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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Training' Category

Hidden PLR: Stop wasting money on PLR #ad

If you are like us, you have bought a lot of PLR, hoping to use it to get a quick start to building and scaling up your online business. How much of that PLR has actually paid off for you? Hidden PLR by Nick James shows you how to actually turn your PLR into profit. The initials PLR usually stand for “Private Label Rights”, a type of license you could obtain to publish someone else’s work as your own. But Nick James says there’s a better way to think about it. He says PLR should also stand for: 1. Package the PLR you have in a unique way, different from how you received... [...]

Need an Easy Repetitive System for an online business? Ask Kevin Fahey #ad

Perhaps you have heard of Kevin Fahey. He has built two businesses that reached seven figures and a third that reached six figures. He shows you how he did it in Easy Repetitive System. Fahey reports that this system allows him to manage everything working just a few hours per week. This same system is responsible for a million in online sales. He is finally revealing everything inside Easy Repetitive System. Here’s what he says: There are so many systems out there and so many new launches, so what makes The Easy Repetitive System different? First off, the system is backed by 14 years of... [...]

Amanda Craven’s 60 Minute Sales Letters #ad

60 Minute Sales Letters is a plug and play system that gets you crafting irresistible sales letters quickly. Almost everyone hates writing sales letters (well, except those big copywriters who get paid a ton of money to create those long-form sales letters that bring in millions.) But you and I are not paid that ton of money to type until our fingertips bleed and brains ache. What we want is to get our message out there and selling products. We have other work. We aren’t full-time writers, after all. So our methods need to be fast and effective. Amanda Craven created 60 Minute Sales Letters... [...]

Selling with Webinars: Training for you and your clients #ad

Have you ever sat down to watch what you thought would be a fascinating webinar, only to spend the first 15 minutes listening to the presenter tell you how great he is? Or 45 minutes of sales pitch with no useful training, no nuggets of wisdom you can put to work in your business? That’s not the way to sell you something with webinars. It’s a waste of your time. Try this in your own webinar, and you’ll make a lot of enemies, not a lot of sales. Or maybe you did discover a lot of practical tips from a presenter, but when it ended you weren’t sure what to do next. ? Was there... [...]

Affiliate Pro Formula: Use videos by influencers to market affiliate products #ad

Affiliate Pro Formula is Izzy Vargas‘s secret method for growing and monetizing Facebook Groups through social media Influencers. It comes with video editing software that will enable you to use trending YouTube videos in yur marketing and add your own Call to Action inside these videos, to bring free traffic to your affiliate offers. Vargas reports: “This is making me $194 – $1,511 DAILY Profit in under 30 minutes”. (disclaimer: your results may be different.) Using the software that is included in Affiliate Pro Formula and after discovering the secrets included in the... [...]

Marketing Funnels: The key to improved online sales; free virtual summit #ad

Russell Brunson is well known among our readers. He has authored several books on marketing and is the owner of a major marketing software company. He is hosting a multi-day virtual summit on building marketing funnels to improve your online sales. Brunson and 30+ other entrepreneurs (like Dean Graziosi, Peng Joon, and Natalie Hodson) are going to share — page by page — the exact sales funnels they’re using to grow their businesses. Several years ago, Russell Brunson wrote the book DotCom Secrets, where he talks about the 10 core funnels that he uses every day to market and grow his companies. To... [...]

Mailbox Secrets: Using physical mail to promote online offers? #ad

Does it make sense to use physical mail in your online business, or in the business of your clients who have an online component to their business? In Mailbox Secrets, Ryan Allaire shows that it makes good sense. Even without thinking deeply, you know you (and most people) get a lot more email than physical mail. At IM NewsWatch, we get over 500 emails daily, but only 5-10 physical items. A marketer is far likely to get our attention with physical mail. That’s why, for example, Dan Kennedy, one of the marketing consultant giants of our day, advisor to famous online marketers, uses physical... [...]

Webinar: Introduction to Challenges, prizes, and bonuses #ad

Well-known online marketer Sam Bakker is holding a free webinar at 10:00 EDT to introduce: 1. How to use “Challenges”, short-term, multi-day (3-7 days, usually)workshops that lead people through finishing some (marketing, usualy) project, and 2. His new Challenges App that automates creating and conducting challenges. The webinar is going to be festive, complete with: ✓ ​$1000 Prize Money Giveaway ✓ 10 free copies of the Challenges App are being given away ✓ ​Extra Exclusive Bonuses worth $1000+ ✓ ​Case studies and a demonstration of his new app ✓ ​Facebook Group Access... [...]

[Replay] Daven Michaels’s “$3K Every Day” Business Training

If you missed Daven Michaels’s “$3K Every Day” business workshop, he just posted the replay. I checked, and it is working correctly, here: Daven Michaels’s “$3k Per Day” Replay. As a reminder, Daven and Justin Michie have been using affiliate marketing to build a consistent business online. He hasd other things going on, so this is more of a side hustle, but it still does well because of all of the automation built into it. Daven gave a lively demonstration of this business system on the call last night. His presentation was impressive. Who knew you could: ✓ drive targeted... [...]

Daven Michaels on IM NewsWatch Conversations today; Joining us? #ad

It’s only a few hours until we host Daven Michaels on the IM NewsWatch Conversations podcast. Daven will be sharing exactly how he and his partner, Justin Michie, built their “$3k Per Day” online business without needing a website. He promises that (1) his explanation will be step-by-step so that anyone can understand it and that (2) it will be comprehensive, with nothing left out. Register for his demo here: Daven Michaels’s “$3k Per Day” Plan. • Want to clear some debt, upgrade a few things, and maybe take an extra vacation? This is the perfect business model for a side... [...]