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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Blogs' Category

Six Best WordPress Directory Plugins – Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout has published a list of six best WordPress directory plugins. Lars Lofgren says, “There’s a good chance you can find a way to implement a directory on your website. Law firms use website directories to list their lawyers and employees. Real estate companies have directories for their listings as well as their agents. A retail chain probably has an online directory for its store locations. If you’re using WordPress, adding a directory to your website is simple. You just need to install a plugin. The 6 Best WordPress Directory Plugins GeoDirectory Directories Pro Business... [...]

Dad Blog Setup Pro: Discover how to become a top blogger #ad

Jif Neal is a Dad and a Blogger. He has created Dad Blog Setup Pro to show you how you can become a blogger, too, and use your blog to earn income. Neal says that he has left no stones unturned when you follow the step-by-step training. He shows you how to become an influencer with your blog and use that influence to support your family. The result may be that you will begin enjoying more freedom and potentially higher earnings. As a blogger, you have advantages over the typical worker: ✅ Work from anywhere in the world ✅ Set your own pace ✅ Choose your own salary ✅ Earn while you sleep... [...]

Simple Video Management System: Modern video player with usage statistics #ad

Maybe you are like IM NewsWatch and need to use several videos in your marketing, maybe even on the same page. Suppose one video is on YouTube, one video is hosted on your site, and a third is on Vimeo. If you use the YouTube player, the Vimeo player, and the typical Hana WordPress video layer, you will notice that the three players look different and behave differently. Simple Video Management System solves that and has several other benefits. Not only is playing videos from various sites complicated but just keeping track of how you are using the videos can get complicated, too. If you are looking... [...]

Best WordPress LMS Plugins

Developing your own courses and selling them online is a great way to make money online. There are several LMS (Learning Management System) platforms available that you can use to launch your courses. Blogging Wizard contributor Lyn Wildwood has shared a list of the best WordPress LMS plugins to create & sell your courses easily. She says, “Do you want to create online courses without having to resort to an unpredictable course platform like Udemy? With a learning management system (LMS) plugin, you can create and host courses directly on your WordPress site and maintain complete control... [...]

Viper Cache: Best WordPress cache; Price rising soon #ad

You probably know that if you run a WordPress site, you should be using a cache (which is created by a WP plugin) to speed up your site. That’s because slow loading pages kill conversions, increases your bounce rates, and cost you more in ad spend. This is especially true on pages built in WordPress since every WP page is built on request so the more traffic your site gets the slower your pages load. If 10 visitors want to look at the same page, the page is built 10 times. That’s why you need a cache. The page is built once, while no visitor is waiting, and placed in the cache, and... [...]

Seven Best WordPress Podcasting Plugins

WordPress is one of the most used content management systems today. It is powered by thousands of plugins that make content management tasks easier. Blogging Wizard’s Lindsay Liedke has published an article highlighting the seven best WordPress podcasting plugins. He says, “In this post, we’ll be comparing the best WordPress podcasting plugins around so you can see all your options in one spot and make a quick decision. What is the best WordPress podcasting plugin? Fusebox –  The most customizable podcasting plugin in terms of design, in addition to being a feature-packed solution... [...]

WP Profiler: The Biggest WordPress Speed Issues Fixed #ad

Google loves speed. So does Bing. Slow sites=low rankings in search engines. WP Profiler speeds up your WordPress sites. This new WordPress plugin is the latest tool in the WP Toolkit. Not only do search engines hate slow pages. So do customers. Slow-loading pages send conversions dropping like a rock; they increase your bounce rates; and they cost you more in Pay-Per-Click costs. In fact, Kissmetrics research reports that if your site takes 3+ seconds to load you lose at least 50% of your traffic. If you are unfortunate enough to have 20 second page load times you lose 95%+ of your traffic. They... [...]

How to Optimize WordPress [Guide]

Quick Sprout’s Lars Lofgren has published a guide called ”How to Optimize WordPress’ to help you make the most from WordPress. He says, “Every second is precious on the internet. While fast websites increase your traffic, enhance the user experience, and help with your SEO, slow websites do the exact opposite. This is precisely why every website owner is always looking for ways to turbocharge their WordPress sites. You can increase conversions, lower bounce rates, and improve search rankings by applying a few actionable steps to optimize your WordPress website”. How... [...] Offers Custom Website Development has started offering website development. Currently, it offers website designing and development in the following areas: Online Stores Educational Websites Professional Services. It’s custom websites plan starts at $4,900. – Custom Website Development  [...]

Six WordPress Security Plugins for Your Blog

To provide a safe surfing experience to your visitors, you need to use the right tools. By integrating security plugins in your WordPress blog, you can enhance your blog security. Quick Sprout’s Lars Lofgren has shared a list of six useful WordPress security plugins for your blog. Lofgren says, “There are so many different security plugins available for your website. How can you know which one is the best WordPress security plugin? Rather than taking weeks to go through and research all of them, you can just review the ones that I’ve listed in this guide. I’ve identified the top... [...]