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Friday, September 24, 2021

Instant Legal Pages: 9 required web pages to avoid legal trouble #ad

These days there are people (and some entire companies) surfing the web seeking money by “legally” stealing it from websites that don’t have proper legal documents published. They could claim you stole content from them. They could claim you are preying on children, etc. There are dozens of scams they can use, each of them potentially ruinous for you and your site. Not only that. Tthe government could also come after you for violating Federal Trade Commission regulations. Your bank account at risk. But even more, your entire company is at risk. If a hacker misuses your site to create... [...]

Compliance Bar: Get the right legal pages for your site #ad

Anton Nadilo & Jon Shawcross are releasing a new WordPress plugin, called Compliance Bar, to add the needed legal (disclaimers, terms of service, privacy, etc.) pages to your website easily and quickly. This new plugin goes live at 11 AM EDT today. It lets you quickly & easily assure that your business has a regulatory compliance safety net. Now, with just a few clicks of a button, you can make sure you that you have your Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, the EU Cookie Law, all Disclosures, and more properly installed on your site. Compliance Bar makes sure that every single legal requirement... [...]

Cut & Paste Website Legal Forms for bullet-proof websites and blogs #ad

Attorney J. Scott Talbert has developed Cut & Paste Website Legal Forms to protect your website against frivolous lawsuits and over-zealous regulators. You are allowed to copy these forms on your own sites, your clients’ sites and even sites you sell. You can also use them in your e-books and reports to protect yourself from liability. Forms included are: • Anti-Spam Policy • Copyright Notice • Disclaimer: multi-discipline professional disclaimers • DMCA Compliance • Federal Trade Commission Compliance • Privacy Policy: Google & DoubleClick... [...]