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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Archive for the 'Search Engine Marketing' Category

How to Become an SEO Freelancer

Ahrefs contributor Nick LeRoy has published a comprehensive article on how to become an SEO freelancer based on his lessons learned from 10+ years in the industry. He says, “I started freelancing back in 2010 to supplement my income from my regular 9–5, but there are many other reasons you might want to go out on your own. Here are the most obvious ones: More freedom Increased income Better work/life balance Experience in industries and or platforms you may not have worked in before I’ve personally experienced all of those benefits, but the improved work/life balance is perhaps the... [...]

Seven Tips to Improve Your Content’s SEO Fitness

The quality of your content is the key that helps you to grow your website. It enables you to improve your SEO rankings and get more customers. Yoast contributor Marieke van de Rakt has shared seven tips to help you improve your website’s content fitness for better SEO results. She says, “The way you structure your website, the way you link from pages to other pages is really important. It’s like a guide that helps Google figure out what the most important content on your website is and how pages are related to each other. 1. Improve the internal linking of your cornerstone articles Make... [...]

The Future of SEO

Bruce Clay has published an article highlighting the future of SEO. He says, “SEO came from humble beginnings. Back in 1996 when I started doing SEO, we had very few SEO practices. Editing a webpage with keywords was all there was to do. One of the best of the early search engines was Infoseek. You could make changes to a webpage and immediately see how it affected the rankings. Clearly, the many search engines have changed, and now only a few are left. Over time, editing a webpage with keywords wasn’t enough. Links became a factor, the algorithms got smarter, Google introduced AI —... [...]

Top 100 U.S. SEO Agencies and Consultants Rankings

SEOblog contributor Judyann Sonido has published an article highlighting top U.S. SEO companies based on SERPs dominance identified from 35 million search results. She says, “In this post, we’ve put together Plugaru’s lists of leading SEO agencies and consultants, websites and directories with a dynamic keyword optimization strategy based on his findings. Read on and learn what keeps the leading U.S. digital marketing agencies and consultants ahead of the curve. High-Performing Websites Based On Search Ranking for Relevant Terms Search engine algorithms are constantly changing. As a marketer,... [...]

Google Posts: Conversion Factor — Not Ranking Factor [Video]

MOZ has published a new Whiteboard Friday video  ‘Google Posts: Conversion Factor — Not Ranking Factor’ featuring Greg Gifford. The MOZ team says, “While Google Posts aren’t a ranking factor, they can still be an incredibly effective resource for increasing local business conversions — when used correctly. This week’s Whiteboard Friday host, Greg Gifford, shows you how to put your best post forward”. Google Posts: Conversion Factor — Not Ranking Factor MOZ  [...]

Nine Tips for Writing Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are displayed in search results as a short paragraph under the title of the page. They help the searchers learn more about your site. Seer Interactive’s Meghan Evans has shared nine tips to write great meta descriptions. She says, “Metadata descriptions serve as advertising copy. A good meta description will draw in a reader to the website from the SERP. Using important keywords in the meta description can increase CTRs, especially if they appear bolded in the description: 9 Tips for Writing Meta Descriptions (with Examples!) 1. Optimal Meta Description Length When... [...]

15 Ways to Get More Backlinks in 2021

Link building is one of the most important processes to drive quality referral traffic, improve domain authority, and organic ranking. With quality backlinks, you can continue to grow your SEO rankings. Business 2 Community contributor Sugandha Bansal has shared 15 ways to help you increase your backlinks in 2021. She says, “Every marketer and website owner should use a link building strategy as a growth strategy. Building links for your website’s growth by providing relevant information to the users is one of the most holistic approaches to SEO strategy. But, if you build backlinks for... [...]

Ahrefs Shares 8 SEO Trends That Will Continue in 2021

Ahrefs contributor Joshua Hardwick has published an article highlighting 8 SEO trends that will continue in 2021. He says, “Everyone knows SEO is a fast-moving industry. Google is continually introducing new technologies and updating old ones to improve the quality of its search results. In the past, some of these updates have massively changed the SEO game. But we think things are unlikely to be heading that way in 2021. It’s more likely that existing trends will continue and that Google will continue refining rather than redefining the search landscape. Given that prediction, here... [...]

SEO Tips to Improve Podcast Performance

SEO is one of the most important processes to grow your podcast reach. It helps you to expand your network by getting more subscribers. Practical Ecommerce contributor Jill Kocher Brown has shared 10 SEO tips for podcasts. She says, “Podcasts have gone mainstream. As of March 2020, 37 percent of Americans over the age of 12 — around 104 million people — listen to at least one podcast per month according to Edison Research. But podcasts are often poorly optimized for search engines. Drive more organic search traffic to your podcast with these 10 tips. 10 SEO Tips for Podcasts 1. Obsess... [...]

The SEO Content Creation Process [Guide]

Allie Bhutani of Spotlight Conductor has published a comprehensive guide titled ‘The SEO Content Creation Process’. It provides a nine-step path to create content for better SEO. She says, “Changing the way your team approaches content creation can feel a bit daunting. But we’ve found when you bring together all key stakeholders from the beginning–including SEO–everyone works together better and creates an overall better product. Take the following steps to establish a repeatable process for success. Step 1: SEO Team Structure It all starts with bringing your SEOs and designers... [...]