your listing for maximum results * How to build future business into the Flippa listing Flipping websites can be easy. Learn how here.  [...]

WSO Success Code shows you how to market to other internet marketers eager to buy #ad

From a warrior who has broken the code, WSO Success Code includes: Not 1, but 4, Detailed Yet Straightforward Guides To Describe How You Can Succeed Personal One-on-One mentoring Call from The Author of this Series To Move You Towards Success Access to a Special Networking Group to Make Your New Found Knowledge Really Pay Off Ongoing Support To Really Help You To Realize Your Ambitions You can discover how to break the code yourself  here.  [...]

The Magic Touch offline formula for getting offline prospects without tears, persuading them without grief and winning their business without force. #ad

You get: A step-by-step guide to nurturing prospects and turning them into clients. A telephone script swipe file you can use when you contact prospects An email swipe file for delivering perceived value to prospects while showing them your expertise An audio instructional commentary on the whole process A PDF of additional sales tips Get the facts on how The Magic Touch Formula can help your business here.  [...]

Three reports to call your own, to sell, profit and build a mailing list. #ad

Alvin Huang just released three new reports and he is offering them, with PLR, for marketers who need a product of their own. Topics are: Amazon Affiliate Marketing, Traffic Generation and Blogging for Sales. You will have complete authority to edit, take apart, add to, or sell as is, these reports as a group or individually. You can check out the details here.  [...]

New PLR available for Make Money Online Niche, complete with sales materials #ad

In this complete package, you get a giveaway report called ‘IM Kickstart’, the training product called “Income Commander”, a web site (including a squeeze page, sales page, download page), an autoresponder series and complete source files. This is ready to go. Upload, insert your own autoresponder form to capture names and your PayPal form to capture sales, and you’re ready to go If you want an easy way to set up a web site to start your business, it can’t get any easier than this. Check it out here.  [...]

#ad Proven Niche Manifesto Volume 2 is available, with a fresh set of tested and proven niches.

Steven R is back with a new set of 14 profitable niches and the keywords that define them. (If you missed volume 1, you can get it here.) He has thoroughly researched these niches, including doing an actual pay-per-click campaign to see what results he got. Each niche is well documented in a PDF report, including the keywords, the demographics of the buyers, the competition, the related eBay results, the PPC campaign he ran, etc. He has such meticulous research methods that your chance of failure in these niches is minimal. Get the whole story here.  [...]