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Monday, April 6, 2020
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Search Engine Marketing ’ Category

96% Of Your Landing Page Visitors Will NEVER Convert [Video]

Your website’s landing pages are a crucial element for improving your marketing performance. According to Marketing Land contributor Khalid Saleh, companies having 10 – 15 landing pages have gained 55% growth in the total number of leads. Neil Patel has published a new video ‘96% Of Your Landing Page Visitors Will NEVER Convert (And How […]

‘Productivity Tricks and Time Management for Content Marketers’ Webinar April 28 [Webinar]

According to WordStream‘s Dan Shewan, insufficient resources, increasing competition, maintaining quality standards and very broad focus are some of the challenges that content marketers face today. As the last one says, time management is one of the crucial issues. To help you be more productive, Orbit Media Studios is hosting a webinar on ‘Productivity Tricks […]

‘SEO After BERT: How to Win Big with FAQs, Schema, AMP & Voice Search’ Webinar April 8 [Webinar]

The search engines (principally, Google and Bing) frequently change their search algorithms. When this happens, you need to update your SEO strategies. Google recently announced its new BERT update. According to Search Engine Journal, after Google’s BERT update, it is time for medium to large-scale enterprise sites to re-calibrate their SEO strategies to ensure continued […]

Host Location and SEO Performance: Questions Answered

The search engine optimization performance depends on several elements like content, website design, keyword selections, site speed and more. It is also important to know whether your host location makes any difference to your SEO. Search Engine Journal‘s Shelly Fagin has answered your questions on it. Fagin says, “There are two aspects to consider about […]

‘SEO After COVID-19: How to Recover with FAQs, Schema, AMP & Voice Search’ Webinar April 8 [Webinar]

COVID-19 has caused a huge loss for businesses around the world. If your business is also hit, you need to start thinking on how you are going to recover the loss once things are on track. SEO could be one element that can help you do this. Search Engine Journal is hosting a webinar on […]

Getting Smarter with SERPs [Video]

By mastering the art of SEO you can increase your website traffic and grow your business. This requires an in-depth understanding of the search engine algorithms. MOZ team has published a new video ‘Getting Smarter with SERPs’ featuring Russ Jones. MOZ team says, “Modern SERPs require modern understanding. National SERPs are a myth — these […]

How to Automate Your SEO Tasks with Python

Python is an open-source, object-oriented programming language used for NLP (natural language processing), search data analysis and SEO automation. Search Engine Journal contributor Winston Burton has shared six ways you can automate your SEO tasks with Python. Burton says, “Here’s a list of the six SEO tasks you can automate with Python based on my […]

SEO Attribution and Reputation Management [Video]

According to Google, an attribution model is a set of rules a business follows for determining where to give credit for conversions and revenue. With an SEO attribution model businesses can focus on the most essential elements for achieving higher search engine ranking. Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz has published a new video ‘SEO Attribution […]

URL Structure: 13 Questions Answered

A secure and accessible website, page loading speed, website’s mobile friendliness, URL and optimized content are the elements that help you to form an effective SEO strategy. Your website address i.e. URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the address of an online resource. With an SEO optimized URL structure you can improve your website traffic. Cognitive […]

Here’s a List of 15 Essential SEO Terms

In-depth knowledge of the SEO process can help you to handle the task of managing your website’s search engine presence and rankings. Or at least you could know what your SEO agency is doing for you. Koozai contributor Kelly-Anne Crean has published a list of 16 essential SEO terms. Crean says, “Do you sometimes get […]