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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Archive for the 'PLR for Sale' Category

Loy Puckett M.D. releases Heart Disease – Premium Content as PLR #ad

Dr. Loy Puckett (a.k.a. Doctor Loy), an emergency room physician, has just released Heart Disease – Premium Content. Doctor Loy has released several PLR packages during the last year on various medical topics, written using his certified medical training so that non-specialists can create authoritative personal health and family health websites with information that is both factual and backed by a medical authority. If you want to participate in the popular health niche, Doctor Loy can be your best ally. His newest package on heart disease addresses a major concern of many people around the... [...]

Launching Your Freelance Business (Limited-time PLR) #ad

This launch sale of Launching Your Freelance Business is one of the shortest we have ever seen, only 48 hours. By Sunday morning, the sale will be over. This new PLR collection by PLR Experts will make it easy for you to have your own production on this important topic. You would be smart to customize it (probably in less than a day.) Our suggestions for customizations: 1. Change the name of the product. 2. Add your name or your business name to the cover and title page. 3. Add a chapter or two of your own so that yours isn’t just like the version other buyers of this PLR will be selling. 4.... [...]

Last Day to Get High Blood Pressure PLR by Doctor Loy #ad

High Blood Pressure PLR By Doctor Loy launch ends at Midnight. If you want to be in this medical niche, the time to act is now. You are getting: ► 10 Professional Medical Content Pieces on High Blood Pressure  → 1. How to Recognize High Blood Pressure and Its Symptoms  → 2. Learn the Most Common High Blood Pressure Complications  → 3. 7 Natural Remedies to Treat Your High Blood Pressure  → 4. 6 Types of Medications for Treating High Blood Pressure  → 5. Lower Your High Blood Pressure With the Healthy DASH Diet  → 6. Identify and Avoid the Causes of High... [...]

High Blood Pressure PLR By Doctor Loy #ad

A special launch of medical PLR happens today: High Blood Pressure PLR By Doctor Loy. Most of our readers aren’t physicians and cannot speak authoritatively about medical subjects, but Loy Puckett MD (aka Doctor Loy) is – and can. Doctor Loy is an ER physician with 25+ years of experience. For the last year or so, he has been applying his experience to creating authoritative medical articles on various important topics and making them available as PLR so medical laypeople can create websites in the popular medical niches. His PLR is perfect for anyone who wants to promote a site dealing... [...]

Content Sparks Anniversary Sale: white label marketing courses #ad

From March 24th to 31st, the Content Sparks Anniversary Sale will be live. For each of the 8 days of the sale, they will release a new giveaway that you may download at no charge. These giveaways vary from checklists to blog posts to assessments, worksheets, and more. And side-by-side with the day’s giveaway will be a 50% discount on a related course, with all its content (lead magnet content, instructor content, and student content), ready for you to teach, create a book to sell or give away, record as a series of podcasts, etc. It’s yours to call your own and share with your audience... [...]

Greenhouse Gardening PLR #ad

The gardening niche is always popular. Here’s a done-for-you PLR product, Greenhouse Gardening PLR, that you can use for your own garden and can also resell to other gardeners starting today. The original title is “Greenhouse Gardening – Master The Art of Greenhouse Gardening and Enjoy Fresh Vegetables and Help Save The Planet!” But you can call it whatever you choose when you sell it as your own. Grab your copy right away here: Greenhouse Gardening PLR. There’s currently an early-bird special discount if you grab your copy right away. Here are the topics inside this PLR course package: •... [...]

Content Sparks 50% off sale (this weekend only) #ad

For years, Content Sparks has been producing high-quality ghost-written PLR training materials that you can use as your own by adding your name and logo to the unlabeled materials. We have mentioned their work in IM NewsWatch many times, (and have invested in quite a bit of it.) If you missed any of their content in their past sales, this is your second chance to get content you can incorporate into webinars, online classes, or printed or recorded products. They are offering a 50% discount on their whole catalog of training materials.(Use Coupon Code NewBday2021 for today’s sale prices.)... [...]

Lead Magnet Vault available for MMO and self-improvement #ad

A Lead Magnet is a gift you offer interested people as a way to invite them onto your mailing list. Lead Magnet Vault is an SaaS cloud app containing thousands of high-quality PLR eBooks and Video Courses, targeting the online marketing and self improvement niches. The vault has been growing in content since 2016, when it was started. and is still growig to this day. In fact, there are over 1500 eBooks and 3000 videos in the vault, all available to you for you to use as lead magnets. There is a sale underway at the moment on membership in the Vault. You will get life-time access for a super low... [...]

Premium Medical Content By Doctor Loy: Sports Medicine (PLR) #ad

Health-related equipment and health programs are popular among athletes who need to deal with these sports medicine issues. Websites that offer authoritative information on sports medicine have an excellent opportunity to market training programs and equipment related to the content, The most important thing about medical content of this kind is that the source of the content should have clearly recognized authority so that only accurate, verified information is presented. If you want to sell in this niche, which has many potential affluent clients, you need premium authoritative medical content. Dr.... [...]

The Art of Storyselling: What is Storyselling and why should I care? #ad

Storyselling is the commercial version of storytelling. Everyone loves a good story, so it’s a powerful way to increase brand visibility and recognition and even sales. For the next 7 days only, Content Sparks, headed by Sharyn Sheldon is offering The Art of Storyselling, a complete training program on storyselling. When we say it is a training program, we mean that besides showing you all the “ins and outs” of selling with stories, it also equips you to train others. With this easy-to-edit, complete storyselling course kit, you get: ➤ A ready-to-teach course, saving you... [...]