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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Training' Category

James Renouf’s 2 Million Dollar Commission System #ad

The 2 Million Dollar Commission System is training on a particular affiliate opportunity that involves not trying to sell something (at least, not on the first engagement), but giving away something – money. When people respond, at some point in the process, you get a commission. Here’s what Renouf says about this training and the opportunity he explains in it: Number 1 We have massive proof of commission payments being paid for giving away free money to the tune of millions of dollars! Number 2 The process works. Anyone can give away free money from anywhere in the world. Number 3... [...]

Fergal’s 7-day Challenge: build a business, get sales, 7 days #ad

Fergal Downes is launching Fergal’s 7-Day Challenge. In this challenge (a compressed interactive training event), he will show you how to launch your own online business and get your first sale in just 7 days. Downes says, “Fergal’s 7 Day Challenge shows my students how they can make their first $297 sale within just 7 days of joining and then how they can continue to make a further $297 sale every day after that. I give them all the tools, support, and training that they need to be successful in this challenge and I will be with them every step of the way until they succeed.” Better... [...]

7 Figure Launch System by Michael Chaney #ad

Michael Chaney has launched a lot of products. His 7 Figure Launch System shows you how you can benefit from his experience. In the last decade or more Chaney has lifted himself from a dead end job he hated to substantial success through creating and selling products online. We have bought several of them online. He is now among the top trainers of new online marketers in starting and running an internet marketing business. Here is how Chaney describes his journey (thinking of the movie, “Braveheart” as an analogy): For years I pictured my boss as King Edward… My life was Scotland,... [...]

10 ways to enhance interaction with Twilio (PLR flash sale) #ad

Twilio is a major site for building customer relationships. 10 ways to enhance interaction with Twilio tells you how to use it for your best advantage. Read it; implement it; and if your business is using Twilio, you will see the difference these insights can make. But, even more, you can use 10 ways to enhance interaction with Twilio: in another way. You are getting Private Label Rights to this report on improving your success with Twilio. That means that you can change the name of the report, add your name as the author, and sell it to other people and businesses that use Twilio to help them... [...]

Lazy Commissions: Free training & software for a Limited Time #ad

Tim Ikels is an experienced online marketer. That experience led him to create Lazy Commissions. In the American phrase, Ikels “had been through the wringer.” He had tried every “miracle plan” for making money online and had found that there were no miracles in them. At 11 AM, he is offering his own Lazy Commissions to keep you from going down the same path he did, wasting his time and his money. And he is giving it to you at no charge (that is, free.) Lazy Commissions is a complete affiliate marketing training course that shows you how to get to $100/day with free, highly-targeted... [...]

ContentSparks Summer Challenge Sale ends tonight #ad

Your ContentSparks Summer Challenge Sale discount will disappear at midnight so please hurry over and browse the big selection of White Label Challenges and Courses available in the sale. For more details see our article last week, : ContentSparks Summer White Label Sale (ends Monday). Build your custom bundle of challenges & courses from the large selection in the sale. For best results pair a challenge with its associated course. Offer the challenge at no charge to gather prospects, then upsell them the course. Everything in the challenge sale is 60% off right now. And the related ‘Upgrade... [...]

Podcasting Made Simple: Podcasting tips to use & teach #ad

Podcasting Made Simple is an introduction to the world of podcasting. you can get new ideas yourself, and, in addition, you can use it as a lead magnet to build your list. Everything is done for you. You just put your name and website link on it to brand it as your own. The offer will close in 48 hours, Sunday, July 24th @ 8:59 AM EDT This is your short cut to build your list in this popular niche. Here’s what you’ll be receiving inside Podcasting Made Simple: ➤ 2500+ Words in a Ready-To-Publish Report ➤ PRO E-Cover Graphics ➤ Lead Capture page & Delivery Page ➤... [...]

Perfect Webinar Secrets: How to sell on webinars #ad

Webinars can be your best sales tool. Perfect Webinar Secrets shows how to get the most out of them. This training comes from the ClickFunnels team, led by Russell Brunson. And they have priced it less than a Big Mac® and a medium shake, only $7. Brunson says, “If you can copy and paste, then you too can have a webinar that converts!” You may have heard of ClickFunnels, the software company that many online marketers use to help generate leads and sales online. Well, they also have training to help marketers get online. Perfect Webinar Secrets is one of their training products.... [...]

Final call for 60 Minute Warrior training to make PLR productive #ad

This is your final final call for 60 Minute Warrior, the training you need to turn PLR into a product and a funnel of your own that you can sell on WarriorPlus. If you choose quality PLR products and follow these instructions, you can have your own quality product ready to sell lickety-split. (Is that a real word? We grew up saying it.) As of this writing, you still have a few hours remaining to grab this great deal during launch week. You can make it if you don’t delay. In 60 Minute Warrior you will discover how to take a PLR product, edit the content, change the graphics, structure your... [...]

Have you checked out 60 Minute Warrior yet? #ad

If not, you should. In 60 Minute Warrior, you will discover how to take a good reseller product, edit the content, change the graphics, structure your entire site including all the pages you need to use, and create a sales funnel. And in this new training you will see it all done in front of your very eyes in under 60 minutes. Time is running out on this one as the Launch Discount ends soon so check this out before the price shoots up. 60 Minute Warrior is step-by-step training that shows you how to convert PLR and resale products to become your own, under 60 minutes. And the training uses a stopwatch... [...]