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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Archive for the 'Search Engine Marketing' Category

Improving SEO Performance with Transition Words

Transitions words such as ‘because’, ‘finally’, etc. help text flow from one idea to another while showing a clear relationship between sentences, paragraphs, subjects, actions, and concepts. Search Engine Journal contributor Julia McCoy has published an article on how  to use transition words to improve SEO performance. She says, “Let’s take a closer look at the different categories for transition words to see what they can do. Types of Transition Words with Examples and When to Use Them 1. Addition This type of transition is merging two or more ideas together... [...]

Getting Your Search Marketing Campaign Up and Running [eBook]

Digital Marketing Institute has published a new ebook ‘Getting Your Search Marketing Campaign Up and Running’. The DMI team says, “The search marketing industry is typically split into two camps: organic search and paid search. It is helpful to consider the starting point of any search before we split the discipline in this way, however. Consumers do not think in terms of organic and paid search listings. This landscape is changing at an unprecedented pace and this is driven by consumer behaviors and preferences. Typing a query into a desktop computer and selecting from the text-based... [...]

How to Do Keyword Research for SEO: The Ultimate Guide [Guide]

Search Engine Journal has published a new guide called ‘How to Do Keyword Research for SEO: The Ultimate Guide’. The SEJ team says, “Get guidance and answers on how to get it right with our latest ebook, How to Do Keyword Research for SEO: The Ultimate Guide. Covering best practices for performing keyword research today, this guide will answer questions like: What is keyword research, and why is it important? How difficult is it to rank for a keyword? How much traffic will I get from this keyword? What kind of tools should I use for keyword research? Together with our partners,... [...]

Analyzing the Impact of Website Themes on SEO

There are several website elements that affect your website’s performance. Your website design and various tags can help you improve your SEO rankings. Search Engine Journal contributor Roger Montti has published an article on how your website theme affects SEO performance. He says, “Google published a short video that answers if a website theme affects SEO. John Mueller, the video host, answered that yes, a website theme will affect SEO and noted how this can happen. Mueller said: “It’s easy to consider website themes as just a splash of color on top of a finished structure. But... [...]

Cannibalization [MOZ Video]

MOZ has published a new Whiteboard Friday video titled ‘Cannibalization’ featuring Tom Capper. The MOZ team says, “In today’s episode of Whiteboard Friday, Tom Capper walks you through a problem many SEOs have faced: cannibalization. What is it, how do you identify it, and how can you fix it? Watch to find out!” MOZ  [...]

Tackling 8,000 Title Tag Rewrites [MOZ Case Study]

MOZ’s Peter J. Meyers has published a case study entitled ‘Tackling 8,000 Title Tag Rewrites’. He says, “I recently dug into over 50,000 title tags to understand the impact of Google’s rewrite update. As an SEO, this naturally got me wondering how the update impacted Moz, specifically. So, this post will be a more focused examination of a site I have deep familiarity with, including three case studies where we managed to fix bad rewrites. As an author, I take titles pretty personally. Imagine if you wrote this masterpiece: … and then you ended up with a Google result... [...]

Ahrefs’ Guide to Organic Search

Organic search refers to the search results of a search engine that cannot be influenced by paid advertising. Organic search results are ranked according to their relevance to the search term. Ahrefs’ Head of Content, Joshua Hardwick has published a comprehensive guide on organic search. This guide covers the following: Types of organic search results Why organic search is important How to check and monitor organic search rankings How to rank higher in organic search results How to get more clicks from organic search. What is Organic Search? Everything You Need to Know Ahrefs  [...]

Your Guide to Performing SERP Analysis

SERP analysis is the process of breaking down the top-ranking pages in the SERP (search engine results page) to understand the search intent for the keyword you want to rank for. Rank Ranger contributor Darrell Mordecai has published an in-depth article on performing SERP analysis. He says, “Think of a search engine as an intelligent library. In other words, it does more than just house content. It also brings relevant content to its users and answers their questions. Now, I’m sure you understand that already but it’s important to appreciate this point. For search engines to match content... [...]

Accelerate Your SEO Success – SEO Data is the Key [Guide]

Your website’s SEO success depends on factors such as high-quality content, effective keywords, useful backlinks, security, crawlability, and loading speed. Digital Marketing Depot has published a new guide ‘Accelerate Your SEO Success – SEO Data is the Key’ to help you achieve SEO success. The DMD team says, “Since the pandemic began last year, there has been a marked shift in attitudes towards SEO, with all eyes on companies’ digital presence as the primary shop-front for customers. Regardless of whether this is sustained, or if it eventually normalizes, companies... [...]

How to Scale and Grow your Enterprise Technical SEO Strategy, September 15 [Webinar]

It is very important to keep an up-to-date SEO strategy to win your share in today’s competitive markets. Search Engine Journal is hosting a webinar ‘How to Scale and Grow your Enterprise Technical SEO Strategy’ on Wednesday, September 15, 2021, at 2.00 pm ET. The SEJ team says, “Discover how you can overcome growing pains in our upcoming educational webinar specifically designed for enterprise marketers. In this presentation, you’ll learn: How to use Edge SEO to automate and improve processes in product management (from an SEO perspective). The best way to use entities... [...]