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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Archive for the 'YouTube Marketing' Category

Strategies to Improve YouTube Ads Targeting

With YouTube content targeting you can choose where to place your YouTube ad videos so you can advertise on the videos and channels that align best with your goals. Social Media Examiner contributor Anna Sonnenberg has shared four ways to improve YouTube ads targeting. She says, “When you set up YouTube ads, you can use audience targeting, content targeting, or both. As you add targeting options to video campaigns, pay attention to the forecast in the upper-right corner. It’s important to make sure your targeting is defined enough to be relevant without making your potential... [...]

Creating a Sales Strategy for YouTube [Video]

Does your company or brand create and publish videos on YouTube, but you’re having trouble converting them into sales? Or do you feel you could be doing more to grow your views, subscribers, and audience? Watch Content Marketing Institute’s video ‘Creating a Sales Strategy for YouTube’ to make more sales on YouTube. Content Marketing Institute  [...]

Five Ways to Improve YouTube Marketing

Video content creation and marketing is a creative job that requires consistent efforts. Quality video content can help you boost your business growth. Content Marketing Institute contributor Kim Moutsos has published an article featuring five YouTube video content marketing improvement tips. She says, “How’s that for a headline that promises … not much? Here’s the truth: There’s no magic formula for success. Not on YouTube, not on social media, not on your blog. Tell a great story A great story is the closest thing to a magic formula for video success, Tim says. If... [...]

HubSpot Shares YouTube Demographics & Data for 2022

When it comes to video marketing, YouTube is one of the valuable platforms for businesses and marketers. HubSpot contributor Flori Needle has published an article featuring YouTube demographics, data, and generational patterns for 2022. She says, “Below, we’ll go over the most critical YouTube statistics that show marketers how global audiences are using the platform. General YouTube User Demographics 81% of U.S. adults say they use YouTube in 2021, up 8% from 2019. (Pew Research) YouTube is the second most visited website in the world. (Hootsuite) YouTube accounts for more than... [...]

Guide to Using YouTube’s Call-to-Action Overlay Ads

A call-to-action (CTA) overlay is an interactive element that appears over an ad and can help drive clicks to your website. An overlay appears when the video starts, and collapses into a thumbnail image after 15 seconds. HubSpot contributor Tristen Taylor has published an article on using YouTube’s call-to-action overlay ads. He says, “They’re relatively small and inoffensive to the viewing experience and leave enough space to garner the attention of various potential customers. And making them isn’t a challenge, let’s get into it. How to Create YouTube Overlay... [...]

Understanding YouTube Shorts Algorithm

YouTube Shorts is a short-form video-sharing platform offered by YouTube. The platform hosts user content much like YouTube’s primary service but limits pieces to 60 seconds in length. Search Engine Journal contributor Matt G. Southern has published an article explaining the YouTube Shorts Algorithm. He says, “YouTube demystifies the Shorts algorithm in a Q&A video that addresses several of the most common questions creators have about gaining visibility with short-form content. We know at least some information about how YouTube’s recommendation algorithm works for long-form... [...]

Avoid These YouTube Mistakes

YouTube is the powerhouse for your video marketing efforts. It helps you reach a wide audience through your video content. Social Media Examiner founder Michael Stelzner has published an article featuring the biggest YouTube mistakes marketers make and how to overcome them. He says, “Has your YouTube channel growth stalled out? Looking for advice to pinpoint where you’re going wrong? In this article, you’ll learn common mistakes marketers make and what to do instead. You’ll also discover some overlooked metrics that can help you grow faster. YouTube: The Best-Kept Secret... [...]

Your Guide to Making YouTube Clips

YouTube clips are shorter snippets created from longer videos. All clips include a link to the entire YouTube video. Any YouTube user can create clips from their own or other channels’ content. Social Media Examiner contributor Anna Sonnenberg has published a comprehensive article on making YouTube clips. She says, “In this article, you’ll learn how to create a YouTube clip to share across your business’ marketing channels. Clips make great teasers for longer videos so they’re ideal for generating interest and driving YouTube views. Because they’re short snippets,... [...]

Guide to Starting a YouTube Channel for Your Business

Video is one of the most influential elements of your marketing. With quality video content, you can continue to grow your online sales. Social Media Examiner contributor Anna Sonnenberg has published an article on starting a YouTube channel for your business. She says, “You can create a YouTube channel for your brand and begin publishing in just five steps. Use the tutorial below to get started. #1: Create a Google Account to Manage Your YouTube Channel Unlike many social media platforms, YouTube doesn’t require you to use your personal login to create or manage a business channel.... [...]

YouTube Correction Cards, Analytics Updates, and More [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘YouTube Correction Cards, Analytics Updates, and More’ featuring Jerry Potter with Diana Gladney. In this video, they cover: YouTube Content Specific Analytics for Shorts, Livestreams, Regular Uploads YouTube Corrections Cards YouTube Shorts Ads Placements YouTube Two-person Live Shopping Streams YouTube Live Redirects YouTube Frequency Tool YouTube Popular Segments Graph YouTube Image Polls for Community Tab Posts YouTube Mentions Global Rollout. Social Media Examiner  [...]