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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Training' Category

PR Rage software makes domain flipping easy #ad

Walt Bayliss has just released the second generation of PR Rage 2.0.This new software helps you flip a $10 investment in a domain name into a profitable sale or, if you prefer, into passive rental income, all without any technical skills.Here’s the simple process for finding a domain to flipStep 1: Enter a domain name you think would be perfect. (It may or may not be available.)Step 2: PR Rage 2.0 generates a list of similar names that are available to buy. You can narrow the results based on age, number of backlinks, amount of traffic, social signals, estimated value and more.Step 3: Choose... [...]

LCS2 Online Masterclass: 3 Day Online Biz Launch Challenge #ad

Beginning September 28th, business partners, Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely, expect to help 10,000 future entrepreneurs build their own online businesses. They are holding 3 live webinars in their 3-day LCS2 Master Class. (LCS2 stands for Lead Conversion Squared.)IM NewsWatch is a sponsor. Our readers may attend the online Master Class as our guests.➤➤ Click here to claim a free ticket: LCS2 Master Class.This will be a class in which you can work along with the teachers to build and launch your own online business over the course of the 3 days.So by the time the Master Class is over, you... [...]

3-Day Business Master Class (Lead Conversion Squared) #ad

Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely are starting their 3-Day Business Master Class Sep 28.I’ve arranged a free ticket for you, so register now: Lead Conversion Squared Master Class.Want to own a reliable online business without learning any complicated technology, spending money on ads, or working long hours?Want an easy way to create recurring income and get paid month after month without putting in any extra effort?Want to set readily achievable income goals and get started down the path to financial independence?Don’t we all?Well, put your other plans for these 3 evenings (28th, 29,... [...]

Project Restart: Business plan to restart your online business #ad

Yesterday, we told you about the launch of Kevin Fahey‘s new training, Project Restart.As we write this, 167 smart marketers have picked this up, and because the price goes up after each sale, you will pay a little more today.Don’t worry; it’s still super cheap and completely under-priced for the value you get.What do you get? Five business plans Fahey has used to build successful businesses:• Create, develop, and sell software• Create, develop, and sell training products• Coach and consult with others to help them achieve their goals• Create licensing... [...]

Project Restart: What a marketing guru would do to start from scratch #ad

Project Restart was just released by Kevin Fahey. It is based on an interesting premise. Here’s how Fahey describes it:You take away my list, my connections, all my products and websites. I have to start from zero and make 5 figures the fastest way possible. This is something which always crossed my mind and something I know I could achieve. With the issues we are facing around the world, more people are turning to online marketing and this was proven 2 months ago when an old friend contacted me asking me for the best advice to build an online business from scratch.​So out came the drawing... [...]

Monetizing Push Notifications with CPA Commissions #ad

The latest version of Mobile Profitrace has just been released.This training shows you how to take advantage of push notifications to promote CPA offers. The author of this training, Liming Wu, has found that these two technologies work together well to add an income stream to your business.The important point about push notifications is that everyone who receives them has opted in, saying that they want to receive them. Once you have that opt-in, you can keep in direct contact with these users. Since they have already shown interest in your communications, they are about the best prospects... [...]

Registration for Your Push Notification CPA campaigns #ad

Push Notification has become a popular source of website traffic in the last 24 months. It has advantages since these notification boxes pop to the front of the subscriber’s screen, where they are likely to be noticed and acted upon.But there are also disadvantages that need to be dealt with. Liming Wu, a long-time online marketer has been experimenting with making push notifications work, Not just in general, but in particular, for CPA (Cost per Action) marketing, where they have seldom been tried.He says that he has found that using push notifications to market CPA offers, he has earned... [...]

Offline Marketing IM Checklists by Kevin Fahey, with PLR #ad

Local business owners are generalists. They have to do everything at their business or hire someone rlse to do it. They don’t have time to be experts at copywriting, marketing strategy, and media selection. They probably know almost nothing about what it takes to do good marketing online.That’s why they need a marketing expert like you to fill this valuable role in their company.But you may have a problem. Your expertise is online marketing.• How do you build a business selling to offline businesses, showing them they need you online skills?• How do you create a professional... [...]

Low Cost Marketing Strategies for you and your followers #ad

Today, Content Sparks, the training development company operated by Sharyn Sheldon, releases its newest PLR training package, Low Cost Marketing Strategies.In these days when nearly all companies are needing to cut expenses due to a pandemic-related drop in sales, they need a menu of low-cost marketing techniques that will bring in sales without spending money they don’t have.That’s true of our company. Maybe, it’s true for you, too. This new training will supply you with a kit of low-cost marketing ideas that cn see you through these hard time, and continue offering you value... [...]

Turn your sales around with David Perdew’s new Profit Planner #ad

All of us have occasional dry spells in our business. When that happens, we need fresh ideas that can move the business forward. David Perdew has been helping new entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who get stuck occasionally for years with building a growing business.That’s just what hs new training that he calls Turn Your Sales Around – Profit Planner does. It helps you reinvigorate your sales process through taking a fresh look at what is needed.You will uncover things you have not thought about before. And probably some things you have always meant to get around to some day, but... [...]