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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Archive for the 'Product Creation' Category

Journals Empire 2: Create Zero-Content Journals That Sell #ad

Nearly everyone has things that occur from day to day that strike them as important and that deserve to be remembered. What is their solution? A journal (sometimes called a diary) that conveniently lets them record those thoughts and events of the day that they cherish. Journals are a big seller on Amazon(there are over 20,000 to choose from) and on eBay (nearly 28,000 to choose from). This much competition means there are a lot of buyers to attract. One nice thing about selling journals is that there is almost nothing to write to create your book; maybe a date at the top of the page, a decorative... [...]

“Unhustled” is Live: Hustle less online, earn more #ad

Sean Donahoe has just released his new Unhustled 6-Figure Blueprint. He is running training webinars throughout the day to explain what this is all about. Here are some information you need to know that he will be sharing: ► How this counter-intuitive 3-Step Unhustled Blueprint can build & scale a true 6-Figure online business without paid ads, website or funnels ► How to quickly create a valuable high-ticket product that businesses will buy for monthly fee (Even if you’ve struggled before) ► How this radical, proven and unique “Virtual” model only requires 1-2 hours a day and... [...]

How to Create a Product in Five Minutes #ad

Marketer and author Britt Malka has created a new short training course called 5-Minute Product Creation. In this course, she explains how she created a viable, commercial product in 5 minutes, and she gives step-by-step instructions for doing it yourself. We don’t want you to get the wrong impression about this training and the opportunity it opens up for you. 1. You can’t do this unless you have some valuable knowledge to put into your product. You need a product people will be happy they bought, so you need some good information to give them. 2. She has used this product creation... [...]

Product Creation without Marketing Strategy = Failure #ad

If you are creating (or planning to create) a software package, training manual or training video, that can be a profitable undertaking. But only if you can sell it. Many developers know their technical stuff, but are a little unclear how to bring their product to market profitably. Marketing and sales are the lifeblood of any business. If you don’t sell your products, you go out of business; it’s that simple. Only a few people get this right. So only a few product launches make a profit, after paying all the expenses. Sam Bakker is a serial product launcher, and each time he sells... [...]

Disruption Failures

If, as we said in our last post, positive disruption is the path to success, attempted disruption based on small ideas that don’t really disrupt form the path to failure. There are a lot of areas where disruption has already occurred so effectively that extreme creativity and a lot of money are needed to come up with something reallt new. Most new products in these areas are not very new; they are just minor improvements on what was already available. If you want do make an impact with your novel ideas, there are better places to start. There’s a recent (well, not very recent, but... [...]

How to create new information products quickly #ad

You’ve got to hand it to Mark Dickenson. He has persisted in online marketing for almost 10 years, despite years of absolute failure and discouragement. Those were the years when he relied exclusively on affiliate marketing to earn his living. Since then he has redirected his marketing and focused on creating products, and his results changed dramatically. Based on his experience, Dickenson says, “The difference between being an affiliate marketer and a product creator 99% of the time is the difference between some extra spending money and a full time income.” So, following his... [...]

Don’t pay $97 for Product Launch Control training #ad

As a Christmas special, today only, John Thornhill is offering his complete Product Launch Control training for 90% off; not $97, but $9.70. In this training, you will discover how he and other top online marketers plan and execute a product launch. Thornhill has been involved in multiple six-figure launches. He knows what can go wrong and how to avoid it. You may have worked hard to create your product and it may be the best in its class. But without a good product launch, in which you get the word out to all the interested people, your product can fizzle, going nowhere and earning you no money. In... [...]

Build new products with PLR (the smart way) in a flash #ad

Build new products with PLR (the smart way) in a flash #adHaving your own product with your own name on it does a lot to build your credibility. Authors and product creators are seen as experts, and experts are paid better than the average person. An easy way to get your own product is to use a Private Label Rights (PLR) product and turn it into a product of your own. The more products you create using this method, potentially the higher your credibility and, ultimately, earnings can rise. However, the process is not foolproof. There is good PLR and bad PLR. Even more importantly, there are good... [...]

Can you become the 900-Pound Marketing Gorilla? #ad

Bill Platt and Andrew Zirkin have been online, earning a full-time income, for years and years. They tried many ways to earn income until they settled on creating products of their own and then selling them online. This approach, they have found, gives them the biggest payback for the time they invest. In fact, they say that you can structure your income to make $10,000 from a single hour of work. And that’s what they want to show you in their new training, 900-Pound Marketing Gorilla. This requires some planning and a lot of outsourcing of the nitty details, but they say it is a goal you... [...]

How to create digital products #ad

Any top online entrepreneur will tell you that a sustainable business online requires: • Building a list so that the first sale can lead to follow-up sales • Affiliate marketing so you will have a steady flow of product offers to present to your list • Driving traffic because without it, there is no income, no business, and no future • Keep it simple because otherwise, you will get lost and confused, and you will get nothing done. These things will keep your business going and keep money coming in. But, if you want more than a passable income, if you want a superior income,... [...]