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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Archive for the 'Affiliate Marketing' Category

‘From The Apprentice to Affiliate Marketing: A Success Story’ Webinar July 15 [Webinar]

When it comes to making money online, affiliate marketing is seen as one of the most lucrative options. By joining different affiliate programs, you can earn online without having your own products.Affiliate Summit is hosting a webinar ‘From The Apprentice to Affiliate Marketing: A Success Story’ on Wednesday, July 15, 2020.The Affiliate Summit team says, “The webinar will feature Awin’s Business Development Director, Michelle O’Sullivan who has been at the helm of the Awin Access project since its inception. With Micro-SMEs accounting for the lion’s share of SME businesses in... [...]

Affilibuilder builds affiliate websites in a flash #ad

Affiliate marketing, in which you find interested people and send them to a merchant’s website for a commission, is one of the quickest ways to get started online. And it’s not just for start-ups. Some big businesses do nothing but affiliate marketing.If you do all the work by hand, though, it can be time-consuming. That’s why we are always interested when someone develops software that will take some of the load that we would otherwise do manually.Kurt Chrisler, who is responsible for the creation of many affiliate marketing tools, has just released Affilibuilder, a tool that... [...]

A peek inside Newbie Affiliate Playbook #ad

Steve Harvey has released video-based training he calls The Newbie Affiliate Playbook.It is often said that affiliate marketing is the simplest way to get started marketing online. You advertise someone else’s product, in an email, on a website, on social media, etc. When someone reads your ad and buys, you get a commission.For example, most of the ads on IM NewsWatch are affiliate ads. These commissions are applied toward the costs of running this site. Beginners can be affiliates and often can earn enough for a side income, or in some cases, a full-time income. Some affiliate programs... [...]

Successful affiliate marketing: training and software #ad

Mike from Maine and Brett Rutecky have teamed up to produce a new training program for affiliate marketers that they call 300DollarDay.It starts with step-by-step training that teaches you how to build a following from scratch and monetize it though affiliate marketing. Also included is the special software Brett uses to do his affiliate promotions and build his email list.You are getting both their marketing methods and the software they built to implement them. That sounds like a complete package.The method revealed in 300DollarDay does not require:► Any technical or marketing experience►... [...]

Affiliate Robot: One Click Affiliate Traffic in any niche #ad

With Billy Darr‘s new software, Affiliate Robot, you can automate your affiliate marketing. That means that you won’t be tied to your desk. You can work whenever you want, for as long as you like, because the software works for you all the time, to provide you traffic, leads and (he reports) even sales and do it all in momentsDarr wanted the software to be practical even for beginners so he made it quite easy to use and, not only that, easy to scale as your business grows.You are also getting the agency licence to Affiliate Robot, so you can provide marketing services to clients,... [...]

Affiliate Marketing Empire: grow your list to get affiliate sales on demand #ad

Alessandro Zamboni has been online since 2008 and in these 12 years has become a leading trainer of beginning online marketers. His many training courses have become big sellers and have helped marketers around the world to grow their online businesses.He has just released new training for affiliate marketers, who depend on other people to create products that these affiliate marketers can promote to their communities and receive a commission on sales.His training is called Affiliate Marketing Empire and is based on his own successful strategies as an affiliate marketer.As Zamboni says, “This... [...]

Affiliate Funnel Bots: Marketing Funnels for Affiliates #ad

If you want to sell your own product or if you want to just get started online, take a look at Affiliate Funnel Bots.The basic premise of this new software is that it gives you “done for you” affiliate funnels. Here are the details.Funnels are a marketing tool that professional marketers have used for years to increase their sales. The idea is that once a person has bought a product in a particular niche, they are likely to be interested in other products in that niche., so after they buy, make another offer to them. If you choose the second (and third or fourth) offer carefully,... [...]

How to Create a Successful Affiliate Website

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based business that helps affiliate marketers or affiliates to earn money via revenue-sharing. With a well-designed website you can quickly grow your affiliate marketing business. Ezoinc Inc. contributor Allen Longstreet has shared 19 tips and techniques to create a successful affiliate marketing website.Longstreet says, “We recently interviewed Ben Adler, founder of Affiliate Niche Builders, an online resource that provides publishers with proven techniques for building a successful affiliate website. Today we are sharing Ben’s 19 tips and... [...]

Affiliate Marketing Trends, Crazy PR Stunts & Dropping F-Bombs [Podcast]

Search Engine Journal contributor Danny Goodwin has published a new podcast episode ‘Affiliate Marketing Trends, Crazy PR Stunts & Dropping F-Bombs’ featuring Adam Reimer. Goodwin says, “Listen to this episode of the Search Engine Journal Show as Adam and I talk about affiliate marketing, crazy PR stunts, and more (with some F-bombs dropped along the way.)Show NotesAdam talks about his specialization as a digital marketing strategy and execution consultant.Becoming an affiliate marketer and doing SEO at the same time.Here’s how Adam is working around the... [...]

How to copy and paste your way to an online income #ad

The Underground Affiliate System has just been released by Paul O’Keeffe and Richard Fairbairn. It was built to help even beginners in online marketing, as well as experienced marketers, build better marketing campaigns. It contains evergreen campaigns that are proven to work and convert. You can plug them into your website, your social media, etc., and let them work for you.It comes with a campaign builder that you can use to build campaigns. Enhance the attractiveness of those campaign by offering your customers bonuses from the included 100 bonuses they are including. The bonuses should... [...]