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Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Posts Tagged With ‘ youtube marketing ’

How to Ensure People Watch Your YouTube Videos [Podcast]

By integrating YouTube into your marketing strategy, you can get an opportunity to get your products and services discovered and to connect with your target audience via video. According to the State of Inbound 2017 Report, video content is cited to be the top disruptor in the marketing world. Social Media Examiner contributor Michael Stelzner has […]

How to Use YouTube and Instagram to Establish Authority [Podcast]

Your strong presence on social media can help in establishing your authority and enhance your business. Social Media Examiner team has published a new podcast episode ‘How to Use YouTube and Instagram to Establish Authority’ to help you rightly use YouTube and Instagram for better marketing. Michael Stelzner says, “Want to be known as the […]

Six Second Blaster: Put the Vine app on overdrive #ad

Vine is a free app for iPhone, iPod Touch and a host of Android devices. It has grown explosively, and now it’s the way most people share videos with their friends. With Vine, people string together 6-second clips (usually funny) into a longer video called a vine. The videos people create with Vine tend to […]

‘Further advice on YouTube strategy for brands’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

The latest ‘Econsultancy’ blog post is titled “Further advice on YouTube strategy for brands”.

My Video Blueprint, part 2: Build you business on free video traffic #ad

Videos are a “natural” for role of traffic generation because people get interested in them quickly and remember the ones they saw for a long time. And nearly half the viewers take action on the videos they see. Anthony Devine and his partner, who goes by the name “Lyfe Lyte”, have taken an in-depth look […]

Commission Champion: proven YouTube traffic generation system #ad

No matter what your niche, YouTube is a potent marketing tool. People are going to YouTube daily, looking for information on thousands of niche topics. Scott Cyrus started experimenting with YouTube in his own marketing some time ago and gradually developed a no-cost system that generates traffic for his affiliate offers. Then, a while back, […]

“Super Simple Videos” – video marketing techniques for beginning marketers #ad

Stephen Gilbert just announced Super Simple Videos Gilbert says Super Simple Videos lets you rank your affiliate vdeos quickly for keywords that buyers are searching for. Beginning marketers can create videos that will build your presence in your niche and be ranked for competitive keywords using YouTube videos. And you don’t have to be on […]

Video Marketing PLR Mega-Pack- three e-books about video; put your name on them #ad

Justin Popavic has just released these ebooks teaching the rudiments of video marketing and a few of the advanced techniques. He is offering to let you use them for your own training, but more than that, you can sell them to other people, and more still, you can modify them and place your own name […]

Niche Tube Conversions- Combine Facebook and YouTube to precision-target buyers #ad

Niches are the heart of good marketing- find a niche and fill it is still good advice. But addressing that niche effectively is becoming more challenging as time passes. Old methods are losing their power and new tools are needed. You still need to find a niche, and you still need to find a product […]

Video Marketing Debunked: Use YouTube for its best purpose, driving traffic #ad

Mark Thompson and Todd Gross just released Video Marketing Debunked to clear up misunderstandings about how marketers can take advantage of all the power of YouTube in driving traffic to offers. For example, whenever someone watches a YouTube video, YouTube displays a list of related videos on the sidebar. Thompson and Gross show how you […]