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Monday, May 17, 2021

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Training' Category

[Replay] Daven Michaels’s “$3K Every Day” Business Training

If you missed Daven Michaels’s “$3K Every Day” business workshop, he just posted the replay. I checked, and it is working correctly, here: Daven Michaels’s “$3k Per Day” Replay. As a reminder, Daven and Justin Michie have been using affiliate marketing to build a consistent business online. He hasd other things going on, so this is more of a side hustle, but it still does well because of all of the automation built into it. Daven gave a lively demonstration of this business system on the call last night. His presentation was impressive. Who knew you could: ✓ drive targeted... [...]

Daven Michaels on IM NewsWatch Conversations today; Joining us? #ad

It’s only a few hours until we host Daven Michaels on the IM NewsWatch Conversations podcast. Daven will be sharing exactly how he and his partner, Justin Michie, built their “$3k Per Day” online business without needing a website. He promises that (1) his explanation will be step-by-step so that anyone can understand it and that (2) it will be comprehensive, with nothing left out. Register for his demo here: Daven Michaels’s “$3k Per Day” Plan. • Want to clear some debt, upgrade a few things, and maybe take an extra vacation? This is the perfect business model for a side... [...]

How to create a High-ticket Virtual Bootcamp; Last day of sale #ad

The launch week pricing on Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp is coming to an end at midnight PDT. This is a brand new PLR course. Content Sparks, the creator, calls it a “Blaze level” course kit, which means it includes: • Student materials • Instructor materials, and • Lead Generation materials. Here’s a quick FAQ for this new PLR course. You can learn from the course, and you can teach it, too. See if they help you decide: Q: My audience consists of [fill in YOUR audience]. Are Virtual Bootcamps right for them? A: Virtual Bootcamps are a quick money-earner... [...]

Daven Michaels’s “$3K Every Day” Free Training #ad

You will be happy to know that building a profitable business online doesn’t have to be a complicated, high-tech process. Daven Michaels did it. You can, too. You don’t have to be a tech genius, or, for that matter, a marketing genius (especially, if you have a good mentor). In fact, Daven Michaels reports he is making $3K every day from an online business without a website or any other complicated technical wizardry. Michaels is a well-known trainer. When we googled him, we found over 51,000 references. Try it; scroll down through the results. It was interesting that IMDb reports he even... [...]

Learn to Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp; teach It, if you like #ad

Content Sparks has just released Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp. This is a brand new, PLR, “Blaze level” course kit, which means it includes Student materials, Instructor materials, and Lead Generation materials. You can learn from it, of course, and start your own high-ticket Bootcamp marketing. But the idea is that you are getting all the content you need to also teach it, even if you have just learned it yourself. You get a 122-page Course Book, a step-by-step action guide, and a lot more handouts for your students. You students will know they are getting their money’s... [...]

The ‘no website’ way to online marketing success #ad

If I had to start all over again and build a business from scratch, from absolute zero: ✓ No money, ✓ No mailing list, ✓ No social media followers, ✓ No reputation to fall back on, I know exactly where I would start. I would start by implementing Daven Michaels’s unique Daven Michaels’s “$3k Per Day” Plan online business system. Now that I have discovered Daven’s plan, this would be an easy decision. You might rightly ask, “Why?” Because: 1. With Daven’s approach, you can drive targeted traffic for pennies, 2. He also shows you how you can start generating... [...]

Daven Michaels on how he built success online #ad

Daven Michaels teaches “$3K per Day” Daven Michaels is coming to visit IM NewsWatch in our Conversations webinar series. He is an experienced online marketer who has a lot to share with those of us who are not quite as far along in our career. He will share his experience in a particular project that turned out to quite successful for him. He titles his talk “$3K Every Day”. In his long-lasting project, that was his success rate; on average, he earned $3k per day. Of course, he can’t (nor can IM NewsWatch) guarantee that you will earn that much, even if you take good... [...]

3-day workshop for Course Creators; build courses that buyers love #ad

Yesterday, we mentioned the upcoming The 7 Minute Course Creators™ Workshop, hosted by Chad Nicely, Steve Rosenbaum, and Chris Jenkins. In this workshop, they will share their “secret sauce” for quickly launching your own mini-course in any niche you want to target. If you are tired of trying to figure out everything on your own, these three experienced online marketer can lead you step-by-step through the course building and launching process. They go into such detail that it’s almost a paint-by-numbers system. When you build a course like this, beside creating immediate cash... [...]

Hybridz: Online marketing system for beginners #ad

Lance Groom, Ugonna Udunwa, and Sedfrey Villarta teamed up to releaase Hybridz. This training intends to get you started with your online business. Your business could be in any niche, so choose a popular one (such as health and wellness, fashion, relationships, sports, weight loss, etc.) so you will get as much traffic as possible when you apply this training. At its core, this training shows you how to find and hire “influencers”, people with a large social media following, to promote your product. People with a lot of dedicated followers can be a big aid to getting out the word on... [...]

How To Launch Simple Mini Courses In Minutes #ad

Chad Nicely, Steve Rosenbaum, and Chris Jenkins are launching their next three-day workshop, this one is The 7 Minute Course Creators™ Workshop. Online education is a growing business. You can get started and build a portfolio of courses. This workshop will get you on the right track, so you don’t make a lot of rookie mistakes. They explain it all here: The 7 Minute Course Creators™ Workshop  [...]