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Monday, October 3, 2022

Archive for the 'Membership Sites' Category

Quick mention: Membervio membership software launches today #ad

We will have more news tomorrow, but we got word that Neil Napier is launching his new membership site software, Membervio, today. Napier is holding a webinar at 10 AM Eastern Time to introduce his new marketing software. On the webinar, he will show you: ✔ How to Publish And Sell Your Knowledge – or someone else’s ✔ How to Customize and set pricing ✔ How to Connect & automate your content, marketing, transactional emails, and products in one place. This is an all-in-one membership management platform with an advanced security setup that builds astounding sites,... [...]

EZ SalaryZ: Launch a complete membership site in 60 seconds #ad

Today, at 9:00 EST, Mosh Bari is releasing EZ SalaryZ, a tool that lets you build a monetized membership site in a minute. (For the first 6 hours, there’s an early-bird price.) Why should you care? Membership sites can be “sticky”, holding on to members for months or years, as long as you continue providing useful content to your members. Why is that good for you? Because: 1. Whenever someone visits your site, you can offer them niche-specific products for sale in your sidebars. 2. As members of your site, they have agreed to receive email from you, and you can offer them niche-specific... [...]

Join us at Membership Site Success Summit, Last Chance #ad

IM NewsWatch is in the planning stage for a membership version of our site. We were excited when we heard of this free training online showing exactly how to build and operate a successful membership site. Liam Austin has assembled over 20 membership site experts to show you how to do it successfully. This Membership Site Success Summit is underway now, and it is still possible to get in on some expert training on this important marketing tool. The Membership Site Success Summit has kicked off, but don’t worry – there’s still time to watch most of the sessions. The feedback has... [...]

Last-minute invite: Membership Site Success Summit #ad

Today is the kick-off for the Membership Site Success Summit Claim your spot now so you don’t miss a thing. If you, like many other entrepreneurs, want to build a recurring revenue stream in your business, you’ll want to clear your calendar for this conference. Grab your free ticket here: Membership Site Success Summit. The summit host, Liam Austin, has a track record of producing some excellent summits, and this may be his best yet. The presenters are people who have created a business for themselves, a business that brings in a recurring 6-figure (some make 7-figures) revenue every... [...]

[Free Ticket] 20 top tactics to ramp up your recurring revenue #ad

The Membership Site Success Summit kicks off in just a week. It runs August 9-11, online. It will be hosted by experienced marketer Liam Austin and will feature nearly two dozen expert marketers who use membership sites where they provide ongoing content in return for a monthly fee in their business. Grab your free pass here: Membership Site Success Summit. I’ve checked out the lineup and it’s pretty impressive. It includes world class membership site experts sharing their best tactics. Among the speakers are: ■ Timothy Sykes, ■ Justin Ferryman, ■ Marc Grabanski, ■... [...]

Membership Site Ultimate Guide for 2017 available Free #ad

The : has created a new guidebook they call their Ultimate Membership Site Guide. They know the power of subscription-based membership sites and are offering this introduction to help other marketers see the opportunity these sites provide. Their president, Liam Austin is developing a team of experts to train marketers on building and operating these sites and this Guide offers an introduction to what these experts have learned through the years. Besides the information of the best practices from these experts, you will also discover the tools that they find helpful in maintaining... [...]

Free pass to Membership Site Success Summit #ad

If done well, a “membership site” where interested people sign up and pay a monthly or annual fee can be a win-win opportunity. Members can receive valuable information, software or other tools that will help them in their business or personal lives. The owner of the site can receive value, too. They get: ■ The immediate income from their members ■ The long-term relationship with members, a relationship that provides many other opportunities for income. ■ Increased visibility and credibility on the niche they target, which can bring in increasing sales over time. It’s... [...]

EverLesson: Create Membership Products & Courses In 5 Steps #ad

Membership sites are one the best ways to build a recurring income. People pay a monthly fee to be a member of your site. If you provide good content for your members, people will return month after month. Not only do you get the recurring income from their membership fees, you also get opportunities to present upgrades and other offers to them, adding to your income. Do a good job, and your customers will become loyal followers. This is a chance for a long-term profitable relationship. This long-term customer service will make you an authority in your niche, as IM NewsWatch is, in the online marketing... [...]

Give away free memberships; earn big on upsells #ad

John Thornhill has created 10 websites for information marketers. These sites are offered by subscription. Members pay because of the quality content they receive n the sites. Thornhill is offering you the opportunity to give away or sell these membership subscriptions to your followers for a big profit. He calls this opportunity his Ultimate Reseller Kit. Each of the 10 sites has three levels of membership: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Give away the silver (or sell it if you prefer and keep 100% commission), and then as your subscribers upgrade to the Gold level, collect 100% commission. If they... [...]

‘The Smart and Simple Framework for Finding the Right Pricing Model for Your Membership Site’ – Copyblogger

Sean Jackson says, “Building profitable membership sites is one thing we know a lot about at Rainmaker Digital, and one question we often receive is: How do you create the right pricing for a membership site, especially one that is just launching? Even sophisticated online entrepreneurs struggle with that question. And while there are many ways to optimize your pricing plans once your site is launched, starting with the right foundation will make it easier to improve. In this post, I will walk you through a basic framework you can use to determine the best pricing models for any type... [...]