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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Training' Category

More Black Friday Sales for Marketers #ad

Back Friday for Online Marketers (Part 3) Here are several more businesses offering sales for marketers, some ending Black Friday; others beginning then and continuing through next week. Udemy This week, Udemy has reduced the price on many of its courses to $9.99-$14.99. The “retail” price on some of these courses can be $100 or more. But this week, you can get any training you need for just $9.99 here: Udemy Black Friday Sale. There are a few we have been wanting, and now’s our chance. Domestika Domestika is a site similar to Udemy, with one difference: Most of its courses are... [...]

How to turn a blog into a book and book into course #ad

If you have been blogging a while and have been sharing good information, you should consider turning your blog content into a product for sale. After all, it’s easier to read a book than to scroll endlessly through a blog, so people will find a compact form of your content attractive. Content Sparks is offering a training program, called From Blog to Book to Course, that lets you take a step-by-step “repurposing” journey from blog to book. Not only that, but the training also includes the process for turning a book (either the one you just created or one you already have) into... [...]

Courses that provide experiences are trending up #ad

Marisa Murgatroyd is among many who have found that courses that only deliver facts and “how to” information are falling behind. Other courses, that get the student involved in acting on the information (and even more important, get the students emotionally involved in the course), presented get better returns on your investment. She recently ran an experiment with one of her “underperforming” online courses that had some surprising results: ✔️ The conversion rate of her webinar jumped from 11% to 21% ✔️ Sales increased by 33% ✔️ Student engagement and satisfaction... [...]

Today’s Groove-a-Thon Schedule #ad

Mike Filsaime‘s multi-day 24/7 webinar, Groove-a-Thon, continues through Monday, offering expert training in marketing online. As we mentioned before, he is offering a life-time license for his GrooveFunnels™ tools to all who attend any of his training. There will be a lot of useful information shared today. As you will see below, the sessions will share techniques for many aspects of electronic marketing, such as podcasting, list building, and more. Filsaime has just released a suite of tools that assist in many facets of online marketing. When you sample his suite of tools by using GrooveFunnels™,... [...]

Lead Conversion training today, no charge, Nicely and Michaels #ad

Today, the free Lead Conversion Squared Master Class begins. Over the course of the next three days, Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely will walk you through all the steps for building a monthly recurring income online. While you are watching the live training, They will ask you to follow along with them, so that by the end of the three days, you will have a functioning business and will attract your first client. It’s hard to overestimate how rare this valuable content is in free training. They are preparing for a big launch at the end of the three days, so they are going all out to get your... [...]

PR Rage software makes domain flipping easy #ad

Walt Bayliss has just released the second generation of PR Rage 2.0. This new software helps you flip a $10 investment in a domain name into a profitable sale or, if you prefer, into passive rental income, all without any technical skills. Here’s the simple process for finding a domain to flip Step 1: Enter a domain name you think would be perfect. (It may or may not be available.) Step 2: PR Rage 2.0 generates a list of similar names that are available to buy. You can narrow the results based on age, number of backlinks, amount of traffic, social signals, estimated value and more. Step 3: Choose... [...]

LCS2 Online Masterclass: 3 Day Online Biz Launch Challenge #ad

Beginning September 28th, business partners, Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely, expect to help 10,000 future entrepreneurs build their own online businesses. They are holding 3 live webinars in their 3-day LCS2 Master Class. (LCS2 stands for Lead Conversion Squared.) IM NewsWatch is a sponsor. Our readers may attend the online Master Class as our guests. ➤➤ Click here to claim a free ticket: LCS2 Master Class. This will be a class in which you can work along with the teachers to build and launch your own online business over the course of the 3 days. So by the time the Master Class is over, you... [...]

3-Day Business Master Class (Lead Conversion Squared) #ad

Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely are starting their 3-Day Business Master Class Sep 28. I’ve arranged a free ticket for you, so register now: Lead Conversion Squared Master Class. Want to own a reliable online business without learning any complicated technology, spending money on ads, or working long hours? Want an easy way to create recurring income and get paid month after month without putting in any extra effort? Want to set readily achievable income goals and get started down the path to financial independence? Don’t we all? Well, put your other plans for these 3 evenings (28th, 29,... [...]

Project Restart: Business plan to restart your online business #ad

Yesterday, we told you about the launch of Kevin Fahey‘s new training, Project Restart. As we write this, 167 smart marketers have picked this up, and because the price goes up after each sale, you will pay a little more today. Don’t worry; it’s still super cheap and completely under-priced for the value you get. What do you get? Five business plans Fahey has used to build successful businesses: • Create, develop, and sell software • Create, develop, and sell training products • Coach and consult with others to help them achieve their goals • Create licensing... [...]

Project Restart: What a marketing guru would do to start from scratch #ad

Project Restart was just released by Kevin Fahey. It is based on an interesting premise. Here’s how Fahey describes it: You take away my list, my connections, all my products and websites. I have to start from zero and make 5 figures the fastest way possible. This is something which always crossed my mind and something I know I could achieve. With the issues we are facing around the world, more people are turning to online marketing and this was proven 2 months ago when an old friend contacted me asking me for the best advice to build an online business from scratch. ​So out came the drawing... [...]