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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Archive for the 'PLR for Sale' Category

Do you have trouble writing good marketing content? #ad

We aren’t all good writers; that’s a fact, although with practice we can get better. Until then, it can be helpful to outsource some of your writing challenges. Content Sparks has just released a packages of 50 Done-for-You Blog Posts and Emails, targeted for 5 online business areas, that you can use as though you wrote them yourself. This is the second time they have produced a bundle of short content.Sharyn Sheldon, the president of Content Sparks, has organized a group of good writers (that know the subject matter and know how to write engaging content) to create this collection... [...]

Success Action Plan: Self Help Niche (with PLR) #ad

► Who doesn’t want to achieve success? Most of us do. How about you?► Most of us feel that we haven’t succeeded so far. How about you?► Most of us believe there are things we could do to be more successful. How about you?If these describe you (or your customers), then you need o check out Chad Eljisr‘s new Success action Plan. This is a 10 Step Action Plan proven:• to transform a person’s life,• to re-wire their mind for success, and• to implement success principles to become who they want to be.Success action Plan is organized around 10 Success... [...]

Low Cost Marketing Strategies for you and your followers #ad

Today, Content Sparks, the training development company operated by Sharyn Sheldon, releases its newest PLR training package, Low Cost Marketing Strategies.In these days when nearly all companies are needing to cut expenses due to a pandemic-related drop in sales, they need a menu of low-cost marketing techniques that will bring in sales without spending money they don’t have.That’s true of our company. Maybe, it’s true for you, too. This new training will supply you with a kit of low-cost marketing ideas that cn see you through these hard time, and continue offering you value... [...]

Content Sparks Sale: Sales Funnel Magic PLR, half-price #ad

Today is day 6 of the Content Sparks half-price sale. Tody’s half-price product is Sales Funnel Magic.This is a fully-customizable course that you can put your own name on. It teaches your clients and customers how to design high-converting, automated online sales funnels that will build a loyal customer base and bring in ongoing revenue.Remember Sales Funnel Magic is a complete “done for you” product, including:► Course Book and Action Guide► Slideshow► Infographics & Graphics► Cheat Sheet► Planning worksheets► and more.In your course (taught in a live... [...]

What? Me a Business Coach? #ad

You have been around for a while. You know things a beginner in your field needs to learn.Why not start a coaching program online and invite beginners to learn from you? This can be a good business and can be a big help to beginners in your field.You may think you don’t have the skills or knowledge to teach your potential audience the things that they need to know to be successful in your field. Well, there are people who wish they knew as much as you do.Every day, new people decide to start a business, often an online business these days. They need someone to guide them. It could be you.Maybe,... [...]

PLR MegaBiz: Multiple Businesses in a Box at low cost #ad

There’s a lot to be said for “Private Label Rights” (“PLR”) content for your business. You get a completed product that you can use as is, or if you want the best results, you can modify it with additional content and with strategic changes that make it especially suitable for your audience. You often get a sales page or whole website you can use to sell the product.Compare that with the work you would have to do to create a product (a training manual, for example) yourself:► Research the niche to see what kind of training people in the niche are looking for.►... [...]

YouTube has all the traffic you need. Here’s how to use it #ad

It has been reported that YouTube has 1.9 Billion users every month. Your potential clients are among those users.Dr Amit Pareek has just released new training on how to use YouTube ads, YouTube Ads 2019-20 Made Easy.At just $9.95 (for this grand opening sale), what you learn from this training can quickly repay your investment many times.But Dr Pareek goes even farther. Besides learning from this training, he lets you sell it to other YouTube users. Not only that, he allows you to remove his own name from it and place your name on it instead. That’s right, you can be credited as the author... [...]

Need an easy way to make video presentations? #ad

You may have heard of Prezi. Prezi lets you create presentations online, using the built-in transitions, fonts, etc. It’s used by lots of people. They have a free version and several upgrades for various monthly fees.Jason Oickle saw the value that Prezi offers smaller businesses, as well as some medium-sized businesses. But he also saw a problem: how could people discover all the non-obvious features that Prezi offers?His answer was to create training videos, called Easy Engaging Videos, showing you how to easily use Prezi to make video presentations that people love to watch.As you would... [...]

New PLR Bundle for the health niche #ad

PLR gives you a quick way to get your site up and running. Professional writers create content you can use as though you had written it. You turn it into blog posts, articles, even downloadable reports and premiums as incentivs for optin into your mailing list.Kevin Fahey, a marketer who frequently releases PLR for other marketers has just released a large bunde of health-related PLR for you to use any way you like in your business.Look at all you are getting in this bundle:• 10 High Quality Written Reports on Health Topics• 50 Compelling Health-related Articles• 10 Engaging Health Videos•... [...]

Product Presto: 8 “In Demand” Software Products to Brand as your Own #ad

You may start online with affiliate marketing, and that may continue to bring you some income for years. But to bring in a substantial income, you probably need to have products of your own to sell.If you are a computer programmer and if you have creative ideas for new products, that shouldn’t be a problem.But if you are like most of us, creating a good, new product, one that will sell and bring in a good income. may be a bit of a problem.What you need is a “ghostwriter programmer” who can create your products and then fade into the background while you announce “your”... [...]