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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Archive for the 'Amazon Affiliate marketing' Category

Automatically Build and Monetize Viral Affiliate Sites in Minutes #ad

New marketing software called Vitraffic was just released. It is designed to build website, populate them with interesting content, place ads on it and bring traffic to it, and do it with little effort by you.Let that sink in. Vitraffic takes care of everything from content creation to monetization on autopilot. That’s a big time-saver for any webmaster.It does this by curating content for you from all over the web automatically and then monetizing your site by placing ads for related Amazon products on your site.It can also integrate adsense ads on your site.Then, it will promote your... [...]

AzonStation Brings Passive Affiliate Sales #ad

There is brand new, cloud-based software coming out today at 11 AM EDT. AzonStation gives even complete beginners free viral traffic on autopilot and lets you use it to:• Get visitors to your site• Build your list• Generate sales, ad revenue & commissions.It only takes seconds for this brand new, proprietary technology to build a site that takes advantage of the power of Amazon affiliate stores and free Google traffic.You can see this new solution here, and if you hurry, you can get an earlybird discount: AzonStation.It only takes 3 simple steps to get going:1. It curates... [...]

Affiliate Titan X: A “Cut & Paste” affiliate business system #ad

The affiliate marketing business has a lot of advantages (and a few disadvantages) for online marketers. The biggest advantage is that it can be entered with no prior experience and almost no investment.But despite this advantage, nd others, it isn’t quite as easy to earn a good living. You need to be careful so you don’t waste advertising dollars (or pounds, euros, mmarks, shekels, etc.)A team of experienced affiliate marketers has put together a collection of software tools (they call this collection Affiliate Titan X) that will help you focus your effort and expense on products... [...]

Track Amazon price changes in your affiliate store #ad

Marketers with an Amazon affiliate store may not be aware of an issue with products they sell: prices are constantly changing on Amazon. Your store needs to keep up with current prices and offer the best available prices, or you will face unhappy customers.New WordPress software Alterzon lets your visitors know that the product they are buying is being offered at the best price. This makes them more likely to buy, and since they know you offer the best prices, it makes them more likely to come back again.Here’s a list of the most important new features of Alterzon:â–ş Price Comparison... [...]

Azonity WP Theme: $20 off during Christmas sale #ad

Azonity is a WordPress theme with an attractive design for Amazon affiliates who want automated Amazon affiliate stores in less than 5 minutes.During this holiday special, you can get a $20 discount off the regular price of Azonity with this coupon: XMAS20.This eCommerce theme offers you:â–  Fully responsive layoutâ–  Built-in Amazon products importerâ–  Publish 100+ products in just a few clicksâ–  Integrated Amazon review/rating systemâ–  SEO optimized & fast loading themeâ–  Works with 9 Amazon affiliate programs (US, CA, etc)â–  Easy to use theme options panelWe have arranged... [...]

ShopMoZo builds instant Azon stores stuffed with products #ad

Just hours ago, Dr. Amit Pareek released new software, titled ShopMoZo, that builds Amazon affiliate stores effortlessly and quickly. And with an optional add-on, you can build affiliate stores for Ebay and Ali Express, too.This is cloud-based software that requires no hosting, no WordPress installation and customization (that often takes months to learn to use well), and not even a domain name registration.You just need to create an account and fill your site details to build a profitable and beautiful Affiliate Store . And what a store it is, with ShopMoZo, your store will offer you:•... [...]

InstaGenius Makes a Blog into a List-building Amazon Machine #ad

As you may know, Amazon allows small businesses and individual online marketers to become affiliates and earn a commission from any Amazon product they sell.Your blog, for example, can advertise products sold on Amazon and reap commissions when someone clicks on an ad you place.Cindy Donovan has just released InstaGenius, a plugin for WordPress that lets any WP blog easily (that’s an understatement; you can do it automatically) show Amazon ads and reap the benefits.In fact, this new plugin lets you automate all your Amazon marketing. For example, Amazon occasionally places items on sale.... [...]

eCompare: a better affiliate store builder #ad

eCompare was released over the weekend by Mark Bishop, Venkata Ramana and their team.eCompare is a price comparison tool embedded in an affiliate store site. Your store lets you earn commissions from the top 7 affiliate networks in the world.This software automatically builds an online affiliate store under your direction, a store that connects with 7 of the largest affiliate networks.It’s a simple 3 step monetization process:Step 1 – Setup simple eCompare storeStep 2 – Your visitors compare dealsStep 3 – You collect commissions for all their purchases.eCompare is... [...]

eCom Profit Machine starts you in eCommerce, the future of the internet #ad

Brett Ingram/b and Mo Latif have announced eCom Profit Machine. This is a software tool that makes Amazon the key to your business future success.You can use this software to create a professional, fully-functional eCommerce store that uses Amazon to take care of payments, order fulfillment, shipping and handling.Your store is complete with products, product images, product descriptions, product videos and real customer reviews.And the whole site can be ready to start selling today.because the system is easy, fast, and not technically challenging. Besides that, with eCom Profit Machine, it is... [...]

Open your eCommerce store today #ad

Brett Ingram/b and Mo Latif have just announced eCom Profit Machine. This is a tool to make Amazon the key to your business future. You can use this software to create a professional, fully-functional eCommerce store that takes care of payments, order fulfillment, shipping and handling.You store is complete with products, product images, product descriptions, product videos and real customer reviews.And the whole site can be ready to sell today.because the systen is easy, fast, and not technical. Besides that, with eCom Profit Machine, it is exciting and fun to start your own eCommerce business.... [...]