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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Archive for the 'YouTube Marketing' Category

How to Leverage the Power of YouTube [Video]

You can create a powerful sales machine with your YouTube video content. By creating compelling video content with appealing content, you can grow your online sales.Entrepreneur magazine has published a new video ‘How to Leverage the Power of YouTube’ featuring Sean Cannell, founder of Think Media.James McKinney says, “Cannell explains how leveraging video content on YouTube is not just for global businesses. Video content on YouTube can positively impact local businesses, from the local restaurant to the local counter installer.Too many small business owners have chalked... [...]

The Tools You Need to Create a YouTube Recording Studio [Video]

To achieve success in YouTube video marketing, you need right tools and technology that can help you to create attractive video content that gets great results.Entrepreneur magazine team has published a new video ‘The Tools You Need to Create a YouTube Recording Studio’ featuring Jeff Rose.The Entrepreneur team says, “Jeff Ross’s videos have been featured on YouTube’s Trending tab and have millions of views. In this video, Ross talks through the equipment he uses in his home office to make high-quality content.According to Ross, equipment is not a barrier to starting... [...]

7 YouTube Features That Will Help You Get More Views [Guide]

YouTube helps you to create a strong base for online video marketing. With carefully crafted video content, you can grow your online audience and give a boost to your business.Jaan Kanellis has published a new guide called ‘7 YouTube Features That Will Help You Get More Views’ to help you use YouTube in marketing.Kanellis says, “In this blog post, I’ll highlight seven of the most valuable YouTube features that can help you get more video views.Tools That Help Boost YouTube ViewsYouTube Studio FeaturesThe YouTube Studio is an all-in-one place where video creators can go... [...]

Octopus transforms YouTube into a profit-making machine #ad

Octopus was just released by Tom Yevsikov and Gaurab Borah. As you may know YouTube is the world’s second-most-popular search engine. Once they search, they watch a lot of videos. A lot of people use it, and that’s an understatement.As a result of its popularity, YouTube can be one of the best marketing channels on earth.Yevsikov and Borah’s new software is simple to use and has let them get millions of visitors to their offers for free. The software is empowered by a set of simple tactics for how to use it. Together, they have produced the results Yevsikov and Borah have... [...]

How To Get More Views on YouTube

A wider presence on YouTube can help you to gain more audience resulting into increased customers. With a combination of quality content and attractive video, you can increase your YouTube views.Ahrefs contributor Si Quan Ong has shared 14 ways to help you get more video views on YouTube.Quan Ong says, “Since joining YouTube in 2015, we’ve racked up over 6.1 million views.In this post, I’ll share 14 proven tactics that helped us get more views on YouTube.1. Niche downYouTube makes money from ads. Therefore, it is in their interest to keep people on their platform so they can show... [...]

YouTube Stories: Success Tips From a Top YouTuber [Podcast]

YouTube Stories are collection of short videos. With this format you can create multiple videos on a single topic and keep them viewer-friendly with short length.Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner has published a new podcast episode ‘YouTube Stories: Success Tips From a Top YouTuber’ featuring Evan Carmichael.Stelzner says, “Do you want to connect more often with your YouTube subscribers without releasing a full video? Are you taking advantage of YouTube’s Stories and Community tab features?To explore how to use YouTube Stories and the YouTube Community... [...]

Are You Making These YouTube SEO Mistakes?

Millions of videos are published on YouTube every day. If you want your video content to reach more people, you need to be well-versed with right SEO strategies. Impact contributor Zach Banser has shared five common YouTube SEO mistakes that publishers make.Banser says, “Let’s get into the most common mistakes we see businesses making with YouTube SEO and getting found on the platform.1. Short descriptions with no keywordsIn the past, a common understanding of YouTube SEO was that the on-page factors like the title, description, and tags were the best way to rank for... [...]

Social Media Marketing on YouTube and Instagram [Video]

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok are the leading platforms when it comes to social media marketing. Different content formats are highly essential for promoting your business on all of these platform. But video is a common element among all. MarketingSherpa’s Quin McGlaughlin has published a video interview with Stephanie Buttermore to help you learn how to improve your social media marketing efforts. McGlaughlin says, “As marketers, attracting new customers means being where they are and speaking their language. With a virtually limitless number of... [...]

Three Ways to Convert YouTube Viewers into Leads

Video marketing is a great way to persuade more people and increase your sales. It enables you to reach your target audience via multiple channels. Social Media Examiner’s Sanket Shah has shared three ways to help you convert your YouTube viewers into subscribers and leads. Shah says, “Is your YouTube marketing delivering results? Wondering how to get more subscribers and prospects from YouTube? In this article, you’ll find tips to develop and optimize YouTube content that turns viewers into subscribers and leads.#1: Attract Cold Leads on YouTube With Topical ContentTotal... [...]

Eclipse: Business in a Box; over 5000 sold, now free #ad

A while back, we bought Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong‘s training, Eclipse. It is training on a method to earn income from YouTube, with or without making and uploading videos.They have decided that they want to give it away now, at no charge, to anyone who needs to earn more in their online marketing business. Why would they do this? It must be an economic decision, based on how they will profit best in their business.Here’s our best guess. If you you accept their free offer, you will be added to their list of “buyers”, even though you paid $0. You have shown an interest... [...]