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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Archive for the 'YouTube Marketing' Category

Marketing Lessons from High-Performing YouTube Channels

YouTube, apart from being a video publishing platform, has scaled new heights in several ways. It has come out as a strong marketing platform for several businesses. Search Engine Journal contributor Anna Bredava has shared five marketing tips and tricks from top YouTube channels. She says, “Here are five lessons you can take from them to work on growing your own (or your brand’s) YouTube channel. 1. Create Videos Based on Your Objectives Every piece of content you make should have a clear goal, whether it’s brand awareness, conversion, or attracting new clients. Your content goals will... [...]

10 YouTube Optimization Tips

When it comes to video content publishing, YouTube is the place. It helps you reach one of the widest video communities on the web. Jeff Bullas has shared the top 10 Youtube optimization tips for beginners. He says, “With a rise in the kind of content being published, the race for getting better rankings is becoming increasingly cutthroat. What used to be limited to just Google Search Results has trickled down into other platforms like YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, and more. #1. Search for the right keywords Like any SEO optimization, YouTube needs the right keywords in the right places. So,... [...]

Improving YouTube SEO with Analytics

When it comes to getting your video content indexed in the search results, it is important to attach relevant keywords to your video content. Apart from this, in-depth analytics can also help you get better video views. Yoast contributor Phil Nottingham has published a free guide ‘YouTube SEO: How to use analytics for your video strategy’ to help you make the most of your YouTube efforts. It covers the following: YouTube SEO is part search, part social Individual video performance in YouTube 1. How much traffic is coming to the video? 2. Where is the traffic coming from? 3. What are... [...]

How to Make Advertiser Friendly YouTube Videos

Today, you win more from your YouTube videos with the help of advertisements. By creating advertiser-friendly video content, you can generate more revenue. Search Engine Journal Matt Southern has shared four tips to help you make advertiser-friendly YouTube videos. He says, “YouTube answers questions about its advertiser-friendly guidelines and offers advice to creators to help ensure videos are always fully monetized. The advertiser-friendly content guidelines are YouTube’s rules that govern which videos will earn full monetization privileges and which will only be partially monetized. Over... [...]

A Quick Guide to YouTube Advertising for Beginners

Social Media Examiner has published ‘A Quick Guide to YouTube Advertising for Beginners’ to help you make the most of your YouTube advertising campaigns. Lisa D. Jenkins says, “Do you want to use YouTube to advertise your products or services? Looking for a quick beginner’s guide to YouTube ads? In this article, you’ll learn how to quickly set up and connect a YouTube channel and Google Ads Manager account to run ads for your business on YouTube. #1: Set Up Your YouTube Channel Whether you want to market your business or dive into the world of YouTube ads to earn like the... [...]

Five YouTube Mistakes You Should Avoid

When it comes to video, YouTube is the platform that rules for years. With a strong marketing plan, you can achieve your online marketing goals. To help you do it, Social Media Examiner contributor Diana Gladney has published an article highlighting five mistakes new YouTubers make. She says, “To learn how to avoid five mistakes new YouTubers make, read the article below for an easy-to-follow walkthrough. #1: Focus on Content That Positions You as a Trusted Resource While YouTube allows you to upload as many videos as you want, you need to be strategic about what you choose to publish on... [...]

How to Achieve High Ranking on YouTube

YouTube is the biggest player when it comes to publishing and sharing video content. By choosing right ranking strategies, you can make the most from your video content. PPC Hero blog contributor Victor Blasco has shared a useful article on keywords and YouTube rankings. He says, “First thing first! Why is it so important to find the right keywords? Well, keywords make it easier for your audience to find your video content. And if viewers found your piece useful or entertaining, chances are they’ll share it with their friends and boost your organic reach. So, your YouTube SEO process... [...]

YouTube Shorts, YouTube Clips, and More [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘YouTube Shorts, YouTube Clips, and More’. Watch this video to learn about: YouTube Shorts YouTube Shorts Creator Fund YouTube Shorts Sampling Shorts Analytics YouTube Clips YouTube Picture-in-Picture for iPhones and iPad New Video Upload and Edit Experience YouTube Stories Metrics. Social Media Examiner  [...]

How to Get More Views on YouTube

YouTube remains one of the top players when it comes to video publishing. With quality video content and the right keyword selection, you can make the most of your video. MOZ contributor Nicole Hallberg has shared some useful tips to help you get more views on YouTube. She says, “This post is a primer on how YouTube tags, catalogues, and recommends videos to their users, and how you can use those features as tools to help you set your video up for success. This assumes, of course, that generating more views on your videos is a part of your strategy. Many people use YouTube as a convenient... [...]

Adding Timestamps to Your YouTube Videos

A YouTube timestamp is a way to link to a specific moment in your video. By adding a timestamp, you can improve retention by directing users to the most relevant portion of your video from the outset. Yoast contributor Phil Nottingham has published an article on how you can create key moments on YouTube by adding timestamps. He says, “Key Moments arrived to Google search in late 2019. They are a feature that enables expansive, prominent video search results, with clickable links to each Chapter in your video. In practice, this means you can receive not just one link within your video results... [...]