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Monday, January 24, 2022

Archive for the 'YouTube Marketing' Category

How to Make Advertiser Friendly YouTube Videos

Today, you win more from your YouTube videos with the help of advertisements. By creating advertiser-friendly video content, you can generate more revenue. Search Engine Journal Matt Southern has shared four tips to help you make advertiser-friendly YouTube videos. He says, “YouTube answers questions about its advertiser-friendly guidelines and offers advice to creators to help ensure videos are always fully monetized. The advertiser-friendly content guidelines are YouTube’s rules that govern which videos will earn full monetization privileges and which will only be partially monetized. Over... [...]

Improving YouTube SEO with Analytics

When it comes to getting your video content indexed in the search results, it is important to attach relevant keywords to your video content. Apart from this, in-depth analytics can also help you get better video views. Yoast contributor Phil Nottingham has published a free guide ‘YouTube SEO: How to use analytics for your video strategy’ to help you make the most of your YouTube efforts. It covers the following: YouTube SEO is part search, part social Individual video performance in YouTube 1. How much traffic is coming to the video? 2. Where is the traffic coming from? 3. What are... [...]

Three YouTube Ad Targeting Options You Should Consider

YouTube advertising can help you to engage with your most valuable audiences on the world’s largest video platform. With the right ad formats, you can attract new customers within your budget. Social Media Examiner contributor Joe Martinez has published an article highlighting three YouTube ad targeting options to expand your reach. He says, “Want to reach more of the right people with your YouTube ads? Wondering which targeting options you should try? In this article, you’ll discover three ways to target people with your YouTube ads. #1: Target Audiences by YouTube Remarketing Lists If... [...]

SME Bighlights Four Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

By getting more followers for your YouTube channel, you can increase the views and get the best results from your video creation investments. Social Media Examiner’s Anna Sonnenberg has shared four ways to help you optimize your YouTube channel for conversions. She says, “Want to get more out of your YouTube channel? Wondering how to turn viewers into customers? In this article, you’ll discover how to improve your leads or sales by taking advantage of YouTube tools and features. #1: Optimize Your YouTube Channel Page for First Impressions Start by optimizing your YouTube profile.... [...]

TubeMatic: 24×7 Daily Passive Income #ad

New software and training called TubeMatic. was just released. • Imagine having the key to unlock powerful fast profits from Clickbank… • Imagine having the ability to get high converting traffic on demand… • Imagine being able to turn 5 bucks into 200… over and over again… Imagine no longer, because it’s finally here in TubeMatic. This brand new cloud-based app does all the heavy lifting for you. It’s simple, easy-to-use, and proven to work over and over again. Beta testers are pulling in as much as 3 figures in their first 15 hours of setting their money campaigns... [...]

Five YouTube Marketing Challenges

When it comes to video marketing, YouTube has turned out to be the one-stop destination. It provides an unparalleled opportunity to make the most from your video content. Entrepreneur magazine contributor Terry Tateossian has published an article highlighting the five challenges of YouTube marketing. He says, “There is no denying that YouTube presents a huge opportunity to reach and engage with diverse audiences, but only when done right. Here are some of the biggest challenges that marketers face on the platform. 1. Targeting the wrong audience Many marketers make the mistake of targeting... [...]

10 YouTube Optimization Tips

When it comes to video content publishing, YouTube is the place. It helps you reach one of the widest video communities on the web. Jeff Bullas has shared the top 10 Youtube optimization tips for beginners. He says, “With a rise in the kind of content being published, the race for getting better rankings is becoming increasingly cutthroat. What used to be limited to just Google Search Results has trickled down into other platforms like YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, and more. #1. Search for the right keywords Like any SEO optimization, YouTube needs the right keywords in the right places. So,... [...]

How YouTube Recommends Videos, YouTube Analytics Updates, and More [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘How YouTube Recommends Videos, YouTube Analytics Updates, and More’ featuring Michael Stelzner and Diana Gladney. Watch this video to discover: YouTube explains how their recommendation system works Video Survey Responses Explained Are Tags and Shares Important? New YouTube Analytics Features How Important is Typical Audience Retention? When Your Viewers Are Online Card Launches on Mobile YouTube Shorts Updates.   Social Media Examiner  [...]

Tips to Improve Your YouTube Ads

Advertising on YouTube can help you reach a wide range of people who consume a lot of video content online. With the right ads, you can get the desired ROI from your investment. Social Media Examiner contributor Anna Sonneberg has published an article highlighting 10 ideas that can help you achieve better results from YouTube ads. She says, “From software demos to eCommerce promos, YouTube in-stream ads come in all shapes and sizes. So how can you create a YouTube video ad that resonates with your audience? Use the 10 examples below to guide your next YouTube ad campaign. #1: Share Engaging... [...]

Marketing Lessons from High-Performing YouTube Channels

YouTube, apart from being a video publishing platform, has scaled new heights in several ways. It has come out as a strong marketing platform for several businesses. Search Engine Journal contributor Anna Bredava has shared five marketing tips and tricks from top YouTube channels. She says, “Here are five lessons you can take from them to work on growing your own (or your brand’s) YouTube channel. 1. Create Videos Based on Your Objectives Every piece of content you make should have a clear goal, whether it’s brand awareness, conversion, or attracting new clients. Your content goals will... [...]