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Monday, August 2, 2021

Archive for the 'Domaining' Category

PR Rage finds cheap domain names with high page rank #ad

Page Rank is a measure of how much search engines (specifically, Google, but other search engines usually agree) value your site and send searchers to it for relevant queries. A high page rank indicates Google likes the site. At takes time and effort to build high page rank for a site. Rarely does a site earn high page rank quickly. However, there is a way to build a site that does have high page rank from the beginning. If someone creates a site, works on it for a few years until its page rank is high and then abandons it, you may be able to use the abandoned domain name to build your own site... [...]

Flipping websites is more profitable than flipping houses #ad

In both cases (house flipping and site flipping), you buy something, make improvements and sell it quickly for more than your costs. But that’s where the similarity ends. Look at this analysis. How to flip a house: • Find a house selling at a discount (you’re looking for a bargain price, a house worth more than the asking price) • Make repairs and simple improvements • Sell the improved house for a profit Yes, you can make several thousand dollars flipping a house, but it takes weeks or months to make repairs and upgrades so you can sell it for a profit. And you have to invest... [...]

Buying and Selling Domains for profit, last day of fire sale #ad

There are a lot of ways to earn a living online. Some (most, actually) are hit-and-miss, but a few are steady earners, month after month. Selling domains can be a steady business for you. Every day, hundreds of domains are sold. You can get a share of this business by building domains inexpensively and then offering them for sale. It’s called “domaining”. And if you do your research well and build useful sites, you can start bringing in an income. With experience, you will be able to speed up your site construction process, and also build better site– sites that will sell... [...]

Domaining: How to turn domains to cash #ad

Domaining is an online business with evergreen appeal. It’s a lot like flipping houses. Find a low-priced domain name, buy it, make it more attractive and sell it for a nice profit. It’s a relatively hassle-free way to earn a living online. We have experienced this first-hand. We have sold domain names for hundreds of dollars, each. But it does have a few details that need to be done carefully to make the best profit. Do it well and your profit could beat ours. Do it poorly and you may make no profit at all. Gene Pimental has been a domainer for over 12 years. He has sold domain names... [...]

Today only, “Domains on Fire” at no charge #ad

Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey have just released a new version of their popular software, Domains on Fire. As a “getting acquainted” gift, they are offering you a free copy. This is in the run-up for a new product they are announcing, called $100K Factory. They have created 4 training videos about their new product. In video 2, they are offering you the free copy of Domains on Fire. But once they announce, they are removing the free offer. When you buy a domain name, you want to be sure to ask this question, “Has this domain name black-listed?” If so, don’t... [...]

Instant Domain Sniper finds top expired domain names #ad

At 11:00 EDT, Richard Fairbairn releases his new domain name research software, Instant Domain Sniper. It researches expired domain names in seconds. Infact, Fairbairn says that what would take you 20 hours to do manually, it will do in 20 seconds. Expired domains can be a big boost to your websites. The search engines already know them, and some of them already have lots of backlinks, which can bring you instant traffic. Instant Domain Sniper will help you find the expired domain names that are ready to be bought for a small domain registration fee, and it will find the ones with the best potential. And... [...] Sale on Domain name Registration #ad

We received a notice from that for the next 6 days, they are holding a sale on registration, 15%-25% off their usual fees. Everyone gets at least 15% off your bill; spend $40 and get 20% off or spend $80 or more and get 35% off. They give coupon codes JUNE15, JUNE20 and JUNE25 to insert in the order form to get the discounts. These discounts end 11:59PM PDT, June 13, 2013. During this sale, the best prices would be, for example, “” is usually $9.99, but during the sale it’s $7.50 if your amount (before discount) is at least $80. “” or “”,... [...]

“Domain Sniper”- How to buy expired domains at best possible price #ad

Expired domains often have a number of backlinks that will help drive traffic to the new owner, both through direct clicking by end users and through the additional authority the give the site in the eyes of search engines. Now, with Domain Sniper, you can uncover these valuable expired domains and add them to your virtual real estate portfolio. There’s a saying among dealers of all kinds, “You make your money when you buy, not when you sell.” Choosing the right item to buy and knowing the right price to pay for it are the keys to successfully making a profit when you sell.... [...]

Ready for the coming “Domain Gold Rush”? #ad

Next year there will be hundreds of millions of new domain names available when ICANN opens up the “.anything” Top Level Domain name capability. Instead of being limited to .com, .net, .org and various .country names, the field will be wide open. How about .camera or .bicycle or any other name you can imagine. Proposals for hundreds of these new TLDs are being reviewed by ICANN now. Many will be accepted. Are you ready? Mac McMaier has created Domain Gold Rush to explain how this coming change can be used to your advantage. For example, you can already reserve these coming domain names,... [...]