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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

New “SEO Toolbox” for internet marketers reveals free, easy to use, SEO tools #ad

Practice SEO like an expert, either for your own sites or as a professional for hire– and do it at no cost. The free SEO tools in this SEO Toolbox can put you in the ranks of successful SEO practitioners. This 14 page e-book gives you a virtual rolodex of SEO tools and an explanation of what each tool does. If doing your own SEO with free SEO tools will help your business, read more about SEO Toolbox here.  [...]

This WSO includes several others bundled together for a firesale price

Lance a.k.a. Warrior 2008 is offering a package of his WSOs. All of his existing WSOs in one package. All of his existing WSOs plus his future WSOs are a second option. Take your choice. For example, in one existing WSO, using a 26-page pdf and 14-videos, he shows you how to create and sell WSOs; everything from picking the product to sell, setting it up, getting affiliates, pricing and even some tactics that will help you increase your sales. There’s a lot more to this WSO package. He is calling this a Superbowl special sale so it is ending soon. Get the whole story here.  [...]

The Top Ten Method instantly tells you how competitive a niche really is #ad

When choosing a niche to market into, one of the things you need to know is how many merchants are trying to provide solutions for the problems experienced in the niche. The Top Ten Method answers this question. For any niche you choose, it shows you how to get an evaluation that is: Accurate — it will tell you with good precision how competitive a niche is, in any niche Fast — it takes less than ten minutes, five minutes once you’ve done it a few times Rigorous — it is completely methodical, step-by-step so anyone can do it and it can be outsourced with minimal training Free... [...]

Massive Niche List, full of marketing niche information, is reopened for a short time #ad

You can’t make money until you pick a niche. Yet so many get stuck at this critical first step. The Massive Niche List will get you out of your rut. It gives you: Over 3,300 Niches and Sub-Niches With Global Phrase and Exact Search Results CPC Estimates for Phrase and Exact Search Results Google Insights direct links for deeper exploration And Massive Niche List 2.0 is now web-based. No more sorting and filtering a spreadsheet! The super-clean interface will work on all browsers. Get the rest of the story  here.  [...]

MAO Flynn offers a true passive long-term business #ad

The SECRET to making passive income online is build a system of systems that automates everything. The “self perpetuating sales funnel” is such a system and will help you make true passive income online. It is explained in “10 Steps To A Passive Income Business”. In 10 Steps To A Passive Income Business, a small selection of what you will find includes: The anatomy of the ‘self perpetuating sales funnel’ and why it is essential The key systems required to build a passive income business, and how they interconnect The Passive Traffic Streams essential to passive... [...]

Discover the Formula For Building your Business using the Power of Video Marketing #ad

You can create a stable, growing source of income with Video Marketing. And you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars trying to get started. Each of the techniques revealed in The Best Video Marketing Strategies system requires very little or no expense. Even better, these strategies require no technical expertise. If you are looking for a surefire method for profiting online by leveraging the power of video marketing using completely free methods, get the whole story  here.  [...]

More New PLR Available from Liz Tomey #ad

Liz Tomey has released her latest product and is limiting sales to 400 copies. This time her package is three websites, with reports, video reports, articles, video articles and audio articles. Use this huge package to sell three new reports for 50% commission. This forms a complete seller’s ecosystem around three of Liz’s products: Create Profitable Products Fast Photoshop Action Scripts Solo Ad Revolution You get the complete seller’s kit, to use yourself and to sell to other marketers. Liz delivers the product and you get 50% of the sales. Get all the details on this unique... [...]

How to successfully market online services to offline businesses #ad

With The Offline Whizz video course, you can discover techniques, tools and tips to help you contact offline businesses and close the deal, including: The Base Services You Should Be Offering to Your Clients Where to find more Help The Super-effective Method to Land a Local Client on the Spot Real Pricing Examples Why Continuity Helps You Build a Stronger Business If you want to sell to offline clients, check out The Offline Whizz here.  [...]

New “Easy Offline Themes” let you provide web sites to offline businesses without custom development #ad

Offline businesses know they are behind the curve if they don’t have a website. You can provide it with these beautiful WordPress themes tailored for their needs. In this top-notch package, you get themes for: And You’re receiving a complete Offline Marketing License which allows you install these themes on as many personal sites and client sites as you choose. Learn all about it  here.  [...]

Aaron Chen releases a blueprint for online niche sales #ad

Chen is an experienced online marketer whos is sharing his approach to online selling. His new Unplugged Profits reveals all that he has learned about creating a “ninja” sales funnel that makes sales over and over. In Unplugged Profits he has laid out this entire higher level training into 5 simple (but comprehensive) modules that you can follow step-by-step. If you want to have a highly profitable online business that churns out the profits over and over, check out Unplugged Profits  here.  [...]